I grew (a little bit)

Yep, I’m careful in my statements, but I can tell you that I definitely grew.
Not in length – I’m still approximately 5.5 feet – but my self confidence
about my art has got a major boost this week!

It started with a “Lotus layout” last Monday (it will be on the Lotus Paperie
blog this Friday) and to be honest, I disliked the challenge.
It was totally NOT my thing… and no-one could have been more surprised
then myself when I saw the result. I made a gorgeous layout, if I may say so.
I put it on our side table and looked at it all evening. I was so happy!

I had plans (already printed the photo) to make a layout for the new
challenge over at “Scrapping the Music” and I told my beloved that
I was afraid to start working on it, ’cause I expected it wouldn’t be
any good… I thought I could never make another beautiful layout 
right the day after the Lotus one. I presume that’s what musicians feel
after making a hit-album – the pressure to do it again becomes too
big – the next album almost always is disappointing.

So yesterday morning I surfed around on the Internet a bit, postponing the
creating moment, and came across this post on Bethany’s blog
It opened my eyes! She wrote exactly what I am feeling and over thinking
these last weeks, I had/have to make some choices according my work and art
and she just put my thoughts into words.
It gave me such a boost!
The pressure to “achieve” vanished.
I went downstairs and started this layout.

And guess what?
It’s gorgeous too!
I can do it.
I can get rid of the pressure, have fun creating, stretch myself and make
another beautiful layout. Right the next day!

So I grew.
Just a tiny little bit maybe, but such an important bit!
I can honestly say to myself now: “Stick to yourself. Do it your own way
and then the layout will reflect you and you’re OK”

And now you wanna see the layout?
Here it comes…


The challenge at Scrapping the Music is a song called “Beautiful Dawn”
by the Wailin Jennys. (click here to read the full lyrics)

Used materials:
Cardboard, painted with gesso (border)
Black paper
Grey tissue paper. (wrinkled, sprayed with spray ink and a streak of gesso)
Gesso (on the black paper) with spray ink.
Machine stitching
Black sharpie

The photo deserves a little extra attention ’cause it is important to know
what/where this is, to fully appreciate the layout.
This is a road just outside the little village I was born, and it leads to
the dunes and the beach (you still can see the darker shadow of the dunes
behind the roof of that house. But maybe you can’t – is it only for me
to see it ’cause I KNOW it’s there and this image is so familiar to me…) 
My dad took this photo on an early, foggy morning.

I hand wrote
the first
of the lyrics
on the
tissue paper
part (I let it
overlap the




Streaks of gesso,
painted on the
black paper with
a wide brush and
sprayed with ink.
Machine stitching.





I end this post with apologies ’cause I might have made several
grammatical mistakes trying to explain my feelings in English.
Most of the time, it’s not a problem writing in another language,
but when it comes to “deeper feeling” it’s hard to find the right words.
But hey, you are my regular readers.
I’m sure you know me enough by now to understand what I meant to say.
I’m convinced you all can “read between the lines.”
Thank you for that.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Thank you for leaving me comments.
I love you all!

I’ll be back Friday with that other layout…
Je t’embrasse.

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25 Responses to “I grew (a little bit)”

  • Thinkie Says:

    pretty and artsy!
    it’s really about having fun with it and making what you envision, and if others like it too, that’s just a bonus.

  • cynthia Says:

    Oh you wrote your feelings perfectly and never apologize for grammar 🙂 I adore your sentiment!!! I think as artists we limit ourselves. That we can only do a few great pieces, but I think our art potential is limitless 🙂 We just need to break that pre-conceived idea 🙂 You’re awesome Marit and don’t forget it 🙂

  • Chimene Says:

    Hij is inderdaad helemaal geweldig!!!!!!

    En….vasthouden dit gevoel!!!


  • Petra coolen Says:

    Ik ken het gevoel.
    Meende ook dat iedere nieuwe layout beter moest zijn dan de vorige. Daar ben ik dus vanaf gestapt. Zo ga je jezelf beperken.

    Wat heb je toch een mooi handschrift Marit.
    Erg apart gedaan die layout.

  • jessica Says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful Marit! love your post, love your honesty, and love your art! that is the one thing i love about art/scrapbooking…there are no set rules and there is not just one way….you are a testimony to that!

