Hidden talent

Let me tell you about my son’s hidden talent….
’cause I got my (belated) birthday present from him this week.
And you know what?

He knows exactly what you always wanted to have but just never knew
yourself that you wanted…. but HE knows, and he buys it for you
and when you get it you go like: “how did you know I wanted this?
I didn’t know myself but now that I see this, it was my wish to have this!”

I got the “Book of longing” from him!
It’s written by Leonard Cohen and it collects Cohen’s
poetry written between the 1980s and the present.
“It also includes his wonderfully witty and sensuous
illustrations, including numerous playful self-portraits.
The illustrations interact with, and complement, the poetry
in unexpected and fascinating ways.”

This is such an inspiring book – it’s almost like an art journal!
Thank you Nout, for giving me this. I love you 1.000 kisses deep!

OK then, on to bussiness ’cause it’s Friday, and you know what’s
happening on Fridays, don’t you?

Lotus Paperie puts the new challenge online… and today it is:

add colour to your handwritten journaling.

That shouldn’t be too difficult, so grab those pencils or paint
and have fun! 

My mum gave me a lot of photo’s from my parents’ vacations in France
(thanks mum!) and I used them for this layout!


It’s a rather simple layout
but it took a lot of time
to hand stitch the frame
with embroidery floss…








And did you know The Creative Type is finally back after a long, LONG,
Summer break?! Some new members were added to the Design Team
and two of my friends are in it!!! WOOWEEEE!

Congratulations to the new “typists” Cynthia and Dani!

I love the first prompt they came up with:

“For our first prompt back we challenge you to use masking as a
technique when it comes to the type in your layout.
So whether you mask out your title or even if your really brave,
all of your journaling , go for it and have fun.”

You know me, you know how I love masking and spraying and misting,
so I thought this was going to be “a piece of cake” – BOY, was I wrong!!!

Although the typists warned me for this:

“Some of us Typists found that we were ripping up our paper which
didn’t lead to great results, so just take your sticker letters and stick
them on a paper towel a few times until your stickiness is less intense.”

I struggled for hours with this layout. And YES, the sticker-alpha’s
stuck too much and I, too, ripped up my paper…
Luckily, this background paper had the same illustration on the back,
I just turned it around and tried again… taking it easy and extra
careful this time.

Here’s the result

My son played this Beatles song last week and I had to think of this photo…
It’s me at sixteen, sitting on the beach, staring at the sea and asking myself
this question. (Oh, not really, but the image goes perfectly with these words!)

Background paper: “Dunes spread” – CreaMotion
Ranger – Tim Holtz – Colorwash Spray ink : ”Terracotta” and “Espresso” 
Tattered angels glimmer mist: “Copper”
I tore the edges of the background paper, glued it on a piece of cardboard
and brushed the edges of the cardboard with gesso

After spraying
the text I
highlighted it
a little bit
with a
black sharpie.




“I look at all the lonely people”
handwritten on the layout.








And, after two months of “not looking at it” I took these photo’s this morning
from my “Disintegration project”

All wet
and curled
and fading…
YESSS, it is
finally starting
to look the way
I hoped for!







The teabag
and the
rusty nail
left a 
brown spot
on the paper
at last.







I think I’ll give it another month, and I will cut it loose on the day that I blog
for one year – November 11th – because thanks to my blogging I found
this project – and Seths’ blog the Altered Page – on the Internet.
It’s a bit symbolic to choose that date, but you know I like that. 


And let’s start
the weekend 
with a give-away 

that can be
found on this
site:  Scrapbooking
Supplies R Us

There’s two
more days left
to win this, so
hop on over there
to learn about
the “rules”.


And if you’re looking to be on a Design Team…
they have a DT-call going on over there too!
Maybe I should not tell you this ’cause I applied for it myself
(and this way I invite more “rivals”) but hey, I’m a nice person and I think
everyone needs a chance. So if you feel like it, check it out and go for it!

So, that’s it for today.
I’m still couching a lot and I’m amazed over the amount of snot I produce,
where does that all come from? But it’s getting better every day!
Same goes for my dad – getting better every day. His eye is improving!
We want to thank you for all the good wishes and prayers you send our way,
it’s good to know my blog readers are such sympathizing, nice girls…
(but to be honest, I know you a bit by now and I expected no less!)

I wish you all a very nice, healthy, relaxed weekend!

Je t’embrasse.

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20 Responses to “Hidden talent”

  • Chris Says:

    What a charming layout you created with your parents’ photos – the stitching and hand written title give it such an individual touch. The layout you did for the Creative type is so unique and beautiful – I truly see the beach when I look at it. And how special is the book your son found for you!!!!! Hope you feel better very soon.

  • Melissa Says:

    Loving the simplicity of the LO of your parents, and the other one is quite amazing too. It looks like you’ve written in the sand! Wow! Gorgeous stuff.

  • Glenda T. Says:

    First of all your layouts are amazing as always!! I am off to check out the LP site! 2ndly that disintigration project is sooooo cool!!!! It sounds like you had a great birthday and good luck on the DT call, that giveaway looks amazing!!!

