Lotus Paperie sneak peek
and an award again

Last weekend, I had lots of fun playing with my SISters on the forum!
A bunch of girls entered my “Dazzling Decades” challenge, and each of them made a lovely lay out interpreting my instructions in their own way –
I loved every single one and had a hard time picking a winner!
The only thing is… I didn’t scrap myself at all this weekend!

I did something though: I challenged myself by asking the girls to send me a photo, which I edited in several ways (if you wanna see the results, I put them in my  SIS gallery – just click on the “SIS” logo in the side menu and go to my portfolio)

But I can show you a tiny little something of what I did yesterday…


here’s a sneak peek for the upcoming challenge at Lotus Paperie.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

I’m NOT gonna give
anything away…
just come back on
Friday to see the
complete lay out!







And I got a blog award again!
Chimene gave me this one, thanks so much girl!

I like to pass this one on to all the ladies who played with my challenge last weekend! Here they are:

And a lovely lady, she goes by the name of “Kimbo” on SIStv, also played
– in fact, she won the challenge! She has no blog though, so I can’t pass this award on to her. But if you read this, you’re one talented lady Kimbo!

And – last but not least – this is my 93rd post…WHAT???!!!!
Yep! Almost 100… and I’m planning to do a give-a-way when I reach hundred!
Will it be in a week?
Two weeks?
Tree maybe???

Keep visiting my blog – I assure you, you really don’t wanna miss
my give-a-way ’cause it’s gonna be something to drool over!

So, see you all soon. Je t’embrasse

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7 Responses to “Lotus Paperie sneak peek
and an award again”

  • Jeanet Says:

    Oh wow Marit, dat is zo lief!!.. mijn eerste blog award 😉
    Het was geweldig op Sis dit weekend! En jouw challenge was super om te doen.. heel erg bedankt voor alle fun! En alle tijd die je eraan besteed hebt! Heel gaaf!
    Oh en dat sneakie is echt wel heeeeel magertjes hoor.. ik zie bijna niks… nou ja ik kom vrijdag gewoon terug!! 😉

  • Annemarie (mommyvictory) Says:

    I wish I had been around for the weekend, but I had a lovely time where I was none the less. Maybe next time.

    Can’t wait to see what you did.

  • Vivian Says:

    ooooh zo jammer dat ik zaterdag niet mee heb kunnen doen op SIS, leek me wel super leuk!
    Ik zal snel eens gaan kijken op Sis naar jullie creaties!
    En je sneakie is idd heel magertjes, maar ook ik ben vrijdag weer hier 🙂

  • iris Says:

    goh ik geloof dat ik toch weer eens gebruik moet gaan maken van SIS. Heb ik weer iets heel leuks gemist lees ik… jammer!
    Maar goed, moet sowiezo rustig aan doen h

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    WOW Marit!! What an intriguing post!! A sneak peek, blog prizes, give aways, surprises, what fun!!!
    Hope you have been well, my friend. I will try to email you soon!!

  • dani Says:

    you have such a lovely blog – totally award worthy – :).
    (I loved your blue tongue that you shared with me by the way!)

  • Lisa Says:

    Thanks for the award Marit! Loved playing along with your challenge. Have to do them more often.

    Lisa xx