I’m over it!

Remember my former post?
The pressure I felt?
I solved it!
I’m back to my familiar ME again.
Wanna know what I did?

I took a day “off” and did nothing scrapbook related
I forced myself to “loose another day” and I hoped, by doing that,
to get rid of the “must”- feeling.
It worked, ’cause when I started creating again yesterday, the joy was there!

I played with gesso, I made a mess with heavy gel medium (and yes, that takes
a night to dry, and that’s good for my soul and for my creativity ’cause I need
that time to over think my next “move”) and I had fun playing!
And today, when I woke up, I knew which way I wanted my pages to go
and I finished 3 (yep, three!) other pages for my BOM!

Are they any good?
Guess what – I don’t care!
I like them and I enjoyed myself again just creating.
Just for ME!

But of course I will show you what I did…

This was the prompt that was on the Cocoa Daisy forum for page #8

Passion for Fashion
Good morning ladies!!! Today is my turn for a prompt and it is all
about fashion!!! So… do you have any garment in your wardrobe
that you just can’t part, and why?? It can be anything from clothes
to shoes and jewelry!! Is it your prom dress?? Your wedding dress???
Or is it your first bikini???”

I drifted away from this theme a bit and scrapped the photo of me
in a “Zeeuws” costume…
The woman on the right is my great-grandmother and the woman on the right
– RIGHT – that’s me!

I made a post about these photo’s before, so if you wanna know more
go here.

For the background, I copied pages from the “Zeeuws” (= dialect from Zeeland)
dictionary”. I looked for pages where parts of the costume are explained.
I covered the paper with heavy gel medium and used gesso to “glue” the old
pearl-shell buttons… when it was dry I added alcohol ink.
The title is saying something like “In a costume” (No, that’s not quite what it
says, but I can’t translate this one… any Dutchie who knows a better translation
may put that in a comment!) 


For page # 9, this was the prompt:

“The Country I live in
I’ve always found it so interesting so many of the Daisies are from
everywhere in the world, it’s one of the things that makes CD so
fascinating. My prompt is about the country you live in :
what makes it special, what do you love about it,
or even what annoys you !”

I think I have a love/hate relationship with my country.
I wrote it down in red-white-blue (the colours of our flag)
For the orange spay ink in the background is an explanation – here

Journaling in Dutch:
“I was born in the Netherlands, to be exact: in the province “Zeeland”.
It was a common sight, the windmill “of the family Brasser” when I
looked out of the window, the wide landscape, the cows and the “Schelde”
behind the dunes. At school I learned that Holland was known abroad for
the tulips and naval hero’s and that “we” have a rich history.
When I grew older, I began to see that not everything was so nice.
A lot of people in a small country means that there are lots and lots of rules, 
a lot of traffic jam and many people become easily aggressive.
The beauty from my childhood is long gone and will never return.
The water is polluted, there’s a nuclear reactor around the corner
and cows have big, yellow “earrings” in their ears.
But still, still… I love this country!”


Prompt # 10 was a little mean… at least I thought so.
This was it:

Scrapbooking Success
Today’s prompt is about our fantastic hobby, scrapbooking, and how
rewarding it can be for us!! I thought it would be interesting to scrap
for our BOMs our first scrapbooking SUCCESS!!!
What was your first success??? Was it a publication??
Was it a spot on a DT?? Was it a Challenge win??
Was it a featuring on a blog??
How did you feel about it??”

This is a prompt that’s not carefully thought over.
What if there are ladies playing along with this BOM that hasn’t have any
“success” ’cause they only just begun. (Like my friend Lena, who’s only
just started a gallery at SIStv and is playing along with this…)
Or ladies that don’t play challenges, or have never been published.
Or just scrap for themselves, to have fun….

No, I thought this prompt wasn’t fair.
Is it all about success then? Is it all about publications then?

I was already creating my pages thinking about all of this.
Maybe I shouldn’t show it to you then but since it is my BOM
(and I’ve had some success and I created an honest “Me-page”)
I will put it here after all…

 Journaling in Dutch:

I’d only just begun blogging when, after two months, I won
a ScrapMojo challenge. This christmas layout brought me
a box of Sassafras goodness and some more fans.”

(And for those who want to see that X-mas lay out in detail, it’s here.)

OK, enough “bombing” for today… something else now! 

I received yet
another award!

Thanks Daniëlle!

I’ve received quite
a few over the
last weeks, so
I have decided
to not name
names for this one.


Since it’s called the “Circle of Friends Award” I will state the following:

I consider everybody who visits my blog and is interested in me
and my work as my friend, so if you read this entire post until here…
this award is for YOU!!!

See you next Friday with a new Lotus challenge (and lay out!)

Je t’embrasse!

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7 Responses to “I’m over it!”

  • jessica Says:

    can’t wait to see them Marit!

  • jessica Says:

    okay i am dumb…i guess i did not see all the post! anyway your pgs. came out fantastic! love that holland one..really gorgeous Marit!

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO my friend! I’m so glad you are feeling better and the pressure is off! I know how that feels and it’s no fun! Your pages turned out beautifully!

  • Aida Haron Says:

    Hi Marit, you have such an interesting blog !!! Like you I too feel sad that the country I used to know as a child is changing – Singapore is crowded, expensive, people are impatient and less kind. But we still feel a bond.

    About scrapping – I’ve realised that chasing too many things in the scrapbooking community can be terribly counter productive. When I decided to do *less* this year, I became much happier, and scrapping once again became fun.


  • Shell Gautreaux Says:

    absolutely beautiful!
    love your work!
    glad the creativity is flowing!

  • cindy Says:

    Glad you are feeling creative again. We all go through this .. at least I do. lol
    Your pages are gorgeous … love, love, love your work. 🙂

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow..Marit ..helemaal super dat je je “Mojo” terug hebt!Soms is het even een stapje terug doen al genoeg!
    Ik vind je werk echt geweldig!Prachtige tecnieken en je gebruikt zoveel gave details!