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Besides through phonecalls, letters and visits, my mum and dad can also follow my (scrap)life on this blog now, and I know they do… (Hi mum, hi dad!)
Last week I received a postcard from my mum who read my “season of the witch” journaling, and I can tell she liked it because the postcard said:

“Are you finally done with all those crazy tricks on the computer?
Well, go back scrapbooking then, or I’ll come haunting you!
Remember, I keep an eye on you!
your witch-mum”

and guess what came with it? A gift coupon for the hobby-store! (There isn’t a scrapstore in this town, but that hoppy-store is the next best thing, they sell scrapgoodies there too) so today I went into town with my coupon and bought me foam stamps (alphabeth) and nice, pink paper. Also some scrap magazines (I do that occasionally) which I spend all afternoon reading. Got inspired by some new techniques and lay outs, so tomorrow I’m gonna try some new things. Wait and see…

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