Childhood Summer days

Friday again, weeks go faster and faster it seems…
and Summer is almost over.
It’s Autumn (at least the weather is) overhere in the Netherlands –
dark clouds rush through the sky. There’s a strong wind blowing.
Sometimes the low sun shines through a hole in the clouds,
and shines on the trees in the park – the leaves still green
but it won’t take long until the park colours yellow, red and gold. 
I can already smell it in the air…
my favourite season is about to start! 

Why am I telling this?
Well, I always turn a bit
melancholic in the Fall,
and this Lotus sketch
inspired me to make
a melancholic layout…

(How does it
inspire you?
Play along at
Lotus Paperie
and show us!) 





I turned the sketch 45 degrees and call this layout “Childhood Summer days”
although the barn on the photo isn’t a Dutch one…
I think this photo was taken somewhere in the US (it’s a stock photo) but it
reminds me of my Childhood. Long Summer vacations, playing in the fields,
lazy afternoons hanging around… that sort of feeling.


piece of jute
and wooden





I used a model
(template) for
the journaling.

Pieces of old lace
and machine
completed the


This afternoon, I will be wrapping covers around books….
my son is getting his school schedule right now, and after that we start 
covering all his schoolbooks that came in a big box last week…
We do that together every year, and it is a lot of work BUT fun!
It reminds me of my schooldays – I still love the smell of schoolbooks!
(of course I found it less fun when it came to reading them, or making homework…)
It will be the last time, ’cause it is his graduation year… OH MY!
I’m affraid more melancholic layouts will be in the make…

To end this post bright (I don’t want you all to start feeling sad and old…)
here’s a sneak from the give away I made to send to the one person who will
leave me the #1000 comment…

I reveal more next time…

Have a nice weekend!
Je t’embrasse.

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14 Responses to “Childhood Summer days”

  • jessica Says:

    love it marit…i love all those soft colors and that photo is fantastic. love that little sneak peek…looks so fun! have a nice weekend!

  • Birgit Koopsen Says:

    Prachtige LO Marit! Mooi zo in

  • Cynthia Says:

    Oh Fall is here too. We must be on the same latitude 🙂 This layout is so beautiful 🙂 I adore the light peeking through the barns walls 🙂 As much as I love fall there is a sadness about another season ending. * on a fun note. thanks for sharing the story of the covering school books. what a fond memory reminder 🙂 I do hope your son enjoys his school year 🙂

  • melissa Says:

    Absolutely stunning page Marit. Love the pictures and the calm feeling to it.

  • Jeanet Says:

    Prachtig Marit! die foto’s zijn echt heel mooi met de zon die door de planken schijnt! En ja echt herfstweer, ik hou ook van de herfst…, alleen gaat de tijd vanaf nu zo snel!
    Prachtig sneakje… duurt het nog lang voor je 1000e ????!!!!

  • cindy Says:

    beautiful layout … love the jute and embellies.
    I’d love to see a picture of your covers for your sons school books. We don’t do that here.
    But I do remembering covering books when I was a kid … lots of fun. 🙂
    Only one more year … where does the time go? My daughter has 2 more years 🙁

  • cindy Says:

    oops …. forgot to say … “nice peek” 🙂

  • Peggy Says:

    Heel mooi, ik hou wel van die melancholieke sfeer van de LO. Ik hou ook wel van de herfst, maar ik ben toch ook altijd een beetje triest dat de zomer weeral voorbij is…
    xxx Peggy

  • Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    Hi Marit dear!
    The Stop Art Piracy Campaign Project is very interesting, reading it now!
    Hope you are well! I left comments for your layout at SIS! xoxo,

  • Ang Says:

    Afscheid van de zomer…elk jaar heb ik er moeite mee. Gelukkig zijn de verwachtingen voor komende week heerlijk! Ik hoop zo op een zonnige nazomer.
    Je lo is prachtig Marit en de foto’s prachtig!

    Dank voor je meeleven. Vandaag ging het beter met mijn moeder. Maar het wisselt van dag tot dag.

    Liefs, Ang

  • Chris Says:

    Hi there,
    what a beautiful and sort of bittersweet layout. Where I live we have another 2 months of summer but the days are definitely getting shorter and the sun has already moved so much in the sky that the light is totally different. I used to live farther north, and autumn was always my favorite season – but I know what you mean about summer ending….. looking forward to receiving the H-Q packet!

  • Monique Says:

    Wat een mooie layout; ik hou van die zachte kleuren (ook al gebruik ik ze zelf niet zo vaak) en die foto’s zijn prachtig! En de herfst is ook mijn favoriete seizoen!
    Boeken kaften hebben wij 2 weken geleden gedaan, toen kwam hier de doos binnen. Ik had stiekem een paar van die kant en klare stretch “covers” gekocht, super makkelijk! maar wel stuk duurder dus voor de rest van de boeken hebben we gewoon kaftpapier gebruikt!

  • Vivian Says:

    Weer zo`n mooie ‘Marit’ LO!! Helemaal je eigen stijl, prachtig!

  • Elke Says:

    I really like your layout. Its a perfect way to the childhood summerdays. It inspired me to lift your titel oder the LO. Thank your for your inspiration.

    Bye, Elke from Germany