I’m every woman…

Yay for Friday – Lotus Paperie time!!!
Here’s the sketch Vanessa came up with this week…

And this is the photo I used.


Actually, a lot of photo’s and yes, its me on every little one!
And I presume you want to know my age on each pic?
It’s no secret – I will tell you (but I might be wrong a year or two sometimes 😉 )

39 – 36 – 17 – 34 – 25 – 26 – 22
19 – 16 – 27 – 35 – 19 – 15 – 45
42 – 23 – 30 – 24 – 20 – 36 – 43


“I’m every woman, it’s all in me”
(Is there any better text I can put on this lay out?)

And oh, I can’t remember the name of the paper manufacturer.
I must learn to write that down the next time I cut the small piece 
with the trademark off the bottom!
I used Sassafras sticker alphabets for the title and I sewed a few pieces of lace and ribbon from my stack.


I wrote the
journaling on
this ribbon
with a
fibre-tip pen.




Little piece of lace
I got from Helen
2 Months ago.
(Thanks dear!
I’m very thrifty
with it!) and I got
the flower ribbon
from my mum
(Love you


Like the sketch?
Did I inspire you?
Then hop on over to Lotus Paperie and play!

Oh, and there’s that poll on the Lotus blog sidebar.
If you have not yet voted for your favorite lay out, please do so.
You have until the 31st to get your vote in!!

And it’s not done yet… I’ve got more exiting Lotus news to share!
Vanessa set up a forum/gallery/social network for all you Lotus players!
It’s live and it’s waiting for you! Check it out HERE.

If you’re still here after all the links… there’s another place I remind you
to visit… My post #100!!! If you haven’t seen that yet, go there
and make a change to win a give-a-way.
The bonus question is still unanswered too, so more changes for you
to win something! 

Well, all the above should keep you busy this weekend!
I’m looking forward to relaxing, sunny & creative days, and wish you the same!

Je t’embrasse!

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