Alice in Wonderland


Remember this sneak peek photo from my
“Alice in Wonderland” project?
Well, I finished my pages for the Circle Journal Swap!
This week I will be shippin’ it over to Bree in Canada – 
she collects all the pages from the participants,
bind all the pages together and will send each one of us
a complete Alice Journal back…
I’m very curious what the rest of us did!
I haven’t seen anything yet, so I’m the first one
who is going to show pictures.

(WARNING! If you are participating in this swap and
don’t want to see photo’s yet, don’t continue reading!) 


We decided on two
6″x6″ pages, this is
the “front” of my
page. (Or, if you
like, the back of
my left page)
Each member will
put her name here,
so everybody who
gets the Journal
will know who
made the pages
that follow.




And here are my “Mad hatter” pages….
I tried to create an absurd and hallucinating look,
to give it the same estrangement effect as the story.

I used pages (copies) from the Alice in Wonderland book as background
and I played with my spray ink. The photo is me at 19 but I put a “mad hatter”
hat on using photoshop (I do wish I had such a hat for real!) I outlined
the photo by sewing around it. For the silhouettes I also used a photo
of myself. The teapot is a picture from a magazine – I digitally put the text on.


The stitches
around the
photo gave
a nice effect
on the other
side of the page!







And – as always – some detail photo’s (I love detail pics, don’t you?!) 

Spray ink silhouettes.
The colours I used
(Tim Holtz Adirondack
Color Wash) are Butterscotch,
Terra Cotta & Espresso.
I outlined the silhouettes
with a black sharpie. 






photo with hat.








The sentence
“Up above
the world you fly,
like a tea-tray
in the sky”
comes from
a verse the
mad hatter



And that’s it, ladies. Nothing else to show you today.
Haven’t been creative the last couple of days. I did a major (and I mean HUGE!) round of cleaning Saturday – Holy cow, I spend all day rubbing and mobbing and vacuuming! I planned on scrapping the Sunday away BUT – we waxed the floor beneath the big table (some bald places there from shoving the chairs around – we have an oiled oak floor) and that looked kinda “wet” and was still very sticky on Sunday…. it definitely needed more time to absorb so no creative scrapping time at the big table for me…
Because Marius was cleaning the office space (where the computers are)
I couldn’t go online either and on top of that it rained all day, so I couldn’t sit outside in the garden *sigh*.
I ended up spending my Sunday on the couch re-reading a book, eating a bag
of chips and feeling very sorry for myself…

Monday and yesterday were filled with work (I mean the getting-actually-paid-for-it-kinda-work), today I finished my Alice pages but tomorrow I hope to find some scrapping time. And don’t forget: Friday my Lotus Paperie lay out will be online so more to come in two days! See you then, je t’embrasse!

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9 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland”

  • Lena Says:

    Zat eigenlijk al de hele dag te wachten tot je nieuw werk zou showen… Vind deze Alice werkstukken PRACHTIG!!! Enne… zelfs zo’n gigantische hoed staat je fantastisch!!

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    I LOVE your Alice in Wonderland Pages Marit! They are absolutely MAGICAL!!!

  • Diana Says:

    marit, i love your pages. you are so creative friend seriously I bet that journal will rock with some awesome pages!!!

    have a great day,

  • Chimene Says:

    Helemaal geweldig!!!
    Prachtig zoals je al de technieken toepast!!!!


  • cindy Says:

    WOW … those are amazing. you are so creative. I love them. 🙂

  • Maria Says:


    Oh my gosh this looks just stunning it looks like your images are going to pop out of the page, I love it you are going to have such a wonderful journal by the time it comes back to you……

  • jessica Says:


  • dani Says:

    Lovely Lovely Lovely.

  • Tania Says:

    I absolutely love your pages Marit. The title of your post grabbed my attention right away…my girls and I just finished performing a dance and the song was from Alice in Wonderland. It was a little crazy, the moms were queens and the kids were cards painting roses red etc. You could probably guess how it went, lol 🙂 Your pages totally go with the theme.