“Gotta know when to stop…”

Oh dear…. do I finally start bloggin’ and after one week the computer denies acces to the internet… (was that a sign? and what does that tell then?) I was a few days without internetconnection, but here I am again!

Last weekend, I wanted to play with my new bought stuff, so I started by creating pages for a small book.
I took all my paint (…excuse me?
I hardly ever use paint!!!) and painted all the chipboard blue – ??!! That’s so absolutely NOT me. Why did I do that? I really don’t know and I didn’t like it one bit. So I put other colours over it. It became a mess. By that time, I was really irritated and wiped it of with an old paper – and look at it!
I was surprised by the beautiful result.
It suddenly looked like an old wall in a broken house or something.
I couldn’t use it in any way for the project I had in mind, but I certainly keep it in store for another project. By the time I was finished painting & wiping of, I hadn’t enough chipboard left to start over again, and being frustrated about that I decided to let it rest for a while. This is an important lesson I learned through the years of scrapbooking: you gotta know when to stop!
I did something completely different – I spend the rest of the day making ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards)
using left-over pieces of paper and stuff. I wanted to do that earlier, but completely forgot about ATC’s untill I read about it again in one of those scrapmagazines. It was fun to create those little cards.

This week, I bought chipboard and the mini book I had in mind is coming along well now. (I love my new stamps!) It is not finished yet ’cause I have problems with the English journaling (there may slip misspells in my posts too… sorry for that! My English is not on a professional level!) and I want it just right! Well, I’m puzzling. The English dictionary travels along with me throught the house these days. Have patience. Take a look at “most recent lay out” in a few days, and my project may show up there (and ofcourse in my gallery). See ya!

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