Stazon ink –
does that makes sense?

The title of this post refers to my latest project! Take a look!!! 
What do ya all think of it? I’m satisfied over it, but discontented over the stains the ink left – I noticed it too late…  I fixated all the pages but the ink still comes off so it stays a fragile book to touch. I think the (waterbased) ink stains because I used it on greasy, shiny paper and I wonder if using stazon ink would’ve been better. But then again, can foam stamps handle stazon ink?
Does anybody know that? Please share your experiences!

Anyway, I love the alphabet I bought with my gift coupon! That was a good choise. And now, weekend lays ahead of me and my head is spinning with ideas I have for the new challenges both OLW and ScrapMojo came up with. The hardest part right now is to choose which one of the ideas I want to work out. Yesterday evening, lying in bed, I thought about it (sounds familiar?) and made a choise, but this morning I had doubts again. Oh, well, if that’s all to worry about…

This has to be all for now, I’m eager to dive into my photostock and scrapsupplies and start scrapbooking again! Have a nice and creative
weekend you all!

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does that makes sense?”