Come into my garden
Lotus challenge #131

This is gonna be a short post!
Just some photo’s… and a few words.
In Holland, we’re not used to hot temperatures –
most of the time our country is cold and windy.
And in Summertime pleasant, easy-going weather,
like 24º Celsius (75 Fahrenheit)
It is 30ºC right now! (86 degrees Fahrenheit)
That is – outside it is,
at my computer it must be more….
I’m melting!
The computer is melting!
I won’t visit blogs or talk on the boards ’till this heat is over…
The forecast says it should be over this weekend.
Or at least on Monday.
Keep your fingers crossed, or I will end up as a puddle.

Anyway, I have
a tiny little bit
of energy left
to show you
my take on the
Lotus Paperie
challenge #131
which is:
“hand cut the
pattern out of
pattern paper”



You won’t see that (much) on this photo though… this photo is a detail
of my self made flower. (Remember the sneak peek?)


Here’s my complete lay out!”
I had paper with white roses on it, very romantic!
So I cut those out and glued it in the left corner.
I found an old picture of myself, and by editing that I created the atmosphere I wanted.
That was the basic, and I “build” my lay out around it.

Isn’t this the sweetest, romantic, vintage lay out? 

Last week, Chris published
a tutorial about making flowers
out of ribbon, and I used that
to make mine out of lace.








I made the photo
look old by using
after that I made it
look even older
using distress ink.

Embroidered circle
(cut out afterwards,
and glued again)



This is an old,
vintage picture.
I got some from
my mum a while
ago, and this one
my lay out.




OK, I showed you everything.
I’m off to sit in front of my fridge now…
“Those who are about to melt, salute you!”
Je t’embrasse!

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6 Responses to “Come into my garden
Lotus challenge #131”

  • iris Says:

    hoi Marit,
    wat is het heet h

  • cindy Says:

    I really hope it cools down for you soon. I hate when the temps are high like that … I am useless.
    Your layout is stunning and gorgeous. Your handmade flower is beautiful. 🙂

  • Chris Says:

    I feel so sorry for you in the heat. I have lived all my life in places that are very hot in the summer so heat doesn’t really bother me but I do admit that sometimes I wish I could go somewhere cooler in August and September – because by then I am pretty tired of the sun and heat. I also lived in the Caribbean for a while and it’s basically the same all year. I just love your take on the flower – the lace idea is fabulous and I am going to make one like that. the whole layout is just stunning!

  • Vivian Says:

    Wat een mooie romantische LO is het geworden, Marit!
    Leuk hoe je de kanten bloem hebt gemaakt en die vogeltjes zijn zo schattig!

  • Maria Says:

    This looks so beautiful Marit, the embellishing on your layout is just wonderful.
    The lace up the sides and that beautiful flower just look stunning, it all just goes so good with your photo…. Might give this one a go……

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Marit, this is completely stunning!! I love it!