Pause mode

I find myself in a “pause mode” the last few days…
I’m not very inspired to create something and I am reflecting and thinking over the art I made up ’till now. What I like, what I don’t like (anymore) and which way I want my art to go… but it’s not that I did nothing at all…


Remember I cheered over the fact that I am chosen as a 
Design Team member over at “Harlee Quinnz Design”?
Well, there’s a lot of communication and mailing going on between me and
the founders/webmaster to help them put up a nice, working website
and my brain is working overtime on that!

And remember the “fairy blowing bubbles” stamp??
When you look at the sidebar of my blog, you can see it’s turned into a blinkie – and guess who made that happen??? YEP! ME!!!
When we actually start the Harlee Quinnz adventure, this blinkie will show up at all the designers blogs!

Yesterday, feeling uninspired and restless and not knowing which path
I should go, I surfed the Internet. Just looking around – clicking –
finding new places and collecting new ideas.
So let me share what I came across. 

There’s this place.
They offer a theme to make an ATC every Monday.
I looked at the former themes and examples and got enthusiastic about it.
It’s something I want to give a try, make ATC’s.
(I already checked out the new theme for today, it’s “Architecture”)

Looking further to find examples of ATC’s, I found Glenda’s blog

 “Somewhere over the rainbow”

MAN, the marvelous art I found in her galleries!
(Scrap layouts, Art journal pages, ATC’s – you should check her out!)

So I’m thinking art journaling and ATC’s now…
I’ve never worked on ATC’s much (I made one, a long time ago) but
I bought me a stamp last Month with the intention to use it on smaller
projects/cards so I will give it a try this week.

I also worked on a new header for my blog this weekend.
I think I like this one – with the colourful small scraps of paper
coming from my art journal pages.

I would like to know from you if you can see the complete header
(with my photo) on your screen immediately, or do you have to scroll
to see the picture? Also, tell me what you think of it!

Have a great September week!

Je t’embrasse

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12 Responses to “Pause mode”

  • Peggy Says:

    Geen problemen met de header hoor, hij is voor mij direct zichtbaar en heel mooi! Past goed bij je.

    Ikzelf ben ook altijd op zoek naar mooie sites met voor mij haalbare art-journal voorbeelden. Ik heb al een paar links in mijn blog staan, je vindt ze onder “art journal inspiration” (denk ik LOL). Zoals ik al zei, de echt moeilijke laat ik achterwege, want ik heb totaal geen schilderervaring. Maar het is echt wel iets waar ik me in de toekomst in wil verdiepen.

    Ik ken Glenda al van in het begin dat ik aan het bloggen ben (februari), nog niet zo heel lang dus, maar ik kan je nu al verzekeren dat je geen spijt gaat hebben om haar blog regelmatig te bezoeken. Haar werk is zo veelzijdig en geweldig, en bovendien is ze superlief!

    xxx Peggy

  • Chris Says:

    Just love the little fairy blowing bubbles and I can hardly wait to put it on my blog – you did a great job with it!
    I can understand your state of art right now. I went through an art journal and ATC period earlier in the year and actually got involved in some exchanges. After a couple of months, I realized I was spending a disproportionate amount of time on the ATCs = lot of time and effort for small return and I have to admit that quite a few of the ATCs I received in the exchanges were sloppy and not well done (on the other hand, some I received were superb pieces of miniature art and I treasure them!). So I have returned to layouts in my scrapping work. I do quite a bit of painting – watercolor – and I sometimes use acrylic paints and other art materials for layouts. This is turning into a long reply but I guess what it boils down to is that in layouts, the most important thing to me is the photo and enhancing that, and I just don’t get the same sense of happiness from ATCs. Good luck – I look forward to seeing what you create – and yes, Glenda’s blog is super inspiring!!!!! Her sense of color and design is super. Another person who creates fantastic art journal pages is Ravenea (Michelle) on SIS and of course, a pro that teaches art journaling is Dina Wakley – I took a great class from her online this past spring.

  • jessica Says:

    i saw the header right off…love it Marit!!! also, you made the blinkie…wow you really impress me!! i am looking forward to seeing your Harlee Quinzz work! have a great monday!

  • melissa Says:

    Wow, love that blinkee, way too cute. Congrats by the way! 🙂

  • Petra coolen Says:

    Heb jij die leuke blinkie gemaakt?
    Wauw, echt goed zeg!

    Nog gefeliciteerd met je plaats in het DT.
    Dat vraagt om een Zeeuwse bolus 😉

  • Vivian Says:

    Je header is erg leuk geworden, helemaal jouw stijl en past perfect bij je blog!

    En dan je blinkie, ongelooflijk gaaf!!! Mooi gemaakt zeg, mijn complimenten 🙂

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Oh Marit!! I guess everyone is feeling like this lately. You know I have been.
    I LOVE making ATC’s. I would LOVE to trade with you!!
    You know, you must only trade them, never sell them.
    I can’t wait to see where this takes you!!
    I will try to get some ATC’s posted this week, just for you!!!

  • Cynthia Says:

    love the new header and it is good sometimes to take a break and reflect. I want to thank you for your little comment today. I needed to hear that 🙂 I am excited to see what you come up with on your need adventure 🙂

  • Chimene Says:

    Hoi Marit,

    Je blog en blinkie zien er geweldig uit. Super dat je dat zelf kunt maken.
    Ik ken het gevoel dat je nu hebt. Inderdaad gewoon even een pauze nemen en het komt vanzelf weer terug. ATC’s zijn erg leuk om te maken en door het formaat heb je het gevoel met iets totaal anders bezig te zijn.

    En dank je dat je altijd zo trouw mijn blog bezoekt en berichtjes achterlaat. Ik waardeer dat echt:)

    Een dikke kus uit de Betuwe!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow.. Marit, geweldige banner! Super kunstig net als de blinkie… super dat je dat kan! Ik snap daar echt niets van… kan ze niet eens blinkend op mijn blog krijgen met de link naar de site…!
    En ATC’s ja ik ben daar ook ooit mee begonnen… zal het ook weer eens oppakken.. zo leuk om te doen!

  • Tania Says:

    I can see your header with the photo right away. Looks awesome 🙂

    I love Glenda’s work too, she’s fabulous isn’t she? ATC’s are fun too, I’ve only done a few but would like to do more. The kids love making them too 🙂 We have a mini collection started.

    oh, and your blinkie rocks 🙂

  • Bethany Kartchner Says:

    Great blinkie! Yeah for you!