Lotusday, memorabilia
& a blog award!


OK, it’s Friday and you know the drill…
There’s a new challenge up on the Lotus Paperie blog!

This time, you’re
asked to use 
“Negative Space”
on your lay out.
“Negative space”
can be interpreted
in different ways… 
but I won’t start
explaining it ’cause
I probably will
sound like a
again: just google
around, look at all
the examples and
let inspiration flow!


This is my take on the challenge.
Handwritten journaling says: “Face it. Don’t walk away from life”


And – as always – details

Machine stitches.






Cut out picture
of me walking,
used to spray
this silhouette.

Spray ink
(Tim Holtz
Color Wash) 



On to something completely different now…


I copied this from Michelle’s blog Inspiration Everywhere

“… and it made me think about my first scrapbooks. I’ve loved keeping scrapbooks since I was a kid, and back then I never gave much thought to how they looked. I just wanted to have a place to keep my memories. I love to go back and look at them….

…The other thing I always did as a kid was keep a bulletin board with poems, doodles, magazine clippings, song lyrics and anything else that was inspiring me at the time. When I moved out I took the stuff that was on that bulletin board and put it in this box – Now it’s like a treasure box full of memories.
I’m so glad I have it. How about you? Do you have scrapbooks or other memorabilia that you kept as a kid? “

I could have written this text!!!
YES, I do have a lot of memorabilia, I’m a hoarder!
(But aren’t we, scrapbookers, all? We collect memories all the time!) 

A photo and some facts:

This is my girls room when
I was 15 or 16 years old
(I can tel from the photo’s
hanging on that bulletin board!)

I remember the goldfish,
they were called
“Rutger & Jeroen”
(named after two
Dutch actors,
Rutger Hauer
& Jeroen Krabbé)

I crocheted the little
brown curtain myself.


 A bit of a blurry picture but aaaaaahhhh, it brings back memories!!!!


And scrapbooks…

YESSSS, I had those!

I was a big fan – 
(huge, enormous,
fanatic, I wore tartan,
get the picture?)
from the
teeny bobber band
“the Bay City Rollers”

Turn on that sound
and take a trip down
memory lane
with me!


I own seven (7!) 
I glued every little
photo and article
I could lay my
hands on into
those albums!

And yes, those
are articles from
Japanese magazines

what do you think
all those “pen pals
from abroad” were for…?



Maria rewarded me
with this wonderful
blog award!

Thanks girl!

And so I have to
pass it on
I presume…


Here are the rules:

  1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of
    the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
    Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have
    been chosen for this award.

Newly discovered blogs huh… well, here they come:

(I found her as “Hotmama” on SIStv and she became a good blogfriend)

(I discovered Nancy’s art journal blog only two weeks ago… and I’m hooked!)

(One of the founders of the Lotus Paperie blog)

(One of the founders of the Lotus Paperie blog)

(She’s a Lotus design team colleague – her stories are hilarious sometimes!)

And now I’m leaving you with those links to start the weekend!!!
I’ll be back on Sunday with a little something… See you then! 
Je t’embrasse!

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& a blog award!”