Abacadabra…. WINNER!

I invited my alter ego today to help me pick the winner of my #100 post.



Her name is Tiram,
and she brought
along her
apprentice Tuon.






There were a lot
of reactions on 
my post #100,
and I thank
every one of you
for your
nice words!
18 people also came
with a challenge
to go with the
shown photo’s
These 18 names
went in Tuon’s hat.  












… and the winner is:  

Angele Keulen!!!

Aaah… I ran upstairs to look at her comment… what would my challenge be?
She commented in Dutch and this is what she wrote

“Hi Marit.
I think it is the first time I post here, but I do visit regularly.
You have a personal scrap-style which I admire.
Congrats on your  #100 post! What a marvelous “give away”!
I choose picture one. I think the photo was taken in early spring.
I see little yellow flowers. Or are they winter violets?
I choose this yellow to be the main colour for your scrap!
And what a wonderful challenge, by the way.

Greetings, Angèle”

Congratulations Angèle!!!
Please e-mail me your address, and the RAK will be on it’s way to you!!!

Here’s the chosen
photo again and yes,
there are yellow flowers
in the background.
(I’ll ask my parents
if they remember
what flowers that were,
and when the photo
was taken ’cause yes,
it is me on the picture!)





So I will use yellow on a lay out with this picture!
(do I ever use yellow? Ai, it’s quite a challenge!!!)

Thanks alot to everyone who played along and don’t be too dissappointed
if you didn’t win because somewhere in the near future there will be
another give-a-way…. I  almost have 1000 comments on my blog!!!
(I’m not telling ya how much there are now 🙂 )
I will send something nice to the person who comments for the 1000 time…
so keep on leaving me nice words and who knows… it might be you!!!!

Have a nice weekend you all!
Je t’embrasse!

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