Book of Me – more pages

For those who didn’t know already, I worked on a “Book of Me”
throughout August. On the Cocoa Daisy forum there was a
daily “BOM challenge/theme” to make pages for your own book
and if you did them all, you ended up with 31 pages… 
I skipped some challenges along the way ’cause I didn’t like all the
themes, and now I’m almost done with my book.

Still two pages to make (maybe three, after today’s challenge is posted
and I like the theme) and I want to make one “last page” myself, but
since the rest is done I made the cover last weekend.

This had to be
I chose my
favorite materials
for the cover.
Paper from an
old encyclopedia
and spray ink in
my fave colours!
I hand wrote & cut
the title to use as
a mask. It simply
says “I”



Right now, it has
17 pages but look
how BIG it became!






Photo from aside…
I never can resist
to take photo’s from
the side!!!






On to the pages I made last week.

Here’s the one I made with the challenge/theme from August 23
“What’s in your handbag”
I put transparencies in between the pages on which I traced some
things from my handbag, the third photo should make it clear…

Journaling says “Some things – from my handbag”

Keys – Lighter – Notebook – Wallet – Pen – Cigarettes


The next (August 24) is a digital page.
The challenge was to “take self-portraits that do not include your face”
I loved this one!!!

Title: “Self Portrait (in pictures)”

  1. Addicted! My tobacco
  2. Scrap tools
  3. My perfume for 25 years (Paris – Yves Saint Laurent)
  4. List with my blood pressure values on the fridge
  5. Some of my music
  6. I play with stones in my garden
  7. My morning ritual: coffee from this mug
  8. Periodontitis – so I brush real good!
  9. Some of my diaries
  10. Reading glasses (+1)
  11. Black leather handbag
  12. I always wear this necklace
  13. House shoes
  14. My favourite night dress


Next BOM page (August 25) was about travelling.
“What kind of travelling do you love? Camping in the hills?
A Beach Holiday? where have your favourite destinations been?”

I almost skipped this one, ’cause I don’t like to travel (I wrote about it
when I listed “facts” about myself, at the end of this post) but then
I remembered I still have some left-over photo’s from the one vacation
I really, really liked – the trip I took with my friend Lena to Edinburgh
in 2006. (I call it our “Bay City Roller Memorial Journey”) 


And the last page I made: (challenge on August 26) “scrap about your blog”

Journaling (left page)
“After years of scrapping on my own (and buying a magazine from time
to time) I discovered the huge online scrapworld. It didn’t take long before
I was hooked on the scrap blogs and online challenges… but to participate
in those challenges I had to have an online gallery – so I chose to start my
own blog. My “boys” helped me establish my blog and galleries, and as of
November 11th 2008, I’m online. I enjoy it ever since!!! I made a bunch of new
friends and I can’t believe the amount of inspiration that’s flowing, the things
I’ve seen and learned and the way my work developed through all this!”

Journaling (right page)
“All the comments my blog friends and followers leave on my blog…
that’s the crown to my work!

(The list on the right page is the blog roll from my weblog)

When I looked at that last page – about my blog – I decided it’s time again
to change the header. I’m a bit bored with it… and since my birthday
is coming up I plan to give myself a new blog header!!!
(Teehee, some present… I’m gonna have to make it myself – but I will give
myself the time to play with it!)

I’m also working on a “1000 comment present” but I can’t show you yet.
I suggest you just keep on leaving me comments (I LOVE COMMENTS!!!)
so that we will reach the 1000 soon, and maybe I’ll publish a little sneak peek 
(to tease you and make you eager…) of what I will be sending to the one person
who will leave the comment #1000 on my blog…

Wishing you all a good start of a new Month.
(I love September! Autumn in the air, the light of the sun standing low
on the horizon, the haze in the morning, the leaves turning yellow and red…
my favourite season!!!)

Je t’embrasse!

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16 Responses to “Book of Me – more pages”

  • Diane B. Says:

    i absolutely love what you did! i definitely need to do one of these as i tend to scrap about everyone else and not me. you have certainly created a treasure!

  • Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    Wow, how clever to use the transparencies for what’s in your purse! I love the result. Plus your cover is awesome too!

  • Thinkie Says:

    wat een leuk albumpje!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Super gaaf Book Of You Marit!! Echt geweldige technieken heb je gebruikt en hoe je de prompts op zo’n eigen manier hebt gemaakt! Echt een prachtig boek!
    Ik zal maar veel commentaartjes achter laten, des te eerder zit je op 1000 😉
    En ja September is geweldig, maar ik vind het dan ook ineens weer heel snel gaan!

  • cindy Says:

    Gorgeous book … 🙂
    I need to change my blog header too and make some changes to my blog as well … probably do that over winter when I have more time.
    early birthday wishes … 🙂

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Marit your book is soooo awesome!!! Love love love it!!! Thanks for all the inspiration, I gotta try this soon!

  • Monique Says:

    Wat een ontzettend gaaf album is dit geworden! en de kaft vind ik helemaal geweldig. Wat goed dat je dat handgeschreven hebt, zou er bij mij niet uitzien!
    Bedankt trouwens voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog! Ik ga jou ook gauw toevoegen aan mijn blogroll, kan ik gelijk zien als je wat nieuws hebt! En ik hoop dat je moeder die kaarten kan vinden, ik heb nu al spijt dat ik er niet meer heb meegenomen (ben altijd zuinig op de verkeerde momenten).

  • Vivian Says:

    Dit album vind ik werkelijk prachtig, Marit!
    Je hebt me geinspireerd om ook een BOM te gaan maken 🙂

    De pagina`s hierboven zijn stuk voor stuk allemaal even leuk en origineel!

    Liefs uit Geldrop, Viv

  • Revlie Says:

    wowza, cool project! But seriously is that ALL that’s in your purse??

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    Oh Marit, your book of me has turned out so beautiful! I love how thick it has become! And the cover you made is beautiful, and so YOU!

  • Petra coolen Says:

    Jij zit ook niet stil Marit 😉
    Wat heb jij veel gescrapt.
    Ben erg onder de indruk van je handgeschreven “ik”! Erg mooi gedaan.

    De pagina “take self-portraits that do not include your face

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Marit, Marit, Marit. Where do I begin?
    I {heart} your blog so much!! You know this. And your work is too fab to even begin!! But the lo with your best friend in Scotland, “bay city rollers lo”. I cracked up!!! Awesome!!
    I love your BOM. you are the best!

  • Mirjam Says:

    Wat een prachtig album, Marit! Super!!!

  • iris Says:

    Hey Marit, ben ik eindelijk weer een keertje!
    Jee wat een ONWIJS gaaf album heb je gemaakt zeg! De kaft alleen al is super met de grote ik erop. En ik vind de onderwerpen ook super! Erg leuk gedaan, mijn complimenten!

  • Peggy Says:

    Goh, je hebt me ge

  • Petra Says:

    Wat een gaaf boek Marit! Ik vind met name je kaft prachtig en een super leuk idee!