Message in a bottle

So you were all waiting for the other half of my layout?
Good! Love that.
There’s nothing wrong with a little patience…

This week’s challenge over at Lotus Paperie is to use a piece of notepaper.
Feel it coming…?

(Vivian thought so – see her comment on Friday 18th – good thinking Viv!
And when Denise mentioned that she thought the first half of the layout was
“peaceful yet lonely” without even reading the message on todays other half,
I knew I’d succeeded in bringing the exact feeling onto the layout!)

So take a look, here it is… the other half (and the complete spread)


The layout for Lotus Paperie Challenge #143: Use a piece of notepaper.

And here’s the complete spread.
(I think you know this by now, but pics can be enlarged by clicking on)

 And this is the “message I threw into the ocean”… 

Hard to read?
I think a bit of ocean water leaked into the bottle, but this is what it says:

Dear reader
So you found my bottle, great!
Hi! I’m Marit, and I threw this bottle
into the ocean, standing on the
beaches of my Island. No, it’s not a
desert Island, my loved ones & family
are with me as are a few friends.
I love living on my Island. I choose to
live this way. I don’t like to socialize
much and I function best when it’s
peaceful and quiet around me. But I like
to get in touch with other people
occasionally. I’m not shy you know.
So at times, I throw messages into the world
in the hope that it will be picked up by
a nice person. Are you a nice person?
I allow nice people to set foot on my Island,
so feel free to contact me.
I might invite you on my Island…

Yours truly,


And how would YOU use a piece of notepaper?
Come on over and play with us!
Have a nice weekend!
Je t’embrasse

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