OK, that was probably a bit light-headed (and with a hoarse voice,
followed by a huge coughing fit) but I’m soooo glad the virus I had
is decreasing. I have more energy every day!
I even dared to plan a trip to the scrapbook store in Heesch 
this Sunday to spend my birthday money.

On to business
’cause it’s
Friday and the
new Lotus Paperie
challenge #146
is up.
As you may
have noticed, 
the challenges
variate from 
random challenges
to sketches
every other week.

This week Vanessa
provided us with 
this sketch.

I don’t often scrap with a lot of photo’s, I’m not the “floral type” and
my head was fuzzy, but once I got the idea for the layout and started
working on it, I had a fun time!


Some of you will recognize this immediately… if so, then you are of a
“certain age.” (Or your mum and dad are and – like me – still cherish these
cassette tapes, ’cause that’s what they are, and made you listen.)

I used a Cosmo Cricket sheet as a background, did a little bit of misting
and stamped with bubble wrap plastic again. (LOVE IT!)
I outlined the image with “puffy paint”
I won the little note pad from Kimbo last Summer over at SIStv. (She send
me a lot of gorgeous little note pads, journaling spots and embellies!)
I heart those little papers but I never found a good use for it, up ’till now!
Thanks Kimbo!!!

I’m so glad
I discovered
the bubble
wrap plastic!
I love the effect
when you use
it to stamp with!



“Although you’re
getting old, I still
love you! You
might look antique
to kids with their
fancy i-pods, but to
me you are very
dear. You stayed
with me in all those
years that passed.
You gave me
comfort and
you always will.”


And here’s the Art Journal page I started last week (I showed you a sneak
last Tuesday) The idea for this page popped in my head when I heard the
song “Welcome to the Machine” (Pink Floyd) on the radio two weeks ago. 
I made a note of it right away! 
For this page I used Harlee Quinnz paper (“Garden Shadows”), Harlee Quinnz
stamps (“Garden mandala set), some old chipboard “flowers” (painted those
black to make it look like gear), my new alpha stamps I got from my friend
Lena (thanks again sweetie!) and that “puffy paint” again.  


The “finished” page laid on the
table for two days and I kept
returning to it, looking at it – 
I somehow had the feeling
something was missing.
And yesterday my beloved says
– out of the blue –  
“Alice is missing”.

It was just that!
I sneaked Alice in and
she made it complete.
Thanks dear, you’re a
great help (most of
the time 😉 )



Pieces of me
getting crushed
between the gear…








So that’s it for this week.

Well – not all of it – ’cause I want you to know that Last Wednesday
I resigned from the Harlee Quinnz Design team.
I’ve learned to listen to my “guts” over the years, and I had the strong
feeling it would not be good for me working for Harlee Quinnz Designs.
Although their paperlines and stamps are gorgeous – no doubt about that – 
I felt it better to quit. I want to wish Leanne, Cindy and the Design Team
all the best and good luck!

And that’s really it for this week…
You must know I always write my “Lotus post” on Friday morning and
I mostly finish & publish it at 1 p.m. (’cause that’s the time over here
in Holland when Lotus Paperie puts the new challenge online)
Right after that my weekend starts!
It sounds a bit strange, but that’s my own private little ritual feeling….
and that’s why I always wish you a wonderful weekend, although I know
for you in the USA it’s only Friday morning…

So now you know!
My weekend starts NOW!
Have a good one!

Je t’embrasse.

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13 Responses to “I’m BAAACCKKK!!!”

  • Cynthia Says:

    Hello! Marit, so glad you are feeling better and so am enjoying the new pages! Ahhh cassette tapes and the joy of a good mix tape 🙂 Love it.
    Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy spending your birthday money on scrap goodies 🙂

  • Glenda T. Says:

    I’m glad you are on the mend!! Love your pieces!! Oh the good ‘ol cassette tapes, that sure brings back memories. Sigh. I love that sketch and still have lots of summer pics to scrap so I’ll have to try find time to play! And your journal page is amazing!!!! I love that those flowers look like gears and how Alice is staring into the machine, fantastic!!!

