Less talk, more photo’s

I don’t have much to say today.
Summerholidays are easy going…

A little bit of housekeeping.
A little bit of creating and
a lot of TV – watching “le Tour de France”

So I’m gonna show you some creativeness from last week,
and after that, sink down on the couch again.

Here’s another page for my Leonard Cohen Art Journal.
A bit of a dark, depressive and fatalistic one…
Not that I feel this way myself, but I felt the song “Closing Time
had to go with such an image.

I used a lot of paper in layers: dictionary pages, tissue paper,
magazine adds, photo’s from an old “history” magazine
(policemen shooting at a demonstration)

Stamped title, spray ink, handwritten lyrics (with black sharpie)
and a lot (and I mean A LOT) of heavy gel medium.

I just LOVE
my gel medium!

Torn out of
a magazine:
bright lights
in the night.

I cut the silhouettes
out of a left over
piece of glossy
photo paper
(with spray ink
on it) from a
former project.

Wrinkled tissue
paper (left) with
spray ink and
gel medium.

My disintegration project is coming on strong!
I moved it from underneath my pergola into the free space
(it started to rain and I noticed the bundle had too much shelter
hanging under the pergola)

This photo was
taken on Saturday
11th July,
some rain showers
went over it
and the bundle
started to
crumble down.

See that?
Those curves?
I just love it!

I can’t help myself,
I always have to take
pictures from the side.

I can look at this
for hours.

So beautiful!

And this photo
is taken today.

It sucked a lot
of rain the last
days, and the sun
is burning it
again today…

The teabag
isn’t doing much
but I love the way
the whole thing
is hanging there…

Some pages
some pages
hold on
to the string.

Just like in
real life.

(One can easily
go philosophical
on this project!)

And to finish this post… my G-photo: Glasses.

Actually: my reading glasses.

I wear glasses since 1984 (tried contact lenses for a few years,
but that didn’t work for me)
A few years ago I found sunglasses that perfectly fit OVER my glasses
(that’s why they’re so BIG! You can see a pic of me wearing those shades
when you go to “About”… so now you all know I wear my normal glasses
under these shades!) and since a few months I need reading glasses to read
the morning paper and books… “Oh, the infirmities of old age”…

And now I’m off, watch today’s trail in the Tour le France…
No time for bloghopping if I wanna see Contador and Lance Armstrong finish –
I’ll visit your blogs tomorrow and leave you all some love!
That’s a promise!
Je t’embrasse!

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5 Responses to “Less talk, more photo’s”

  • Vivian Says:

    Weer een prachtige pagina voor je art journal, heb je je die technieken zelf meester gemaakt? Of via workshops?

    Nog veel plezier met het volgen van de tour, zonnige groeten uit Geldrop, Viv

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow…erg mooi die art journal page! Wordt erg mooi!
    Ben benieuwd naar wat je project gaat doen,met deze regen zou je verwachten dat het theezakje juist veel zou doen!
    Succes met de tour!

  • Annemarie (mommyvictory) Says:

    I love your Glasses. Very good example of G.

    Still haven’t heard from my brother. Hope he gets connected soon.

  • Bree Says:

    Wow Girl that art journal is really magnificent. My ears must have been burning, cause when you were leaving me a little note I was at SIS doing a little update…lol

    Big HUgs,


    (PS I made a little something extra for you!

  • Andre Says:

    GLASSES! Brilliant. I wear glasses and it never dawned on me. Great photo. I’m doing my best to catch up.