Rock ‘n’ Roll is an attitude,
not an age… (Challenge #130)

Wow, aren’t these the most handsome guys or not?  


(And can you believe my son has no girlfriend yet?
He’ll be 17 next Sunday and if I were a young girl,
I would dribble over such a lad!
But hey, the other one is mine and I hope to grow old with him
so that we can dribble together in the home for the elderly!) 


As soon as I
laid my eyes
upon this sketch;
challenge #130
over at Lotus
Paperie this week

I knew I wanted
to make the scrap
I had in mind
for a few weeks,
using a quote
from Dave Mason.

So I asked my men
to pose for me,
what they
willingly did!
Love you guys!!!


Two lay outs???? Huh???

Well, that wasn’t my intention – I will explain further on –
but first take a look. Which one do you prefer? 


This was my
first lay out.
I thought the
pattern paper
would go great
with the old
record covers,
and the colours
are fine…

…it’s not a
flopped lay out
or something,
it just wasn’t
Rock ‘n’ Roll


It’s a traditional-nothing-wrong-with-it lay out, BUT my guys are way from “traditional”… they are exceptional, incomparable, explosive, hip and hot (pardon me – getting over excited here) so this picture deserved better.





But beeing the perfectionist that I am – I started over! 


For the background I scanned an old record cover my love had, but before
he let me do that he made me promise that I would tell you all this:

“This is not originally my record! I would never, ever, handle a record
and it’s cover with such negligence! I got this record years ago from a friend
who didn’t like the music, and the cover was already tore and taped like this!” 

We, scrappers,
are funny people!
I LOVED the old
tape on the edges:
totally Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I wanted
the same
effect and
so I used
distress ink
to get the old
look back,
and put
real tape
over it again!


To highlight
the photo’s
I made a layer
using vellum
which I tore
again, to show
the old cover

The three
small photo’s
at the bottom
of the lay out 
are covers
of albums
my men love!


So I ended up with two lay outs!
I totally prefer the second (“record cover”) – and so do my men – 
it has a prominent place in our living room right now.
(Whenever I’m satisfied over a lay out, I expose it on our sideboard table.
Other lay outs go straight into an album.)

And what can YOU do with Vanessa’s sketch?
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for the May’s favorites.  
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And, last but not least, you have to take a glance at the NEWSFLASH
on top of this blog! You won’t regret it, I promise!

GO CREATE this weekend!
Hope to see you all, je t’embrasse!

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7 Responses to “Rock ‘n’ Roll is an attitude,
not an age… (Challenge #130)”

  • cindy Says:

    WOW. Both layouts are awesome. I do agree, the second one has the “feel” that you were looking for. They are both equally fabulous. 🙂
    Your son sure is a cutie. 🙂 I can’t believe he doesn’t have girls knocking down your door … LOL. But my dd is the same …no boyfriend yet. Which is cool with me. 🙂

  • Vivian Says:

    Hoi Marit,

    Toen ik voor het eerst naar beide LO’s keek was je eerste LO mijn favoriet (waarschijnlijk door het kleurgebruik) maar toen je uitleg gaf over LO nr 2 en nadat ik hem nog wat beter bekeek ben ik het met je eens dat LO nr 2 toch als `winnaar`uit de bus komt 😉

    Ze zijn beide erg gaaf geworden en jouw oog voor detail is op beide LO`s weer goed vertegenwoordigd 🙂

    Geniet van het weekend, groetjes Vivian

  • jessica Says:

    first off love the pic of your men…they are so handsome! i love both the layouts but the second one is my favorite of the two!

  • Denise Says:

    Hey Marit!!! Lovvveee both layouts too, but my fav is the second on too!!!

  • Maria Says:

    Hi Marit,

    They both look wonderful I think I love the first one, just the colours look so good and everything looks like it’s going to pop off your page…..
    Love it, I love your alpha’s they blinkin rock….

  • Chimene Says:

    Wat heb je dit weer geweldig gemaakt:)
    Erg Cool!

    Er staat een award voor je op mijn blog:)


  • NancyB Says:

    I do so love both layouts! You have a couple of great looking guys there girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments! xoxo