Why – and a lot more!

One Little Word came with the word “Why”
I haven’t played OLW in ages, but I liked this word
and decided to give it a go this time.

I don’t know how you call this in other countries, but here in Holland
every child around 2-and-a-half to 3 years old goes through
the “Waarom-fase” (“Why-phase”)
If you have kids, you probably know how irritating it can be
when your child keeps on asking “why….” all day long.
Every mum has the intention to “always take my kids serious
and answer their questions” –
that is untill the kids reach that certain age… 2-and-a-half! 
Then it starts.
And in the end, every mum finds herself saying:


I could have used a photo of my son of course, but this pic of myself
at the age of 3 was too cute to resist…
I’m sure I asked “why” at the exact moment the photo was taken!

Journaling (in Dutch:)

– “Mum, I wanna go to daddy”
– “That’s not possible hun, daddy’s at sea”
– “Why?”
– “He’s on the boat, catching fish”
– “Whyhyy?”
– “To sell the fish later and earn some money”
– “Why mummy”?”
– “That’s his work, darling”
– “Why?”
– “Daddy’s a fisherman, and with the money he earns we can buy groceries”
– “Why?”
– “Because we gotta eat too”
– “Whyhyy?”
– “Otherwise you would become ill, girlie”
– “But why?”
– “Because!”

I used purple (see that Daniëlle?!) spray ink for a change
(“Egg plant” – Tim Holtz Ranger color wash) 
The illustration in the top right corner is from an old children’s book.

Journaling is
in two colours,
and I went
crazy with the
sewing machine!





Last week, I also made a card using the technique Scrapping out LOUD! 
came up with for their challenge: paper casting.
Such a simple and fun technique!
I wanted to write a letter to a friend, and made a “card” (or minibook,
as you like) from it.

Used materials:
– Left over pieces of fibre-paper 
– Old piece of brown paper
– Piece of a dictionary page (“friend”)
– Stamps
– Toilet paper (for paper casting)
– Spray ink. 

The casted
“text stamp”
(orange) didn’t
show much text
anymore after
painting, so I
casted another one
(heart) and put that
on top of it.




I love my stamp with the
hardly readable French text.

And of course
I stamped
this one:
“Silences make
the real conversation
between friends”


And today I took another photo of my bundle for the “disintegration project” 

Can you tell it rained a lot
these past days?

I don’t know how much longer
this bundle will hold,
but I like seeing it change
and disintegrate…
so I leave it just there
to see what becomes of it!






Maybe you remember where I found this disintegration project?
It was on a site called “The Altered Page”  and I love that blog!
It’s from a guy named Seth and he has thought of something new
which got me enthusiastic – so I joined as a “collaborator”.
It’s too late for you to join in, but check out the project here:
 “Buried Treasure”

On Thursday July 23, collaborators will re-post a favorite blog post
as part of the Buried Treasure collaboration.”

So tomorrow I will highlight a lay out/post from the past.
I didn’t had that many readers back then, so it will be fun to show 
an old post to new readers tomorrow! Hope to see you then!

Je t’embrasse

Oh – and don’t forget to take a look at my post #100 if you’re in for a RAK.
The link is at the top right of my blog…

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9 Responses to “Why – and a lot more!”

  • cindy Says:

    Your work is always spectactular … i love looking at all the little things and details that you do … you are so creative and very talented. I love your work. 🙂

  • Lynn Says:

    This is so cool! Love it!

  • Seth Says:

    The bundle is looking good! And the journal page and card are bith great. Love the stitching and the color in the page and all the texture in the card! Looking forward to seeing your buried treasure too!!

  • jessica Says:

    wow I have missed your blog!! Love that OLW pg…that is the darn cutest pg. ever! love that purple spray ink…and you know I love that stitching! Love the card you made for the paper casting…that is a fun technique!!

  • Revlie Says:

    wow Marit, totally love it, what a fun way to journal it, and the wacko stitching is great!!

  • Sharmaine Says:

    Hi Marit 🙂 thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your creations, glorious!! Love Seth’s blog, he is very inspiring

  • marsha jorgensen Says:

    What wonderful work! I love the Why piece! Why, you might ask? Because who hasn’t had a very similar conversation and what a way to get to the nitty gritty of something – we should ask why more often! And the card too, so rich in texture – just lovely!

  • Carolyn Says:

    Congrats on taking the OLW challenge… I check that one out but have never played. One of these days I will!

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    I am soo sorry I forgot to comment!! I remember coming here to see your “purple” when you told me on my blog!! I laughed ssoo hard!! Then, I have had to use purple a ton of times lately for my color combos. It isn;t nearly as bad as we thought, was it? LOL