Born to be wild…

I bet you all have been thinking “where’s that lay out she would made
for her post #100 – the one Angèle challenged her to do…?”
Remember that?

“I choose picture one. I think the photo was taken in early spring.
I see little yellow flowers. Or are they winter violets?
I choose this yellow to be the main colour for your scrap!”

Angèle is the only one who knew this: I had it finished more then a week ago!
I had fun working on it and – although it wasn’t my intention to
combine things – I used a technique that Lotus Paperie would come up with
for today’s challenge #137 – use watercolour paint/pencils.

So I e-mailed Angèle to tell her I finished the lay out, but that she could not
see it yet ’cause I would publish it not earlier then today… but that it would
be published on two blogs then – mine and Lotus Paperie!
And today is that day! So here it comes…


The lay out was long done when I realized that I also conformed to
the challenge Michelle posted that same “post #100” which was:

“I challenge you to scrap the first photo – any size, any colors,
but you must use a song lyric”

Consider it as a bonus: I used a sentence from the song “Born to be wild” 

Yellow is not a colour I work with very often.
I’m not the “bright type” scrapper, I stick to natural colours mostly,
so this was a real challenging lay out to make!
Thanks again, Angèle, for getting me out of my comfort zone,
and I hope you like what I did!

I used plain white card stock, felt flowers (I think they came in a RAK once)
embroidery thread (it’s one thread that’s running into a different colour
along the way) and yellow water colour paint.
The characters for the title are cut out from a Cosmo Cricket paper
and I inked the edges. The rest of the text is handwritten.  


I used a chain-stitch
to hand stain the

Some bling-bling
from my stash
on the felt flowers.
(totally “not me”
but I like it anyway!)



I printed the photo
several times on
a Polaroid frame
to create layers.






At the Lotus Paperie blog you can see what the other DT members
did with water colour. Go take a look and get inspired!


And another page for my “Book of Me”
This was prompt #11

Happies & Hurts
No book about me would be complete without a declaration of feelings
and so here’s a page where we’ll share the things that make us happy
or make us hurt.”

Again, I bend this prompt to my own will and kept it in general.

Journaling in Dutch:

“Happiness: I’m not the exuberant type. You won’t see me dance and
jump up and down when I’m happy. I rather relish in silence, from a distance.
Just me and my joy. The happiness isn’t any less.
Hurt: I’m like a cat. When I’m sad, I hide myself. I don’t speak, I don’t want
to talk to anyone and I hide in a corner or go to bed.
I rather be alone with my sadness.”


And some random things I’ve been wanting to say:

  • The A – to – Z photoblog stopped (and I don’t know if André is going
    to pick it up again) so I don’t make a big deal about taking a photo
    weekly. I will make one if I feel like (I’m at “K”)
    (Edit: André wrote a post that he will start again, he’s going to pick it
    up where he left – with the “G” – look
    here if you wanna know more.)


  • My dear blogfriend Bree has started a new challenge blog!
    She compiled a talented Design Team (Congrats again Angèle!) and
    it’s all about cardmaking. Today the first sketch/challenge will be
    launched, so let’s cheer for her, send her some love and go play
    at Get Sketchy


  • I applied for the Cocoa Daisy DT last month but I’m not in.
    I want to congratulate Vee, Danielle & Anita (couldn’t find her blog)
    for being the new Cocoa Diva’s!


  • My son went on vacation to Scotland with his dad (and “stepmother
    / sis / brother”) and I haven’t seen him in 3 weeks – but tomorrow 
    he will come and stay with us for two weeks, YEAH!!!
    Soooo looking forward to it! I planned relaxed time with the family; 
    watching movies, visiting (grand)parents, my friend Lena will visit us…
    Summer Pleasure with a capital P! I did a lot of lay outs and BOM pages
    the last weeks, but I guess the tempo will go down a bit and my scrapping
    and blogging will not be that frequent.


I wish you all a very happy weekend!!!
Don’t forget to look around and enjoy little things!

Je t’embrasse!

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17 Responses to “Born to be wild…”

  • Lena Says:

    Your “Born to be wild” LO turned out great!! Love the handstitched border!!
    The “Happies & Hurts” is also beautfull. Great idea to use colors that match those feelings!!

  • corinne Says:

    great lo’s!!!


  • Ang Says:

    Marit…ik vind hem geweldig!!! De gele waterverf (durfde ik dit maar) de borduursteek (ik weet de naam niet, maar ik ga hem zeker ook eens proberen) en de paats en manier waarop je de foto hebt geplaatst….SUPER!

    Groetjes, Ang

  • Ang Says:

    Sorry…de plaats natuurlijk!

  • jessica Says:

    love your layouts Marit! i did not know andre stopped the blog..that is too bad. I have to get the rest of my pics done..i thought it was such a fun idea! have a great weekend also!

  • cindy Says:

    Fabulous layouts. 🙂 Enjoy your visit and have a great weekend. 🙂

  • Tania Says:

    I don’t usually use yellow either, it’s funny how you and I both did this week! Enjoy reuniting with your son 🙂

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    OMG I love both of your layouts so much! The yellow is so pretty and I love that chain stitching so much! The colors of your spray misting in your book of me are fabulous – great journaling too! You always inspire me!

  • Vivian Says:

    De gele LO is helemaal leuk geworden, ik was echt benieuwd naar het eindresultaat!

    Je Bom pagina`s zijn ook weer helemaal Marit, prachtig die spray ink!!

    Een heel fijn weekend, groetjes Viv

  • Shell Gautreaux Says:

    love those layouts!!!!
    the stitching & yellow fits perfectly!

  • Peggy Says:

    wow, die LO is echt heel mooi. De manier waarop je de foto’s “gelayered” hebt (wat is in hemelsnaam het nederlandse woord hiervoor???) en dat “chain-stitching” is gewoonweg prachtig! Ik zal eens moeten opzoeken hoe dat moet, dat wil ik ook leren!

    Ik ben je blog nog maar net tegengekomen, maar ik vind je stijl echt heel erg mooi! Ik kijk ernaar uit je werk te volgen!

    xxx Peggy

  • Jeanet Says:

    gave layouts weer!En ik vind het geel super!
    Je journaling is echt heel mooi..
    Oh en je reactie op mijn blog…het natuurgebied is in Drouwen(Drenthe)ik woon zelf in Coevorden.En volgens mij heb ik es gelezen op SIS dat jij in het zuiden woont…dat is echt wel een eind bij mij vandaan.
    Geniet van het bezoek van je zoon!

  • Mirjam Says:

    Super layouts! De borduursteekjes en de gele waterverf vind ik echt prachtig!

  • Cynthia Says:

    Marit!!!!!!!! I love the yellow page 🙂 so many awesome techniques!!!! and it is fun to get outside of our creative box sometimes. Keep on trying for those design teams 🙂 you have some amazing talent friend 🙂

  • Petra coolen Says:

    Als dat “outside the box” is, mag je dit wat mij betreft vaker doen 😉
    Vindt het een SUPERLEUKE layout!!

  • Maria Says:

    Hi Marit,

    I love your layout was that stitching all done by hand, I so want to learn how to do that one it looks wonderful on your layout…
    Your BOM pages look wonderful the background looks awesome how have you done that?

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Fab pages, Marit – I love the yellow one! Altho it’s bright, it’s bright in a Marit sort of way, lol!