ScrapMojo challenge #26

Did quite some scrapping this weekend! Not only finished my layout
for OLW (see former post) but also made a layout for ScrapMojo
challenge #26… Here’s the challenge they came up with:

“Your challenge is to make a statement with your scrapbooking. It can be any kind of a statement. Use it as your “soap box”, tell us something that you think is important, or something that we should know. You may not even have to use words to make your statement. The sky is the limit! Second part of the challenge is to use ink. Any way you want to any kind at all.”

And here’s what I did with it!  










“My little statement” 

Yes, I like to write. Just “drawing” words on paper. With ink, ofcourse.
So using ink was not a problem. Making a statement was…
I’m the modest type. I’m the grey type. I prefer to listen instead of yelling my own opinions. Well, that had to be it then – I made that into a statement!
My own little statement – kind of a triumph for me! (Amazing, the things you learn by playing along with challenges…)










 Journaling both in English and Dutch:
“wees bescheiden – wees beleefd – je hoeft niet te schreeuwen om gehoord te worden – be modest – be polite – you don’t have to yell to be heard”

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