OK you blog visitors, readers, fans, critics… I’ve reached post #100
and I take this opportunity to let you know how fond I am of you all!
After all, without you I don’t know if I would have made it this far…

Some of you traveled with me through blog land right from the beginning,
some of you I met along the way and maybe some of you are here for the first time… welcome to you all!

Today it’s party time and everyone can profit from my give-a-way!
Yep, you read that right, I’m gonna reward one of you with a nice bag 
stuffed with vintage goodies.

Let me show you the stuff first before I ramble about what you have to do
to lay your hands on this…
(ahaaa – there’s the snake in the grass – you’ll have to DO something 😉 )

Like what you see? 
I promise you, you don’t have to do much to make a change to get this…
It’s super, simple easy!
I, on the other hand, will have to go to work.
Made you curious huh?
Let me tell you what I made up for you – and myself!


If you want these goodies to come your way, I want you
to comment on this post. But not just any comment…

Challenge me!

I selected three photo’s from my photo-stack.
I want you to tell me which picture you want me to scrap,
and come up with a challenge that goes with that.
(For example: “you want me to scrap photo 1 and you want me to use
a certain colour combo” – or whatever you can come up with!
This is your change to challenge me!)

On August 1st, I will randomly pick one comment.
That person will get the vintage RAK and I will make a lay out according
to the challenge that person gave me in the comment…

Sounds like fun?
Here are the three photo’s you can choose from.


Can’t wait to see what challenges you all can think of for me…
so leave me a comment!!!

Aaaah, I like to party so let’s throw in a bonus…
I will send a little something to the first person who can tell me what the title is
of the lay out by me that was first published online.
(This is like a puzzle… if you think logical you can find out on my blog!)

edited: Jessica was the first to give the right answer
The title was “(must be the) Season of the Witch”
(You can see that lay out in my gallery)

And now I’m gonna lean back, and see what photo you prefer
and what challenge you are going to make me take…
Remember, I will pick the winner on August 1st –
but I will keep on bloggin’ in between, so see ya!

Je t’embrasse!

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23 Responses to “YIEEHAAA, POST #100!”

  • Lena Says:

    Hey meis, ik heb de volgende challenge voor je: ik kies voor de foto van jou op je driewieler. Er is een foto van jou voorvader Jan Maljers waar hij (ook) met zijn driewieler op staat. Ik zou het leuk vinden als je deze twee foto’s in

  • Marit Says:

    That’s a hell of a challenge I just got there from my friend Lena…
    to you “English-speaking gals” this is what she’s proposed:

    “Combine the photo of you on the tricycle with the photo of your great-great-grandfather with his tricycle on your lay out”

    Oh boy, she remembered that one! It’s here…

    OK Lena, your name goes in my “witch hat”…
    see what happens on August 1st!

  • Aimee Westcott Says:

    Oooh, I love photo number two. I think you should scrap that one on a brick red background with lots of vintage goodness. Must.Use.Woodgrain!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Hey Marit…congrats on your 100th blogpost!
    That’s a lot…keep em coming…love to read it!

    I love to see you scrap photo 3..using only red,white and black on your layout…
    I think it goes great with that beautiful picture of you!!!

  • dani Says:

    Omigoodness how fun! I just wanted to stop in an say happy 100th post! How awesome!

  • Vivian Says:

    hoi Marit,

    Van harte proficiat met je 100e post, daar ben ik nog lang niet 😉

    En wat een leuk idee om er een challenge van te maken; dit heb ik voor je in gedachten met foto nr1; Een echte Oud-Hollandse LO!
    Door de kleuren van de foto, rood wit en blauw lijkt me dat super leuk, wat een schattige foto is dat trouwens!

    liefs, Viv

  • Ang Says:

    Hallo Marit,
    Volgens mij post ik hier voor het eerst. Maar kom wel regelmatig een kijkje nemen. Jij hebt een heel eigen scrap-stijl die ik bewonder.
    Van harte met je honderdste post! Wat een geweldige ‘give away’!
    Ik kies foto 1. Volgens mij is deze foto heel vroeg in het voorjaar genomen. Ik zie gele bloemetjes. Of zijn dit winterviolen? Deze kleur geel kies ik als hoofdkleur voor je scrap-project. Wat een leuke challenge trouwens.

