Don’t be frightened, there’s no fire around here, but this was the challenge
over at Scrapping out LOUD!

“Fired up! 
FIRE! – Your house is on fire, your family and pets have escaped and taken your scrapping stuff with them…..including albums and photos. What is the one thing you would grab to save from the fire? and why? “

Now isn’t that a question we all asked ourselves one time… like when you where a kid? I remember when I was in primary school, questions like this where common, it was like a game we played: “You move to a deserted island, what would you bring with you?” or (one of the heavy and meanest ones!)
“One has to die, who would you pick, your mum or your dad?”

I don’t remember what my answer to the first question was back then,
but I definitely wouldn’t answer the second one! I just couldn’t! (Still can’t!)

Anyway, I knew my answer
to the “Fire question” right away…

I also used Jessica’s sketch 
to scrap my “One item”
(well… in my case it’s about
50 items but they’re in one
plastic box – and although
that box is quite heavy to lift,
I would run for it to rescue
that treasure!)



My diaries!

 Journaling in Dutch:
“My diaries. I didn’t count them, but it must be about 50 of them.
Books and exercise-books. Each of them filled with my daily experiences
and reflections. I began writing in 1975, I was 11 years old, and I never stopped. In my diaries, I documented my whole life. As years went by,
the embarrassing pages – which I read with shamed indignation (my first kiss!) – make room for better written and more mature pieces.
This is my life in words. My dear diaries.”

The background paper is “Prima Marketing”.
The blue paper is “Cosmo Cricket”.
I copied some text from different diaries/years onto the blue pieces (you can see my handwriting changing over the years – from 1976 to 2003 – and you can try to read it (for the Dutchies) but I was keen enough to pick paragraphs that aren’t that intimate… about school and stuff…)

The diaries in the picture are “Chinese diaries” – I liked those ones best
when I was young!

The inside of a
“Chinese diary”
looks like this…




…and I let those
images return
on my scrap.
(I used gold ink to
fit with the gold
on the diaries/photo)




Also, I made my “A-photo” today! ASPIRIN! 


I swollowed quite
a lot of these
little suckers
last week…

I had lots of
headaches and
didn’t sleep well,
but at least
it lead me to
my “A-photo”


I also have a “C” in mind, but I need more (sun)light for that one, and the weather over in the Netherlands has been horrible the last couple of days! (Sorry Jessica! Your hubby caught a cold, rainy week over here!)

Today, I bought me a bunch of plants and flowers to put in my flowerpots in my garden. It may not feel like summer yet, it sure looks that way when I look out my window! I’ll take pictures as soon as the sun is going to shine (the forecast predicted a sunny weekend and higher temperatures, so keep your fingers crossed!)

And that’s all for today, folks!
I’ll be back tomorrow with yet another lay out ’cause you know:
Friday is Lotus Paperie day!!!

See you then, je t’embrasse!

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9 Responses to “Fire!”

  • Melissa F Says:

    Ohhh, love this Marit, the journaling is awesome and the sketch looks fantastic!

  • cindy Says:

    Awesome … I love it. 🙂

  • Vivian Says:

    Hoi Marit

    Wat een mooie LO over je dagboeken, ik wou dat ik een dagboek bijhield maar na een aantal mislukte pogingen heb ik besloten er maar niet meer aan te beginnen!
    Wel heb ik travel journal gemaakt voor komende vakantie, hopelijk lukt het me deze vakantie wel om alle belevenissen op te schrijven 🙂

    Alvast een fijn weekend, groetjes Vivian

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    I have one of those chinese diaries too! I got it in the early 80’s to record my travels to grateful dead concerts!

    I LOVE your layout! It’s so creative, and super cool that you have been keeping journals for so long!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Sorry you had such a headache, but what great shot of the tablets. It would never have crossed my mind. Can’t wait to see you C inspired photo.

  • Maria Says:

    Hi Marit,

    I love your layout especially those big brackets and writing that you have taken from your diaries just really looks totally amazing…
    I hope your headaches go away…..

  • Mirjam Says:

    Hoi Marit,

    Leuk dat je mijn blog hebt bezocht! Mooie lo heb je gemaakt voor scrapping out loud! En je blog ziet er super uit!

    groetjes Mirjam

  • jessica Says:

    Hi Marit! ohh love your pg. and love how you used the gold marker to make pretties on your paper!

    My hubby is so happy to be home but already misses the little town he stayed in while he was there…he cannot wait to go back..and would love to move there!

  • shemaine smith Says:

    great job with the challenge. I loved your page!