  • Thinkie Says:

    great pages, have fun in Heesch!

  • Ang Says:

    Ja, die oude vertrouwde cassette bandjes. Mijn jongste en ik hadden het nog hierover een paar dagen geleden. Het had gevroren en de autoruiten zaten dicht. Krabben dus. En als je dan geen krabber bij de hand hebt zo vroeg in de herfst dan gebruik je gewoon een hoesje van zo’n bandje. ‘Mam waar heb je het over???’ Ja, echt; ze liggen nog steeds in onze auto!!!

    Fijn dat het beter gaat Marit! Ondanks je zware kou ben je nog flink actief geweest! Ziet er weer goed uit! Veel plezier in Heesch zondag.

    Liefs, Ang

  • Tania Says:

    Glad you are feeling better Marit 🙂 Love the layout, I remember tapes, and even, gulp, records. lol I really love your journal page too. It’s also really neat to hear how LP time works for you 🙂
    Have a great day!

  • Vivian Says:

    Ha die Marit, back in full force 😉

    Wat een prachtige Pagina`s heb je weer gemaakt, Alice hoort er inderdaad helemaal bij.

    Een fijn scrap/shop weekend toegewenst, liefs Viv

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Hey You!!! So glad you are feeling better!!! Your layout speaks volumes to me and my childhood!!! Man my first cassette was the police (syncronicity!!!) Do you remember that one!! I was so proud to put into my walkman!!! Holy man that was a long time ago!!!! Love your pages!!!

  • dani Says:

    ahhh, good to listen to you gut feelings.

    LOVE your sketch page. Just awesome. Would you believe I was still listening to cassettes in 2004?? That’s all my car would play, lol!

  • Mirjam Says:

    Fijn dat je je weer wat beter voelt!!!
    Wat een super gave lo heb je gemaakt voor L.P. Helemaal leuk met die cassettebandjes…ik heb ook nog een hele stapel van vroeger, jammer genoeg heb ik geen recorder meer om ze beluisteren. Maar ze weggooien zal ik nooit doen!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Zo goed dat er weer bent Marit!!! Prachtige layout voor Lotus… super met die cassettebandjes… alhoewel ik eerlijk moet bekennen dat ik cd’s super vind.. makkelijker doorspoelen naar een ander nummer 😉 Super ode aan die ouwe trouwe cassettes!
    En ik vind je art journal page echt heel erg mooi, prachtig verbeeldt met die stukjes van jou in de machine! Ik hou wel van Pink Floyd!!
    Jammer voor Harlee Quinnz maar je voelt het zelf wel aan! Heel veel scrap(winkel) plezier!!

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    Hi Marit! It’s so good to be back and catching up on your inspiring blog! I am loving your latest work! The mix tape layout is fabulous! I too, still have a double cassette deck, which I rarely play, but I can’t get rid of it because all of my grateful dead concerts are on tape!

    Your “Welcome to the Machine” layout is fantastic! Soooo creative and unique! I love how the idea just came to you – that’s so awesome when that happens!

    Sorry to hear you were sick – hope you feel all better soon!


  • cindy Says:

    Glad you are feeling better. 🙂

    Love your latest work … it is always fabulous.

  • Peggy Says:

    oooooh ik kan mezelf wel schoppen op het ogenblik dat ik zo ver achter geraakt ben met het lezen van je blog (van alle blogs trouwens …). Je hebt dit de 16de geschreven en zei dat je op zondag naar de Scrapbookwinkel in Heesch zou gaan … IK WAS DAAR DIE ZONDAG!!!!!!! Ik heb er een workshop bij Birgit Koopsen gevolgd … wel eigenlijk heb ik meer tijd gespendeerd in de winkel en een klein fortuin opgedaan, maar af en toe zat ik ook in de workshop! Oh, had ik dat geweten hadden we eens kunnen afspreken, het zou zo leuk geweest zijn je eens in levende lijve gezien te hebben!

    Ik vind het prachtig wat je met die sketch gedaan hebt. Ook ik ben geen bloemen persoon, je kan het aantal bloemen dat ik gebruikt heb op