Pet peeves??? RELAX!

Strange title?
Well, those where the BOM-prompts on August 14th and 15th!

I skipped two prompts for my “ME-book”

This was the prompt on August 12:
“If you had an imaginary friend who would it be??
You can pick a person who is well-known — from TV/Films…
is/was a politician or any historical character…”

You’re NOT gonna see a page about an “imaginary friend”
(I don’t have one, I never had & never will and I don’t want to think
about “celebrities or historical persons being friends with me” –
I’m perfectly happy with the friends I have in my life, thank you! 

The prompt on August 13:
“Get out a pen because you are writing a letter to yourself.
Your letter can be to who you are today, who you want to be tomorrow,
or who you were in the past. Your letter can be public or private.
Funny or poignant. Real or made up. Just write it down.”

I could do this. It’s totally up my alley, BUT
it is too personal.
I don’t want to do this in my BOM….

So, what DID I do???
Well, the next prompts were fun again, so let me show you:


On Friday, Ronda came with the “Pet peeves” prompt – HUH?
What’s that?
You Americans might know the word but I’ve never heard of it.
But I totally understood when I read the following:

“We all have them. Those little things that annoy us, that get under our skin,
makes your eyes twitch & your toes curl.
OK so maybe they aren’t all that
bad. But I bet you have a few that do irk you. So what are they?
This is your chance to get them down on paper.”

Here it goes; I get annoyed by:

  • Four – five – six pair of shoes laying at the backdoor.
  • The deep fryer that – after cleaning – still stands in the kitchen.
  • Drops next to the toilet or on the toilet seat. (two men in the house…)
  • The fly swatter fling all around the house.
  • The two phones, always laying together just there where I’m NOT!
  • Grammar faults and spell mistakes*.
  • Getting caught in the rain.
  • Stopgaps (like “you know”)
  • A soaked and not wrenched dishcloth.

* In Dutch, that is.
I’m afraid I make those faults myself when it comes to English!


Machine stitching.







The next Book of Me prompt was about relaxing…
“How do you let your hair down, kick back and relax?”

I think this page needs no words…


And it’s been a while, but I took some photo’s of my
“disintegration project” today – by the way, around the house
it is called “je frommeltje” (“your pellet/fumble”)
Because there’s not much happening with it, I decided to take
less photo’s and let it hang there through fall, and maybe winter.
Anyway, long enough to “disintegrate” a lot more.


It’s slumped
some more…









On the
other side,
the teabag
is finally
doing it’s
the paper
get’s brown.






Teabag and
rusty screw
are finally
adding some
colour to
the paper.







On Saturday, my son came to us to stay for two weeks.
He was very enthusiastic about his holiday to Scotland,
and he took an awful lot of pictures there.
So I end this post with showing you “his favorite” –
the boy is a born photographer!

Je t’embrasse

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9 Responses to “Pet peeves??? RELAX!”

  • Miss E Says:

    hi 😀
    Nice blog and you scrapbook pages is woderful!

    Thank you for the comment in my blog, my name is, ( at internet) Kicken or Miss E.
    Kram=Hug 😉
    bye 😀

  • Cynthia Says:

    Hi Marit 🙂 once again another lovely post 🙂 adore the newest pages 🙂 Ah pet peeves 🙂 I think your english grammar is fabulous. I am a native speaker and writer – I still have my issues 🙂 And wow the disintegration project is coming along 🙂
    I love that amazing picture your son took in Scotland. Yes he is a natural very talented photographer!!! Some of my family originally came from Scotland with some Swedish and German 🙂 Americans are such a melting pot of nationalities. I truly love this picture!!!!

  • cindy Says:

    fabulous pages. 🙂 Love the stitching and how you did your journaling.
    Beautiful picture that your son took. 🙂

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    The boy really is a born photographer, beautiful picture!
    LOVE the BOM pages. I wish I had the time right now to concentrate on it. I have to concentrate on the boys returning to school now, then it will be Robert’s birthday, then….

    Glad you are well!

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Hi Marit, loved your pages..especially the relax page you are right no words needed! It’s beautiful! Your son’s pic is breathtaking…someday I wish to visit there too,,,sooooo green and hilly!

  • ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz Says:

    Fun post Marit, your journal pages are always interesting and great!
    also fun to see the progress of your DisCo bundle!!! Tea stain and rust will be super!
    Great picture your son took, makes me want to visit Scotland for sure!

  • helen salthouse Says:

    LOL! What’s a pellet/fumble?? The translation doesn’t really help! Some of your pet peeves are the same as mine, Marit, I think we’ve done the grammar and spelling thing, but the shoes made me laugh, and the thing with the loo seat – I’ve had three males here for years, not good! Nout’s pic is fab, are you going to scrap it?? x

  • Ricky Says:

    Gewoon even zeggen dat ik van je hou!!
    Mis je ook…………
    Kus, je broer

  • Bethany Kartchner Says:

    I love your art journaling and BOM prompts. Gorgeous work. Have fun with your son!