To all blog readers who came to my little space here via Lotus Paperie:

And to all of you, truth followers of my blog – my scrapping blog buddies:

Today I was introduced
on the Lotus Paperie blog,
as their new DT-member.
I answered a lot of questions,
so for those who didn’t
read the interview,
hop on over to Lotus
and get to know me even better
than you did already! 
But don’t forget to come back
here, ’cause I fill in some blanks
in this post!


To make a submission at Lotus Paperie I had to e-mail them some of my best lay outs, one of which needed to be brand new (never ever published anywhere) created from the sketch Tania Lennox provided. I managed to get that done on the very last day… (26 April) You all know I’m a “slow scrapper” but this lay out bursted open from my hands in a woooshhhh…. 

This was
the sketch…







… and this
is my lay out.







I always take detail photo’s to go with the complete lay out. Here’s the journaling:

“Imagine a whole bunch of wild girls in the eighties, studying at the fashion design school.

We were young, we giggled a lot and of course we followed the latest trend: punk!

Only we tuned it into something more wearable ’cause basically we were decent girls!”



My latest passion: sewing on my lay out! Just love it!







At my introduction over on the Lotus blog, I show three of my favourite lay outs. I take the opportunity to show them here again and tell you why I chose these ones as my favourites.



For me, scrapbooking is not just about documenting my own (family) history – sometimes I feel the inner urge to speak out and really SAY something with my work. This is a lay out that gives you the shivers. It looks peaceful at first sight, ’till you read the poem and the information underneath the pic…
The comments I got on this lay out (on my blog and over at SIStv) confirmed that viewers felt what I meant to say with this lay out. That I managed to do that makes me very proud! (Detailed photo’s of this lay out here)


This spread is my most “happy” lay out… I don’t work with so many bright colours and embellishments very often, and I worked on this for a few weeks (did a little something almost every day) It was my take on the ScrapMojo Design Team call (I didn’t make it…) and refers to “Alice in Wonderland”.
Since I made this, I’m fund of Alice! This lay out still is one of my favourites because it shows that inside this grown woman, there still is a little girl who likes to pick flowers and blow bubbles! I cherish her, and I cherish this lay out! (Detailed photo’s of this lay out here)

This is the first page I made for my “Leonard Cohen Art Journal” – Inspired by all the Art Journals on the web, I decided to start my own. I love the songs of Leonard Cohen, and took that as the theme. Each page refers to a song. Working on my Art Journal, I learned to work more instinctively – loosen up and shake perfectionism off a bit – I love how the first page turned out. 
I also noticed that my work improved and turned into another direction since
I started the Art Journal and that makes me happy. 
(Detailed photo’s of this lay out here)


And now that I told you why I like these lay outs, I’m curious which ones YOU would chose… so take a look at my galleries (on top of the screen) and
let me know which one is your favourite. Is it a mini book? A 12×12 lay out?
A spread? Bright coloured or subtle? I’m curious, so leave me a comment!

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9 Responses to “Welcome!”

  • jessica Says:

    ohh marit love your pg. and your interview! ohh and two of my favorites are the glow of christmas…that is the first layout of yours that i just fell in love with and another one of my favorites is think outside the box…but i have to say i love them all!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber Says:

    Congrats on the dt! Your lo’s are fabulous. I remember seeing that first one on sis. You have a great style!

  • Melissa F Says:

    Congrats Marit. One of my favorites is one of yours as well. Alice in Wonderland, scrapmojo missed out! 🙂

  • Vivian Says:

    Nogmaals gefeliciteerd met je plek als DT lid van Lotus Paperie!!

    Je LO`s zien er super uit, vooral je Alice LO spreekt me erg aan 🙂
    Ik heb nog even in je ‘portfolio’ gekeken en ik moet zeggen dat ik het mini album Morning paper, C&C prachtig vind! De kleuren en de messy look zijn helemaal mijn ding!

    Nog een fijn weekend, groetjes Vivian

  • Marie Says:

    ooooo congrats girlie!!! Love all your stuff i cant pick lol! 🙂

  • Denise Says:

    Oh me too I cannot chose a favorite!!! i LOVE em all baby!!!!

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Marit, all your pages are sooo lovely, but I’m going to tell you which one jumped out from the thumbnails and it’s really more of a classic design – the one of jammie Nout! I feel like such a plodder when I look at all your work, so much to see and so much variety! Oh, and i’ll be having a go at the lotus paperie challenge this week. xxx

  • dani Says:

    I’m so excited for you – Huge Congrats!!

  • Chimene Says:

    Hoi, wat heb je toch een geweldig gave style!!!!!
    En van harte hoor! Ik ga nu je intervieuw lezen:)