Father’s Day & Lisa update

 Today it’s Father’s day in the Netherlands and I made my dad this card.


the ways to say
“daddy, I love you”
aren’t way from
petered out yet.
Kisses from
your daughter.”







Back of the card,
you all know
this one…

“Je t’embrasse”
(I give you a hug)







He was very happy with it when he received it last week….

Yep, that’s right! I’d mistaken the date and send it one week early!
It was good for a laugh though, ’cause he called me and said he was honoured
that I loved him thát much to send a card already, and that he couldn’t wait
to see what next week (the correct date) would bring… heehee


And so I made him another card…
but I made it a tiny little one (“inchie”)

And I made a
“normal size”
card for my
mum too,
just for fun. 

On this picture
you see both
cards, the one
with the
silhouette is
for my mum,
the “inchie”
is for my dad.


OK then,
a tiny little card
after all because
tomorrow it’s 
Father’s day
for real!
Love from
your daughter”



And for my mum:

“Dear mum,
a card for you too,
’cause I love you!”






Some of my blogreaders e-mailed me to ask about Lisa,
and how she’s doing now. That’s so sweet of you all!
So I will update you with the latest news… she’s home!!!

First, for the ones that tuned in later and don’t know what I’m talking about:
Lisa is my 17 years old niece, she lives in Canada with her dad (my brother),
mother and brother. On April 17th she had a major car excident and it wasn’t
sure if she would survive… I wrote a post about that on April 20th. 

She had a broken neck,
broken back, broken ribs,
fractured elbow, her arm
and wrist were broken
and other minor injuries.

After a few days,
she went in a coma.

This photo is taken
in that first week…





… and this one’s
taken one Month

She recovered
extremely well,
her injuries!





And now she’s standing on her feet again!
She’s home, but will stay handicapped:
her left (under)arm and hand are paralyzed
and she’ll have to learn to live with that…

Also, she wears a collar to protect her back
and neck, and that gear has to stay there ’till
the bones in her back and neck healed properly.

I spoke to her on the phone yesterday,
and she’s doing well, despite of the fact
that she can’t do much more then watch
t.v. or read a book…
(She also gave me permission to publish
these photo’s on my blog.)


And now, I have a question for you.
Right after the accident, she received cards from a lot of people,
but after some time – and since she’s home – the mail dried up a bit…
I would love it if she’d receive some more cards – especially now that
her 18th birthday is coming up – so if you’re willing to send her a postcard, 
shoot me an e-mail (see column on the right of this blog) and I will return
you her address!



And here’s the photo I took for the A to Z photo challenge.

“Dental care”

I suffer from periodontitis (“periodontitis refers to a number of inflammatory diseases affecting the periodontium — that is, the tissues that surround and support the teeth. Periodontitis involves progressive loss of the alveolar bone around the teeth, and if left untreated, can lead to the loosening and subsequent  loss of teeth.” – Wikipedia)

OH NO – Loss of teeth???? I’m too young for that, don’t you think?!
So since a few years, I’m treated (every 3 months) by a dentist as well as a “periodontist” and my evening ritual exists of not only brushing my teeth
(for 2 minutes) but also using these little brushes to clean between my teeth…

OK, that’s enough for today.
I promised you “a little something” today, but it’s a long post after all.
Have a lovely Sunday (and don’t forget to brush your teeth tonight!)
Je t’embrasse!

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8 Responses to “Father’s Day & Lisa update”

  • cindy Says:

    LOL … a week early. Better early than late. 🙂
    Of course, your cards are fantastic .. Your work is always so fun to look at … it’s amazing. You are so creative. 🙂

    I will be e-mailing you. 🙂

  • jessica Says:

    awesome post Marit…love those cards for your mum and dad…so beautiful! boy your niece is so lucky…she looks great! love your ‘d’ pic…i still have to do my ‘c’ …i had better get going. have a wonderful day ..off to give some hugs to all the dads in my life 😀

  • iris Says:

    haha jij had volgens mij een Belgische agenda. Het was vorige week nl vaderdag in Belgie (Stond toevallig in mijn agenda, en ik had me ook bijna vergist) Maarre prachtig kaartje hoor! Heel mooi!
    Enne leuk idee om hem alsnog voor vaderdag een ienimini kaartje te geven. Je moeder boft ook maar weer. Heel leuk om te zien hoe je in de weer blijft met die sprayinkt!

    Fijn om te lezen dat het zo goed gaat met je nichtje! Fijn hoor! Wie had dat gedacht dat ze zo snel op zou knappen. Al is ze natuurlijk nog niet helemaal de oude.
    fijne avond nog

  • Chimene Says:

    Wat een geweldig gaaf en lief kaartje!!!


  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow…een weekje te vroeg! Grappig!
    Mooi gemaakt hoor….prachtig dat mist effect! Geweldig werk Marit!

    Goed nieuws over je nichtje…al zal ze nog een lange weg te gaan hebben!
    Veel sterkte!

  • Jenneke Says:

    Mooie, uitgebreide post!!
    Je kaartjes zijn prachtig, je hebt zo’n eigen stijl, super!!
    En wat fijn dat het met je nichtje weer zo’n stuk beter gaat! Onvoorstelbaar, als je naar die eerste foto kijkt en leest wat er allemaal aan de hand was..
    Sterkte met je tandarts-perikelen! Brrrr….

  • Annemarie Says:

    What a great outcome to such a terrible accident. Also, I love the cards you made for you parents, especially the inchie.

    I have yet to submit my D photos…I am such a bad big sister. Always the procrastinator.

    Take care,

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    So so happy to hear about Lisa, I was just in her city last week visiting my brother and his family and wondered how she was doing, I bet you are all greatful to see her smiles!