Aaah, I had some playtime this weekend and I made layouts for several
challenges! It was fun to do that again – it’s been a while.

So here we go…


This first one is for The Creative Type

“Our next prompt is all about negative space! Many of us cram it all in,
fill a page up from corner to corner. With this prompt we want you to use
that negative space and let it flow, let it relax and chill out.
Make a statement with your title, and just leave the rest be!”

I don’t use photo’s of my man much, but now I had to… ’cause while doing
the dishes together last week, he put on this song for me (by Chicago).
This layout came right to mind (along with some other things – teehee -)
and I used a small part of the lyrics.

Just plain, white cardstock, some spray ink (Tim Holtz – “red pepper”)
and machine stitching. I love how it turned out!

I typed the text
and sewed it onto
the layout.

Is this a statement
or what??!!!





The next challenge I played with was for
These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.
The challenge was to scrap your favourite vacation or trip.

I also threw in the challenge Scrapping out LOUD! came up with:
“Journaling is essential when preserving memories for future generations,
but sometimes you want to journal something a little more private,
or sensitive or maybe it just doesn’t fit in with your page?
We challenge you to include some hidden journaling on your LO this week.”

I explain what this trip was all about in my journaling.


White card stock background, I copied the “Bay City Rollers” title form one
of their records, the “memorial journey” part I did by hand with puffy paint.
Hand stitching (the yellow) along with machine stitching.
Coloured pencils and some pieces of tartan (that’s how they call this
Scottish pattern cloth)

I hid the journaling
behind this photo,
I didn’t have any
space on my layout
left to put it
anywhere else, but
I like it this way!




And here’s
the journaling
(in Dutch) in
a very tiny font.

Whenever I start
to write, I get all





“Tuesday March 21st 2006
The telephone rings halfway the afternoon.
It’s my best friend Lena… we call each other all the time and we talk
for hours on the phone. About everything and about nothing at all…
you know, the way best friends do.

Just like we did 30 years ago! Two teenagers. Sitting in our teenage rooms,
playing records and swoon over the guys on our posters on the wall:
The Bay City Rollers. This so called  “teeny bobber band” from Edinburgh,
Scotland, was part of our life in that time, and “visiting Edinburgh” was our dream.
And now, on just an ordinary day in March, Lena invites me to go with her
to Edinburgh this year. We – together – traveling to Scotland.
She offers to pay the trip….

When I’ve found my voice back I stutter that I can’t accept this…
She, paying?**
I tell her, this is too much.
I tell her I have to think about it.
I tell her…
Well, to make a long story short – WE WENT!!!”

**(note: It was out of the question to pay for it myself –
we had difficult times at that moment and not enough money) 

I could tell you SO MUCH about this three day trip….
MAN, did we had FUN!!!
We both made a scrap album about it…
I will never forget this trip!!!

(I love you Lena!
And not only because of this trip… but you know that!)


All kinds of
stitching and






I hope you enjoyed looking at my layouts again!
You know I always enjoy all the comments you leave me!
(Did I ever thank you all for that? – I think I did but
there’s nothing wrong with saying it again!) and I think
you all found my new blog address by now (at least I hope so!)
but that’s a silly question ’cause if you read this, you have…! 

Have a nice weekend – what’s left of it – and be sure
to come back on Wednesday… 
I will celebrate my one year blogiversary then and YES,
there will be



So don’t forget to stop by!

Je t’embrasse

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21 Responses to “Playtime!”

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow..Marit..absoluut weer erg prachtig wat je gemaakt hebt! Je Lo voor TAAFOMFT is gewoon super, al die gestitkte naden… prachtig en je design is zoals alijd gaaf!
    En je LO voor the Creative type is ook helemaal super… mooi al die witte “ruimte”

  • Julie Tucker-Wolek Says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwww!!! both lo’s are amazing!!! love love love love love love all that stitching on your FAVE THINGS lo!!! wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!!!!! and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Lena….she is a sweetie!!!!!!!!! Thanks soooooooooooooooo much for playing along with us! :):):):):):):):):):)

  • Denise Says:

    Marit, Love your layouts!!! Your first one about your man is wonderful! I just love negative space layouts!

