The weirdest week!
(and the longest post!)

Sunday Morning, and I experienced the weirdest week…

But before I start telling (and showing) you, I want to give a little
“geographic lesson” ’cause many of you who saw my last layout
thought/asked if I live on an island…
I wrote about that figuratively – no, I don’t live on a real island.
I once did though, so let me show you where all that waves and
beaches in my head come from…

For all you Americans and
Asians (and Africans???)
this is a map of Europe.

I live in the Netherlands.








 This is a map of the Netherlands (or Holland, if you like)

As you can see
I spend my childhood 
right at the beach.
That province is called
“Zeeland” and it
exist of many islands
connected with each
other by dikes, dams
and bridges – so I lived
on a peninsula.
I don’t live there anymore
(my parents & best friend
still do though) but I love
that place and that’s why
waves roll through my
head, still!
I’m a “Zeeuw”…



Now that this is cleared, I’ll tell you about the rollercoaster days I lived
through last week…

It started on Wednesday.It was going to be a lovely day as my parents
were come to visit, on their way home from France (they had been
on vacation – they own a camper)


That morning,
the Harlee Quinnz
parcel arrived!

And later on
the mailman
also brought me:


ATC, which
I traded for
one of my
“Mare” ATC’s.






A package from
Ronda, filled with
bling bling
from this serie
by Zva Creative.
(I won this with
my layout “Why“)
and she put in
some extra
goodies ’cause
it had taken so
long… Thanks
Ronda, you’re
the best!!


And there was a parcel from my brother and sister-in-law, with some
wonderful “Fall coloured” scrap papers and some crystals too…
for my (upcoming) birthday! Thanks guys, I’m way happy with it!!!

And then my parents arrived.

It was so nice to see them! But it changed soon… ’cause my dad told us
he had something strange with his right eye going on since Tuesday –
he has troubles with his eyes since a few years, but a spot had
appeared in his eye (for him only to see)  – at first, it was a tiny little
“blur spot” but ever since it appeared it was growing bigger AND it turned
into pink/reddish/darker – In the two hours that they were here it grew
so they decided to drive home (2 hours drive) before the “spot” would have
infected his whole eye and he couldn’t see anymore.

My dad got home alright, although the last half hour he had to drive with just
one-eye-sight – the spot in his right eye had grown too big and he couldn’t
see anymore – my mum had to “tell him how to steer”… scary!
He called me when they got home on Wednesday night, and I told him to go see
a doctor right away, but he lives in a very small village and had to go
– by car again – to see another doctor then (because it was evening already)
and he didn’t feel like doing that. Oh, he’s so stubborn you know!
He would go see his own doctor early in the next morning, he said.
and then he would call again, he said.
Thursdaymorning I waited. And waited.
I presumed their doctor had send him right to the hospital and that would be
the reason for him not calling. I was right. my mum called at 11.30 am. 

They were send to the nearest hospital (for you Dutchies, in Vlissingen)
The specialist ascertened that his retina loosened at the back of his eye
(and that the process still was going on) –  he had to go to a specialized
hospital (in Rotterdam) right away to get surgery – and maybe they could
save (part of) his sight then. Since he couldn’t drive anymore (just got
home again with his one eye) he had to call a cab. 
When my mum called, he was on his way to Rotterdam.
(She wasn’t with him ’cause they didn’t know if he had to stay the night there,
and she would only sit there waiting and maybe even had to find a hotel if my
dad would have to stay the night over) so she waited at home.
As did we.
At 5 pm my mum called again. The hospital had phoned her that my dad
was out of surgery, still “sleeping”, but that they would phone the same
cab-company to pick him up and bring him home that same evening.
And that he had to come back tomorrow (Friday) for a check up….
That’s 2 hours in a cab back home – and the next day again 2 hours to
Rotterdam and 2 hours back home – and the insurance company said they
wouldn’t pay that “cause you have one eye left so you can still see”
My mum went a bit crazy (it’s 200 euro for one drive….) and so we 
decided to drive up to Zeeland that Thursday night. I stayed at home with
my son (he has to go to school) and my beloved drove to Zeeland so
he would be there when my dad arrived and he could drive him to his
check up appointment the next day.
My beloved was there at 9 pm – and my dad arrived shortly after.
They called that all was well, my dad wasn’t in any pain and relieved
that something was done about it. 
The next day (Friday – yesterday) my beloved drove my dad to Rotterdam
again. 2 hours drive and within 5 minutes he was in and out of the
doctors office….. to go home again.
Ah, well. The doctor told him all was well for now. 
His sight might come back. Maybe less then it was. We’ll have to wait and see,
but chances are good. For now, he’s almost blind at his right eye, but since
Saturday, there’s a little light coming in… good thing!


On Friday Morning (I was “home alone” and worried) a package arrived.
It was the “Alice in Wonderland Journal” – from the Circle Journal Swap
I participated in! I’ll show you the pages (for my page, click here)

By “Artsyk” (she made a basic page and included some embellies for
everyone to complete the page in the way you like…)

By Linda Loe

By Casey (“mmmomx2”)


 By Helen (“CherryBlossom”)

By Bree (“HotMama”)

I was very surprised
to find this album
in the package also…

It turned out to be
a gift that Bree made
especially for me!
(That sticker was
on the inside – saying
“this book belongs to
my fabulous friend
Marit. I hope you’ll turn
this into a magnificent
Art Journal”



Emotional as I was that day, it moved me to tears…
Thank you so much Bree! I love you sweetie!!!

