Book of Me

On August 1, Cocoa Daisy started with an initiative to create a “Book of Me”.
Every day in August there will be a post (“Daily Prompt”) on the
message board which can be used as a page in a Book of Me Album.
At the end of the 31 days, you’ll have 31 pages about yourself to compile.

Since I have an account there, I’d thought I would join in –
I decided to do a 6×6 album, and cut all the cardboard in advance.

There has been two prompts so far (August 1 and 2) and I like them both!!!
(if there’s a prompt you don’t like, you just skip that one)
If you wanna join in – it’s not to late! Hop on over and play along!

I have already finished two pages…
wanna see?


The first prompt
was all about
“Bare facts”

“Kicking off our
BOM with a page
with FACTS about
yourself. A kind
of vital statistics
of facts about you
The ‘today’
element for these
facts are important,
so do include the
date / your age
when writing
these statistics”

 I used a piece of an old notebook, basic grey paper, Graphic 45 images,
Jenni Bowlin alpha’s an some old lace from my stash.
(This first page was a single 6×6, from now on it’s gonna be a double (12 x 6)

The second prompt was brought by Aida:

If You Really Knew Me Then
Oooooooh …… I’ve got the delicious topic of secrets,
things people would like to know about us back when !
Think back to a couple of years, what would you like people
to know about you back then?”

You’ve notices: it is all in Dutch.
Since I’m from the Netherlands, I decided to do this in my own language,
after all, it IS a book of ME!

I’m sure you could read that first page (“feiten” = “facts”) and I know
you’re curious about the second page (’cause you read”ssst”) so let me
translate it for you:

“1983 – the thing that (hardly) anyone knew back then…
I had a love affair with my teacher”

(All paper, stickers and embellishments come from my stash, 
there’s no brandname on it anymore…)

So now you all know my secret from those days!
(although I didn’t say which teacher I had the affair with 😛 )
There’s no use in trying to blackmail me with this knowledge though…
it’s 25 years ago, we separated, moved on and no harm was done.

I’m allready looking forward to the next prompt tomorrow
(but I also planned to go see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow afternoon
so I don’t know if I get the page done and published…) but I will put
the finished pages on my blog from time to time, so keep on
visiting me to learn “all about me”.

See ya,
Je t’embrasse!

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