  • Jeanet Says:

    LOve that handstitching on your first LO! It’s very beautiful, just like the colored title.. awesome! And I really love the Beatles one, love that title to go with the picture.. are you sure you didn’t asked yourself that question back then.. LOL! It looks like you did.. 😉
    Love your disintegration project.. looks cool!
    Oh en ik zie dat ik nu weer Engels typ… ik doe dat wel vaker geloof ik, nou ja maakt ook niet uit! Heel fijn weekend nogmaals en je zoon is een schat! Super dat hij zo goed weet wat hij voor je moet kopen!

  • jessica Says:

    beautiful layouts Marit…so different from each other…crisp and clean, muted and soft…gorgeous work!! Nout picked such a thoughtful gift for you…what a sweetheart. So glad to know your dad is feeling better and his sight is improving. Although I was a bit grossed out thinking about your snot…lol..i am glad you are a bit better…just lay off the smokes until you are 100%…(i know i am a pain but you know how reformed smokers are…)

    have a restful weekend!

  • Pam Says:

    I LOVE your masking-its perfect for that photo

  • Vivian Says:

    Wat een mooi cadeau heb je van Nout gekregen 🙂

    En weer twee gave LO`s, ik denk dat ik ook ga meedoen bij the creative type.
    Masking lijkt me een leuke uitdaging!

    Heel fijn weekend, Viv

  • ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz Says:

    Bless your sweet son, what a perfectly lovely and thoughtful gift! Those truly are the best kind!

    I am inspired by so many Beatles songs, LOVE what you’ve created with your sweet picture, the lettering and everything about it are so special Marit!

    Your DisCo bundle is coming around, you must be excited about that!!!

    Have a lovely weekend and take care of yourself, sorry you weren’t feeling so well!

  • Cynthia Says:

    Marit I am so glad you did a lay-out for the creative type it is so beautiful. Love the use of the beatles lyric 🙂 The masking so was hard one for me too. Until I just went with simple 🙂 You did a fabulous job.
    And the paper is turning out so well!!!!!! I can’t wait until November and see what you do with it!!!!! I saw you mentioned seth, you might like my friends work. here is the link http://stephmcatee.typepad.com/. I took her class at Inspired a couple years ago and her art journals are amazing 🙂
    Last but not least I love how thoughtful your son is for his birthday gift!!!!! to you 🙂

  • Ang Says:

    Het is altijd een feest om je site te bezoeken Marit! Ik ben nieuwsgierig naar het boek van Cohen! Je bent trots op je zoon en het is en prachtig cadeau! Je lo’s zijn heel verschillend en beide weer super mooi!

    Het wordt tijd voor workshops. Denk je daar nog over na?

    Fijn weekend, liefs, Ang

  • Patty Says:

    Loving the layout Marit!!!!! Thank you for playing along with us! Happy to see you back as well 🙂 That Disintegration things is interesting!! I might just have to try it.

  • shaina Says:

    oh goodness… your page is so soft and pretty. love how you did the masking and then highlighted the letter. awesome page. 🙂
    thanks for playing along with us over at THe CrEatiVe TyPe.

  • gudrun Says:

    Your LOTUS-LO is so beautiful! Love the handstitching.
    I have read all about your fathers story. SO horryfying and sad.
    I hope he get better and will get his sight back. So thinking of you!

    Thanks for all the inspiration you share. You are amazing!

  • Shell Gautreaux Says:

    beautiful layouts!
    good luck with the DT, hope you feel better!

  • Kent Says:

    I LOVE LOVE THIS! So glad you stuck with the technique because it turned out fab! I had to do mine over 5 times so don’t feel bad!

  • Chimene Says:

    Wat een prachtig cadeau van je zoon!!!!
    Heel erg lief!!

    Je handnaaiwerk op je layout zal inderdaad wel een hoop werk zijn geweest maar het resultaat is prachtig!

    Lijkt wel of je de tekst van je layout in het zand hebt geschreven! Heel erg knap gemaakt!

    Je projekt met de krant en theezakje: COOOOOL!!

    fijne zondag!

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    I LOVE THE DISINTIGRATION PROJECT!!!!! I followed to seth’s blog a while ago to see what it was. Outstanding way to create your own “vintage” ephemera!!! You will have to tell me how to do it!!

    Beautiful art, as always!!
    Glad your dad is feeling better!!

  • dani Says:

    my goodness, what a thoughtful boy, what a thoughtful gift!

    awesome pages – and I LOVE masking with alpha stickers but it can be a bit of a mess sometimes with paper tearing. It’s best to just go with it sometimes I think, lol. happy accidents! Definitely something to play with.

  • judean Says:

    Love your masking for the lonely people layout–the distressed look really fits with your title and photo. I also like how you highlighted some of the letter outlines in ink–great effect!

  • Peggy Says:

    Blij te horen dat het beter gaat met je papa Marit!
    xxx Peggy