Catching up…

This is going to be a chaotic post… with a lot of randomness.
Things are a bit hectic at the moment and the more I create,
the more my “to do” list seems to grow instead of shrink.
I discovered some new blogs/artists lately (thanks to
the buried treasure project) and the inspiration has taken flight!
I just can’t choose where to start or what to begin with.
Lots of images/ideas/possibilities whirl through my head and I guess
it all has to descend and find it’s place before I can filter “my own thing”
out of it.

Do I sound a bit cryptic? Sorry, my English writing is not bad but
when it comes to explaining mixed feelings inside it’s hard to find
the right words in another language…

So let’s stop talking and let’s start showing!

Another Leonard Cohen Art Journal page.
This one is inspired by the song “Ain’t No Cure For Love”

I used pages from an old encyclopedia, image from a magazine,
gesso, spray ink, machine stitching, sharpie, gel medium.

(Oh how I love
those detail pics!)
Machine sewing
and gel medium.

Another detail:
(’cause I cannot
help myself!)

My sewing machine
is doing overtime
lately – and though
that grand old lady
is 28 years old, she’s
still going strong!!!

Let’s move on to the A to Z photo’s now – I neglected those a bit.
(but André isn’t on his “A to Z” blog anymore, so I’m all alone in this!
I didn’t count the weeks but when I’m right, it should be J this week…
so I had some catching up to do!)

H = Herbs
(a little corner
in my garden)

I = Ivy
(have to cut
the sucker
every other week!
It keeps growing
behind my back
and ruining the
outer wall!)

J = Jewels
(No, I’m not a
rich or glamorous
girl. This necklace
is very dear though.
It belonged to both
my great-grandma,
grandma & mom.
It goes from mom
to daughter.
(Since I have a son
I haven’t figured
out what to do
with it later.)

Some exiting news:
I made a sketch for the Scrapping out LOUD! challenge blog.
The new challenge is up on Tuesday (tomorrow) and my sketch will be
the “Sketch of the Week” – Isn’t that great?!
So hop on over there this week to get inspired by the challenge, the sketch
or the word of the week (or use all three to enlarge your changes on winning
a prize!)

I wanna end this post with a big colour boost – get ready for this…

(This is a sneak peek of the Lotus Paperie lay out I made last weekend –
and colourful it is! It will be up on the blog on Friday, so see you then!)

Je t’embrasse!

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