To fill the time on Friday, I played with my Art Journal and made this page.

It’s for the ScrapMojo challenge, which was: “We want you to scrap a page
about your name. Second part of the challenge is to try something new.”

I’d planned to do this and I thought now was the time to start with it.
It was only after I finished the page, that I noticed I was just in time to
send it in… Friday was the due day!

Journaling is in Dutch:
“I got the name that fits me: Marit, “daughter of the sea”

And can you believe I never stamped with bubble wrap plastic 
and paint before?! Used it here!!! (best seen in left top corner) 

Saturday morning yet another package arrived!
A book with 12×12″ sheets from GCD Studios
(I won that over at the next step with this page)
The paper is gorgeous, with relief in it!
There are 42 sheets in this book, woowee!


Pfew, so those were some rollercoaster days!!!
Are you still with me?

I won’t bother you any longer… this post is way too long as it is.
I’ll be back soon with Harlee Quinnz layouts!
Thanks for listening to my ramblings again, wish you a good Sunday!

Je t’embrasse

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13 Responses to “The weirdest week!
(and the longest post!)”

  • Chimene Says:

    Nou dat waren me inderdaad een paar dagen!!!
    Hoop dat alles goed komt met je vader!
    De postbode heeft volgens mij moeten overwerken met al je pakjes!!!
    Geweldig hoor!
    Heerlijk dat “geklieder met verf” heel mooi geworden!
    Fijne zondag!

  • Annemarie (mommyvictory) Says:

    Wow! I have had weeks like that before. Hope next week is a little calmer.


  • cindy Says:

    Oh my … hope things are settling down for you.
    Hugs to your Dad .. 🙂
    Sounds like you have lots of new fabulous goodies to play with too … have fun!
    Your layout is fantastic … I love it. 🙂

  • Glenda T. Says:

    HOly cow, that is so scary about your dad!!! I hope that his sight returns fully, I can’t imagine how worried you all must have been! And what a load of crap that the insurance company says because he still has 1 eye he could have driven. That’s awful!!! On the upside you had lots of fabulous goodies to play with, i love when that happens!! I loved seeing the pages of the art journal too. Have fun and have a creative week! I’m in my art room now and am going to try to make something as I have my coffee. I love Sunday mornings….

  • Melissa Says:

    Oh wow , Marit…What a week! I can’t believe how gorgeous that Alice circle journal is. Woooow!

    I’m so sorry to hear about what your Dad is going through. I hope that he gets at least most of his sight back…how scary for all involved. *hug*

  • jessica Says:

    oh goodness…after reading that post and getting to that beautiful journal and gift from Bree i was moved to tears also! i am so sorry about your dad Marit..i truly hope he is okay and gets his sight back. hugs!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow..Marit inderdaad een hectische week! Ik hoop dat het met je vader allemaal goed komt!
    En wat een leuke pakjes zeg! Ben wel nieuwsgierig wat je allemaal gaat maken met al dat moois van Harlee Quinnz… super en dat Alice journal is helemaal super!

  • Jenneke Says:

    Tja, soms zit het mee en soms zit het tegen, en dit was duidelijk zo’n week met ups en downs. Ik hoop dat het met je vader weer helemaal goed komt, je ogen zijn zo belangrijk! Heel veel sterkte ermee!
    Het Alice-journal is hartstikke leuk, gaaf dat er zoveel mensen aan meedoen. En lief van Bree!
    Succes en veel plezier met al je Happy Mail pakketjes!! Je gaat vast weer geweldige dingen maken!
    En….gefeliciteerd met je baskets van Angele!! Uit ervaring weet ik dat ze echt hartstikke mooi en handig zijn! Je kunt ze vast goed gebruiken!
    Fijne, rustige week toegewenst!


  • Mirjam Says:

    Wat een week zeg! Hopelijk komt het met je vader weer helemaal goed!
    Super leuk al die kadootjes over de post!
    En de art journal over je naam vind erg mooi, leuk hoe je de tekst tussen de golven hebt geschreven!

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    WOW Marit!! I already heard about your dad. Wishing him well!!
    Thanks so much for the map and the geography lesson!! NOW i know where Sweeden is!! Thanks!!

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    Wow Marit – what a week! My mom went thru the same thing with her retina detaching – it was scary, but she got through it and she sees just fine now. I hope the same for your dad! Thanks for the geography lesson – it’s really fun to see where you live! So, your birthday is coming up, eh? When is it exactly??? The circle journal is fantastic and so are your layouts!

  • Vivian Says:

    Je hebt heel wat meegemaakt deze week, ongelooflijk dat je vader met zicht in 1 oog nog is gaan rijden. Begin dit jaar heb ik ook diverse onderzoeken gehad ivm een mogelijke netvliesloslating, gelukkig voor mij was dit niet het geval maar ik moet wel elk jaar op controle.
    Hopelijk gaat het snel beter met hem!

    Mooie LO heb je gemaakt voor Scrap mojo, en leuk om de betekenis van je naam te lezen.
    Mijn naam betekend; levendig 🙂 Maar of dat nou zo goed bij me past???


  • helen salthouse Says:

    Hi Marit, had to skim over the alice journal quick cos i haven’t had mine yet. maybe it’s just that there’s been a postal strike here, I’m not quite sure how it would affect me…I’ll give it another couple of weeks before I decide it’s got lost! 🙁