    Groetjes, Ang

  • Bree Says:

    Can I challenge you to use all 3 on 1 layout? Ok that may be too hard.. how about layout number one…. using a vintagge item found from the same year the photo was taken?

    HAPPY 100th post my beautiful friend

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    HAPPY 100!!!! Many, many more!!!
    I want you to do a Lo using picture #2, AND use the color PURPLE!!! I know you don’t love purple, so I think that will be challenge enough!!!!!
    Those vintage goodies look great!!
    I really hope you do my challenge, even if it isn’t for the “winning” challenge. I would love to see it!!

  • Diana Says:

    Hi Marit,

    I love the first pic, is that you? If so so cute! Okay the challenge is to buy 3 out of these 10 items like you are shopping cool?

    1. Red Lace
    2. Cardboard with paint
    3. use 5 buttons with thread
    4. thickers
    5. tuille
    6. fabric
    7. at least 2 circles
    8. homemade embellie
    9. grid layout
    10. 3 different ribbons or flowers

    Enjoy and congrats on your 100th post today!! love you and all your inspiration and this RAK is awesome!!

  • Maria Says:

    Hi Marit,

    I would pick the third photo which of course is you, the title must be a sentence, scrap it on something other than cardstock or patterned paper, use material and I wanna see a girly girl lot of embellishing…

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    Hi Marit! Congrats on 100 posts to your awesome blog! Okay, if I am picked I challenge you to scrap the first photo – any size, any colors, but you must use a song lyric!

  • cindy Says:

    congrats on 100 posts. 🙂 Hmmmm, lets see. I challenge you to scrap photo #3 and only use black and white for colors. 🙂 My fave color combo. 🙂

  • Tania Says:

    Congrtas on 100 Posts! .. i challenge you to use te first picture with a tan background, and blue and red…. but lots of White space!

    and i so hope i win coz that pile of goodies looks terrific!

  • Rabecca G Says:

    I love the first two photos and it was hard to choose. But I think the second could be the most
    fun. I love old photos on black with a touch of red. Less can be more.

  • Mieke Says:

    My first time on your blog too and I can say congrats to a 100 posts! Love what I’ve seen so far. It’s a hard choice these photo’s but I so like that grinn on the first pic.
    Use that word in the title and I challenge you to use a sketch from another site.
    Good luck!

  • jessica Says:

    very fun Marit! I will have to think about a challenge…and come back to that one.

    the bonus…is it…must be the season of the witch?

    i will be back before the 31st

  • cindy Says:

    I’ll take a guess at the bonus question 🙂
    Was the title of your layout … “Must be the Season of the Witch”

  • Marit Says:

    Aaaahhhh, Jessica won the bonus!!! She was just 3 minutes earlier with it then Cindy – can you believe that?!
    Sorry Cindy… but maybe August 1st is your lucky day?

  • lisa Says:

    Hi just got here from seths site. I would like to see you scrap picture one using vintage childrens books, paper and embellishments.

  • ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz Says:

    Congratulations on 100 Posts! That is very exciting Marit!
    Each of these photos is wonderful, not an easy choice!
    I would challenge you to use the center photo using only one other color and a word or more in your creation!
    Cheers ~*~ Patty

  • janice Says:

    love #2!! i would like to see red and white!!

  • Sam Says:

    Hello Marit !! All my congratulations for this 100 Posts!!
    I have a big preference for the 1st photo which kinks me!!!!
    I would use of orange and of the blue sky color, with small printed flowers.
    Of the old lace, the big yellow button.
    To finish, a big illustration vintage of a little boy or a girl.
    I wanted to say to you that I found this challenge is very original and the present makes me dream !!!! Goodbye, Sam