Lotus Paperie
challenge #136
is a sketch again
but before I
show you
what I did
with it,
you should
know this first…






  • In 1977, Yves Saint Laurent (a famous French fashion designer)
    launched a new perfume called “Paris” and a few years later it was
    available in the Netherlands. I was 19 and I liked the advertising
    campaign! There was a beautiful lady (skinny, of course) and the
    Eiffel Tower (of course!) and the smell was described as something
    with “wild roses”. At that very moment, I knew.
    This will be MY perfume!
    So I went to a perfume shop to smell the stuff – and I was right!
    I wear that perfume ever since. Yes, I know it’s expensive.
    It’s pure luxury! And yes, I tried different odours…
    but no. “Paris” is my perfume. 
    In fact, I heard several times from friends: “I was there-and-there
    and I smelled you come by, but it wasn’t you…
  • Just a couple of weeks ago, I met a fabulous lady on the Internet.
    Her name is Cynthia, she makes marvelous scraps and you should
    definitely check out her blog “Technicolorpostcards“.
    Although (or because?) she lives in the USA,
    she’s way over her head madly in love with France and Paris… 
    I saw some postcards and old pictures of Paris on her blog,
    and got inspired!

And so, dear readers…. my Lotus lay out is all about perfume this week!



I turned the sketch 90 degrees
I scanned an old postcard (see that Cyntia?) and used the
original perfume box on this lay out.
I copied the YSL logo an cut it out of golden paper.
The “model” is cut out of Graphic 45 pattern paper (collection “fashionista’s”)

The background paper is from the “Paris Nights Collection” – GCD studios.
(Could it have been anything else?) I painted some gesso over it though –
to soften it a bit ’cause the journal print was too intense.  

The torn paper in the middle is another paper from that line,
and it is flocked. Although it doesn’t show that much on the photo,
the black print is like velvet. This is such a marvelous, glamorous paper!
Almost a shame to tear it (but I did!)

And when this lay out was finished, I sprayed my perfume over it!
(It’s a pity you can’t smell that on my blog…)

I copied the name
of the perfume
to use it as my title.
(I used a golden
pen and black



And this is
the original
box of my







And OH, Bree is the Guest Designer this Month at Lotus Paperie.
She’s crazy talented, she’s my partner in crime with the “Alice in
Wonderland Journal” she’s a true blogbuddy, she’s a DEAR FRIEND!
Read all about her and/or scraplift one of her lay outs!


I also made another page for the “Book of Me” using the daily prompts
over at Cocoa Daisy. Maybe you remember?
I explained, and showed you the first pages, in this post.

Participants were asked to think of a theme themselves,
and put it as a “daily BOM prompt” on the message boards.
Of course you have to show your own lay out as an example.
Today it is my turn, and my theme is “What’s home to you”

Journaling in Dutch:

Walcheren* is my home.
The sea, the beach, it is there that I find peace
but my house is not there.
This house in Einhoven is my home.
Here I live with my beloved and my son.
It is among my books that I find peace.

(*Walcheren is a region in Zeeland, the province I was born and raised)


And another award,

I got this one
from Danielle.
Thanks sweetie!
You’re a true



OK, so what do I have to do (you always have to do something, you know!)


  • Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
  • Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
  • Link the person’s blog who nominated you for this award.
  • Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
  • Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers.
  • Post a link to the 7 you nominated.
  • Leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know
    they have been nominated.

So again, 7 things…
(I did this once, so I have to think of 7 OTHER things,
in case you remember the former ones!)

1. “The little Mermaid” is my favourite fairy tale.
(NOT the movie with the happy end – No! The original story by Hans Christian
Andersen, where in the end the poor mermaid throws herself into the water
and becomes foam on the waves…)

2. Actually, I don’t like little children.
They only become interesting to me when they reach the age when you
can talk reason with them.

3. I’m not much of a “sweet tooth”, but I LOVE “chips”
(is that what you call it?)

4. I CAN’T STAND amusement parks.
I hate Disneyland (been in “Disneyland Paris) or any other of those
places. Too crowdy, too noisy, too much bling bling, too commercial,
too expensive, too much “TOO”…!

(Aaaahhhh, I know – you don’t find my list interesting at all!
Ya’re only reading this ’cause you’re looking for another juicy secret,
aren’t you?!)