    Your second layout about your trip is gorgeous!!! love all the stitching and your hidden journalling is terrific!!! Sounds like you 2 had a blast!!!

    Congrats on your one year blogiversary coming up!!! I’m so happy you decided to create this blog to share your work with us!

  • Lindaloe Says:

    Je hebt mooie dingen gemaakt en erg toepasselijk de Lo van je man.

  • jessica Says:

    Marit I love your pgs…that first one is so wonderful…I love Boston…that is a great song!

    And for your hide and seek pg…that is brilliant! I love that you brought in that pic of the BCR and those are fantastic pic of you and Lena…what a wonderful friend!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  • Jessica Says:

    Sorry meant chicago….but I love Boston also!!… 🙂

  • Jenneke Says:

    Wat ben je weer creatief geweest zeg!! Echt heel mooi, die layout voor The Creative Type. Heb ook een poging gewaagd maar voor mij is ‘witruimte’ nog steeds iets ‘engs’. Voor jou niet, dat is duidelijk! SUpermooi!!
    En je kunstwerk voor TAAFOMFT is ook geweldig!! Zo origineel en creatief, met al die stiksel, kleurtjes en bijpassende Schotse Ruit! Hahaha, Bay City Rollers, tja…..we worden oud!
    Dankjewel voor het meedoen met TAAFOMFT!!
    En woensdag ben ik er weer!


  • Mirjamc Says:

    prachtig werk weer marit! bij allebei de lo’s vind ik het stikwerk echt super,vooral het hartje)!!!

  • cynthia Says:

    Hi Marit- I just adore the negative space lay-out!!!!!! So, perfect. The heart stitching is awesome. I just started stitching and so admire your ability to control the thread. I am still having issues 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story about your trip to Scotland 🙂 So, enjoyable. And the memories of you and lena are priceless!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend too.

  • Mieke Says:

    Wat een super leuke layouts, de eerste heel mooi en puur, de tweede lijkt wel digitaal! Super

  • dani Says:

    lovely pages! I love your whitespace layout!

  • Hanneke Says:

    Jeee wat een mooie LO’s weer zeg!!! die voor the creative type is prachtig zeg, mooie foto en journal!!! Enne de andere, geweldig met die tartan en al de foto’s en wat een geweldige vriendin zeg!!!!
    Bedankt weer voor het meedoen!!!

  • Viv Says:

    Weer twee gave pagina`s, Marit!!
    Mijn naaimachine staat veel te veel in de kast, je geeft me weer inspiratie om hem weer tevoorschijn te halen!

    En wat heb je toch een lieve vriendin!

  • Kent Says:

    LOVE your negative space layout! It is so great and I love the heart and simpleness of it. Thanks for playing along with us over at the Creative Type!

  • Tania Says:

    Hi Marit, I LOVE that first layout. And the multi-coloured stitching is pretty fabulous too. 🙂 I answered the questions for the award on my blog finally, thanks again!

  • cindy Says:

    WOW … gorgeous pages. 🙂

  • monique Says:

    Your pages are gorgeous!! both of them!! and I love the journaling on the Edinburg one! and the stitching and the design and….well everything!!!

  • Peggy Says:

    Twee verschillende LO’s … twee plaatjes! De tweede is mooi en uniek, geweldig creatief, prachtig gedaan. De eerste … wow, die is super! Je hebt met minimale supplies het maximale bereikt, briljant gewoon!

    Lena lijkt me een geweldige vriendin btw…

    xxx Peggy

  • Bethany Kartchner Says:

    Marit, all of your LOs are beautiful, but my fave is the first one. The simplicity and perfect design are amazing!

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    Oh Marit it sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I love how you scrapped it – especially the red plaid bits – so perfect for the Bay City Rollers!

  • Deana Says:

    Adorable LO! I ♥ how you did the hidden journaling & your stitching is so cute! Thanks for joining us! 🙂