ATC and Give-away

I played around a bit with that tiny ATC size…
At first, I found it difficult to think that small / create that small,
so it took me quite some time to create this one.

Made this with
the theme from
“Think Monday
Think ATC”
which was

(The buildings
are hand drawn,
using a picture
of the Twin Towers
as an example)





Here’s the back.

That’s the new
stamp I bought
last month,
so I can properly
sign all my
ATC’s (to come)






I started a series of four new ATC’s – I’m beginning to like it – but they’re
not done yet. I have something else to show you though…


I promised I would publish photo’s of what I was making as a giveaway.
Remember, the one who gives me the #1000 comment will get this.
I made a “blank” mini book (not totally blank, but take a look
at the photo’s and you’ll understand…)
It has a double page for every day in the week, and you can fill it
with journaling and photo’s…


See you all back on Friday with a new Lotus Paperie challenge!

Je t’embrasse!

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10 Responses to “ATC and Give-away”

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow..Marit..super die ATC!Ik vind het ook moeilijk om zo klein te werken maar dat is juist ook weer het leuke ervan!
    En wow..wat een gaaf album heb je gemaakt…prachtig!
    Nu maar hopen dat ik je 1000ste commentaar schrijf…!

  • Cynthia Says:

    Oh my Gosh I love this quote on the ATC. I have never made one of these delightful ATC. but, might have to soon 🙂 Thanks Marit always for the inspiration. And the giveaway book is beautiful. just beautiful!!!!!!! Happy reaching a thousand posts to you 🙂

  • Chris Says:

    Just love your “virgin” ATC! great quote and interesting visual. I really love your blog giveaway journal – the binding is cool and thanks for showing the inside pages – whoever wins it will be so lucky – she will be inspired every time she opens it. Good luck on 1000!

  • Vivian Says:

    Je ATC is erg gaaf geworden, de stempel die je op de achterkant van je ATC hebt gebruikt moet ik onthouden, zo leuk!!

    En dan het album dat je hebt gemaakt, prachtig!!!
    Veel te mooi om weg te geven!
    Maar ik zou hem wel graag willen winnen hoor 😉

    Groetjes Viv

  • Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    Wow! I’m not into ATC’s but that book is YUMMMMMMMY!!!!
    YOU ARE THE BEST. I so appreciate you

  • Norma Kennedy Says:

    Fantastic job ! I just started creating ATC’s and find it challenging but for that is part of the fun !

  • jessica Says:

    I love that ATC…really awesome Marit! ….Whoever wins that fantastically delicious book is one lucky person! I am with are the best!

  • cindy Says:

    LOVE your ATC card … it is fabulous. I love ATC cards … I have a few. 🙂
    I can’t believe that you are giving away that book … LOL … it is GORGEOUS. Someone is gonna be really happy. 🙂

  • Monique Says:

    Wat goed zeg dat je die gebouwen zelf getekend hebt!!! Erg leuke ATC geworden (mag ik vragen wat je er nou uiteindelijk mee moet doen??? de bedoeling is geloof ik dat je ze ruilt, maar wat moet je nou met een ATC kaart van iemand anders??? of snap ik het gewoon niet?). In ieder geval succes met je 1000ste comment! Het boekje is prachtig!

  • JeanFB Says:

    Wonderful card! Very clever – love the sentiment!