5. I got my first kiss at 15 in a discotheque. While kissing, I thought
something like: “this will be a moment to remember my whole life,
so let’s listen to the music that’s playing right now to go with the memory”.
And so I concentrated on the song that was playing – 
I shouldn’t have done that! It was “A Whole Lot a Rosie” by AC/DC

(Not juicy enough you say? Bad luck! This is the juiciest you’re gonna get!)

6. If I could sing (which I can’t!) I would love to sing Country music!
Not that I like that music in particular, but it must be sooo satisfying to sing
“with a cry in your voice” (I would start with the ultimate man/love/hate song
“Stand by your man”! I LOVE the sentence “… ’cause after all, he’s just a man”)

7. If I want to, I can interfere in my dreams! I read about it when I was 16, and
I wanted to know how to do that too. It takes practice and it is hard to explain
how I do it (and I haven’t done it in a long time) but I CAN change my dream
in my dream  – knowing that I’m dreaming while dreaming and send the dream
to another direction without waking up.

I pass this award on to:

  • Cynthia (for being my Paris-inspiration!)
  • Patty (’cause I’d love to know her better, at least 7 things dear!)
  • Cindy (for being a passionate scrapper and follower)
  • Michelle/”Mizzm” (should have put her on my fave list earlier)
  • Jessica (she keeps following and commenting – love you sweetie!) 
  • Sue (full of energy, and “mate” over at Cocoa Daisy)
  • Tania (Lotus Design Member buddy)


Thank you all for reading this long post again!
I’ll try and make the next post short…

Have a happy weekend,
Je t’embrasse!

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12 Responses to “Paris!”

  • Lena Says:

    Love it! Great idea to use the original box of your perfume!!

  • Fauve Says:

    Simple, jet classy, Love the gold logo!

  • Chris Says:

    Just love this layout (I have some paper with the Eiffel tower on it and I am thinking about a layout about Chanel No 5) and your blog! Actually you have got me thinking about the different perfumes I have worn during different times in my life and how that could make a cool minibook – thanks for the inspiration! I have also met Cynthia via her blog and she has such a fabulous sense of style and is such an inspiration. I love the way she can get to the very essence of a layout.

  • Cynthia Says:

    Marit-thank you for making my friday 🙂 I am so glad our paths have crossed in creative-blog land 🙂 I just love the inspiration behind this lay-out. And the story!!!! I used to work in cosmetics and would love to wander over and smell all the delicious parisian scents. Paris is a classic and you so captured it with this lay-out 🙂 I just Loooooooooove it!!!! every little detail, tres chic 🙂 Now you have inspired me back, the wheels are turning :)Thank you.

  • cindy Says:

    Oh my … thank you! I will fix this up on my blog later. HUGS!
    Your Paris layout is wow … gorgeous. and your BOM page is absolutely fantastic, i love the journaling and how you did the journaling on your page. fabulous.
    your work is truly a great inspiration. 🙂

  • lucy edson Says:

    Love your title work on your layout!! Beautiful!!

    btw- you won the RAK at The Next Step with your gorgeous journal page- loved your stitching!!

  • ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz Says:

    Aren’t you sweet to think of me and include me in your list Marit! I would like to get to know me better too 😉 😉
    Great fun reading your seven things! Have a great weekend!

  • ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz Says:

    I also wanted to say what a fantastic Paris layout this is, very classy and ooh la laa! Fun reading about what inspired you Marit, very energetic and inspiring 🙂

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Thank you Marit, for the shout out!! I love hearing about you. You are sooo much more interesting than I am!! LOL
    LOVE your paris collage page..Awesome!

  • Vivian Says:

    OOO wat zou ik toch graag aan die LO vanje willen komen ruiken, hihi!
    Volgende x dat ik in een parfumerie kom zal ik eens gaan ruiken, je hebt me nieuwsgierig gemaakt!
    Maar je LO is super geworden, het is een leuke sketch deze week!

    Op je boekenkast ben ik wel een beetje jaloers, dat ziet er zo gezellig uit!

    Fijn weekend, liefs Viv

  • Sue Says:

    Thanks for the tag 🙂 .. love reading your blog and congrats on your wins this week!

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Ohhhh love your passion for Paris, such a wonderful scent!!! Your layout is sooooooo gorgeous!!! That paper is just perfect!!! Have a great weekend!