Freewheelin’ Friday (#1)

Eeeeeekkkk, it’s Friday!
And since I’m no longer a Lotus design team member, I had to think
of something else to blog about on Fridays….
At first I thought of a photo with “the story behind” every Friday
would be nice, but naaaahhhhhh…
I better take advantage of the fact that I’m free to do – and blog –
anything I like! Freewheelin’ it will be, YEAH!

So I will present you a post with randomness every Friday
(but of course I will be bloggin’ in between too, as always)
and it can be ANYTHING I want…
It could be a photo ofcourse, but also things I came across
on the Internet, links, thoughts, layouts I made…
just anything I feel like sharing!

So here’s my first “Freewheeling’ Friday” ***

(*** and for the ones recognizing this title somehow, yes
I “stole” the title from Bob Dylan…)


Some music ATC’s I made this week!

Moondance – Van Morisson


The image is an old postcard,
I couldn’t find the name of these
birds anywhere on the card but
it seems Ibis to me.
The title is embossed.
I used my tiny little alpha
stamps, and that’s why the text
flows together a bit…

It says: “Well it’s a marvelous
night for a moondance”

It’s a very old song by
“Van the Man” but I still
love it so much! In fact,
it’s in my “Top 2000 list” 
(Dutchies will know what I mean!) so you think of me
when it’s played on the radio.  

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Here’s another ATC, it’s kind of a funny one… 

I had all these Santa
illustrations in my
stash (can’t find the
English word for it,
“poezieplaatjes” –
images to put in a
album???) and I
thought it would
be fun to use them.



I’m not the Christmas celebrating type, and sometimes all the “kindness”
and “sweetness” and “peace” that people (and tv-shows, and shop-windows)
emit gets to my nerves, so I chose these lyrics  “You better watch out”… 
it can be explained in different ways.


Today, my neighbour brought me some old magazines.
She thought I might use them “for your scrapping” and yes… I did!
Right away, ’cause I found this image of a shoe – full of bling bling
(but the real expensive kind! Those are real diamonds…)
and this song came to mind:


Take A Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed 

Some spraying
(Ranger – red pepper)
some machine
stitching and some
extra rhinestones
from my stash
(in fact, it’s some
kind of fiber or lace
with the stones
attached to it)





And…. I got me some happy mail again this week!!
OH.MY – I LOVE happy mail! Take a look… 

…at what my
friend Lena send
me. She bought
me a little book
to support me
and give me
confidence on
starting my
The title says
“You can do it”
and it’s filled
with beautiful

And see those images??? “Poezieplaatjes” again (can someone please
give me the English word for this?!) Seeing these, I might even consider
a Christmas layout!!!


And I finally
received this prize
from the kit club
“Green Tangerine”
I won it on a blog
in August, but
something went
wrong with the
mail… anyway,
they sent it now.
Some yummie goodies!!!


So while all you Dutch ladies are going to celebrate “Sinterklaas”
this weekend, I will be playing with my new toys without knocking
on doors and throwing “pepernoten”!!! (We don’t celebrate Sinterklaas
anymore, my son does though – at his fathers’ house – ’cause he has
a little (steph)brother and -sister over there…)

I wish you all a nice weekend, with or without “surprises” and presents,
and see you again soon!

Je t’embrasse!

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10 Responses to “Freewheelin’ Friday (#1)”

  • Viv Says:

    leuk, zo`n `freewheelin` friday!
    Gave ATC-tjes heb je gemaakt (binnenkort kom ik bij je in de leer 😉

    Fijn weekend, scrap ze!!

    Groetjes Viv

  • Jenneke Says:

    Allereerst Marit: bedankt voor je lieve woorden over m’n Lotus layout!! Doet me super goed!!
    Dan: ik hou ook niet van Kerst! En om dezelfde redenen als jij. En: wij doen ook niet meer aan Sinterklaas. Heerlijk, haha! Ik zie iedereen zenuwachtig en vol stress door de winkels rennen met allerlei nietsnuttige prullaria in het winkelmandje, en ik denk: poeh, ben ik blij dat het aan mij voorbij gaat!! Erg he? Hihi..
    Ach, met (kleine) kinderen is het hartstikke leuk, heb ik ook altijd heel veel plezier aan beleefd, maar nu hoeft het voor mij echt niet meer!
    Supergave ATC’s heb je gemaakt! Songteksten zijn inspirerend he?
    Goed, mocht je toch nog een Christmas-layout willen gaan maken, kijk dan eens even bij Let’s Get Shabby! Want scrappen over Kerst is best heel erg leuk!!!
    Wens je een fijn weekend!
    Groetjes, JEnneke

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    Hey Marit! I love the freewheelin Friday theme! It’s like a surprise and how liberating is it do not have to be committed to any one theme. You can do whatever you like!! I’m loving your music ATC’s and need to get back over to Linda’s site to see what she’s been doing! I’m supposed to make her a special one so I better get on it. Oh, that prize looks fabulous, have fun making your wonderful creations with it!

  • cynthia Says:

    love free wheeling Friday 🙂 Too fun! do explain sinterklaas to me ? Does sound interesting:)

  • Annemarie Says:

    Well, best wishes on your Freewheelin’ Fridays. Thanks for stopping by the December Daily. I have not heard the term poezieplaatjes (poetry pictures) before. I will have to figure that out now. Have you seen the movie August Rush? Great music first of all. Secondly, Moondance can be heard throughout the entire movie in different ways. You have chosen some great songs to make ATCs. Have a peacefully creative day.

  • Annemarie Says:

    I think the best way to describe poezieplaatje from what I see is to use the term vintage images. The seem to be most like the images seen in the header of the following site.

    Hope that helps

  • Mirjamc Says:

    super leuk marit… ‘freewheelin’ friday’! en je atc’s zijn erg mooi!!! wat bof jij toch met al die leuke post, toch een beetje sinterklaas 😉 😉

  • Maja Says:

    Je atc’s zien er prachtig uit Marit, ik dacht al dat de kerstmannetjes poezieplaatjes waren.Zelf ben ik dol op die dingen.Er zitten super mooie in je post. Misschien toch een “kerst” creatie??

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow..Marit…wat een gaaf idee en zo kan jezelf bedenken wat je doet…altijd het beste om niet in een strak keurslijf te zitten! Go with the flow 😉
    Geweldige ATC’s…mooi hoor met songteksten!
    En wat een super mooi prijs zeg en dan de happy mail van Lena…echt heel lief en mooi!En ja, het is wel druk Sinterklaas en kerst, toch hou ik er wel van.

  • Adrienn Says:

    Love this song from Lou Reed 🙂 2 weeks ago an austrian man sang it for me 😛 I copied the picture (Hey Babe, Take A Walk On The Wild Side) 🙂