  • Melissa Says:

    Wonderful page, marit…never ever second guess yourself as an artist. It need to come from you and your soul, and I can honestly say…your projects are always heartfelt.

  • Vivian Says:

    Wat een prachtige foto heeft je vader gemaakt, en jij heb hem geweldig mooi verwerkt op je LO!

    En nu heb je me natuurlijk wel heel erg nieuwsgierig gemaakt naar je lotus LO..tot vrijdag 🙂

  • Mirjam Says:

    Super lo! En de tekst heb je echt prachtig geschreven! Ben benieuwd naar je lo voor Lotus P.

  • Ang Says:

    Ik sluit me aan bij de woorden van Jessica! Ik zou het niet mooier kunnen zeggen Marit: GEWELDIG!

  • Monique Says:

    Wat heb je dat prachtig verwoord…het is precies de reden waarom ik veel minder scrap dan ik zou willen en blijkbaar ben ik niet de enige. Ik vind je layout echt prachtig geworden en geloof dat ik ook maar eens een pot gesso gaan aanschaffen.
    En ja, in Engeland zegt echt iedereen “love” tegen me! Als ze in Nederland “liefje” tegen me zouden zeggen zou ik woedend worden (geloof ik) maar hier vind ik het wel leuk.
    Groetjes en tot snel,

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Wonderfully done!! Love the technique! Glad you found something that made you feel the way I know you are!!! You inspire me Marit, just want you to know!!

  • Sasha Holloway Says:

    LOVED the post and DO NOT apologize for anything .. shoot this is your blog, art and YOU .. keep doing YOU and you will be fine. REMEMBER THAT.

  • Julie Ann Shahin Says:

    Stunning work, and I agree with Sasha, and you know what I said on my blog too!!!!!

  • cindy Says:

    WOW … that is beautiful. 🙂 Just like all your work is … you are a inspiration to everyone who views your work. Your work TRULY is ART.

  • Mandy H Says:

    I love this Marit!! It’s fascinating to look at. I struggled with that same feeling and was thinking that I needed to find a certain style and stick with it, but how boring is that. I finally decided I will create what ever I want whenever I want and I am loving it. Your page is fabulous!!

  • Glenda T. Says:

    I can totally relate and think that as artists we have all felt this way at some time or another! Sometimes it gets so easy to get up into making the perfect masterpiece and then when it doesn’t happen everything to start to question your skills. Sometimes when I say to myself I’m just going to really let go, not care what I make, I end up with the best layouts. Then when I feel pressured to perform and make something for a DT I can end up with something I don’t care for as much. This layout of yours though is breathtaking and I can feel that you totally let yourself go and it’s amazing and beautiful!!!

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    WOW I LOVE your Beautiful Dawn layout Marit! That song is one that I chose so I am especially appreciative that you chose to participate this week! I love the photo and how you did the lyrics sideways – so BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for playing along with us!

  • Yvonne Y Says:

    Marit, your piece is wonderfully textured and gorgeous…Not every piece of art will turn out a masterpiece…but if you put your heart in it, it will always be meaningful to you.

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow…helemaal geweldig marit!Prachtig geschreven!..Het is ook je eigen art en dat blijft het ook..je moet gewoon doen wat jezelf mooi vindt!!Soms heb ik ook wel dat gevoel en als ik iets MOET maken en er geen plezier in heb dan stop ik helemaal en ga ik iets heel anders doen,ik krijg dan later vaak wel een bepaald gevoel en plezier en dan gaat het eigenlijk gewoon vanzelf..
    Ik vind je LO echt helemaal super!Prachtige technieken en een hele mooie foto!!Super jouw stijl!!
    Heel erg bedankt voor het mee doen met STM!

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Oh soooo beautiful and soooo you!!! I love love it!!!! You are very inspirational!!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us, we are so lucky!!!

  • Scrapping The Music Says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL layout! Love, Love, LOVE all the details! Great job and thanks for playing along!!!

  • julie Says:

    beautiful lo…thanks for playing along with stm! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Donna Says:

    This is absolutely stunning. The colors and tone of this are amazing… thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • ~*~ Patty Szymkowicz Says:

    You do such a beautiful job and your English is marvelous dear Marit! I have challenges expressing my deepest feelings in my own language 🙂
    This page is beautiful and wonderful!!!

  • Peggy Says:

    Zoals ik daarnet al zei Marit, alles wat jij cre