Freewheelin’ Friday (#3)

Another Friday already, MAN – time flies!
I do love my freewheelin’ Fridays, but during the week I’m not that much
freewheelin’ – I’m working my hands blue (and red, and orange and purple:
paint and spray ink!) preparing my upcoming workshop! 
Somewhere in the next week the registration will be online (still working
on some loose ends according to the “rules” and “payments”) and I’m
scared and exited at the same time… a new year and a new adventure…
but I’m ready for it!

And here’s another intention for the next year 🙂
Teehee… I wear mostly black! But maybe it’s time for red pants…
Jeanet? Wanna join? 😉

This is also the title of my latest layout I made using two challenges…
From “Scrapping out LOUD!” and from “Scrapbooking Supplies R Us” 


It will be the last challenge over at Scrapping out LOUD!
This challenge blog comes to an end after this last challenge…

I’m a bit sentimental over it, ’cause discovering this challenge blog 
(about a year ago; a few weeks after I started bloggin’ myself) 
marks the start of my “online scrapbooking career” 
In no time, the three ladies who started it – Jessica, Denise and Melissa  –
became my first “blog buddies” and through them, I discovered lots of
other blogs, opportunities and creativeness.
I will never forget the friendship they offered me (and still do!)

Girls, thanks a zillion for being such lovely & inspiring friends and
faithful visitors of my blog – I love you and wish you all the best with
whatever new adventures you will find on your new path!!!

So you see, there was no doubt in my mind I would participate
in the last SOL challenge, whatever it would be! For all times sake!
And it was a fun challenge too!!!!

“Your challenge is to scrap a page with all the colors of the rainbow on it!
Of course you can use any shades of the colors.. but make sure they are
all there!”

I knew right away that I wanted to scrap a picture printed in all the
rainbow colours… I also remembered there was a challenge about
using more photo’s at “Scrapbooking Supplies R Us” so I looked it up:

“For The Sampler’s 1st official challenge we want to see your layouts with
FIVE OR MORE PHOTOS on a single page! You have from today through
December 25th, 2009 to post the links to your layouts here in the comment
section and win some goodies from our debut kit and add-on!

This layout sure satisfies that challenge too!

The title comes from the song "She's like a Rainbow" (Rolling Stones)
The background paper is an oldie (no branch) from my stash.
I used all kinds of different alpha's for the title and embroidery
thread in rainbow colours.

These swirls,
embroidered in
rainbow colours,
are inspired by a
layout I saw over
at Ronda’s once.





Do you remember my “decades mini album” I made for t.a.a.f.o.m. f.t.??? 

The mailman
brought me my
prize last week!


Thanks Michelle Baca
for all the wonderful
goodies you stuffed
into that box!
I love it ALL and will
enjoy to work with it.
In fact, I have already
plans for a layout using
the little crown mask!


And now on to some “freewheelin’ for real”
Miscellaneous facts and thoughts!


  • Huge congrats to my friend Michelle LaPoint Rydell for joining
    the design team for the t.a.a.f.o.m.f.t. challenge blog!!!

  • I’m getting more and more exited about the upcoming Top 2000
    and my creative week that will go with that. Participants are still
    welcome!!!  If you didn’t read about it: you can find the announcement 
    and my plans at the end of this post.

  •  I fell in love with a layout I came across on the challenge blog
     “The Story Matters” a while ago. It’s made by Monica Powell and
    called “Art of Being a Woman“. Some inspiration!!!

  • Seth Apter published a post about an amazing artist and photographer
    Miroslav Tichý. This man made his own camera’s and you should really
    hop over to Seth’s blog “The Altered Page” and read more about it and
    I wish I lived in, or near, New York to visit that exhibition!!!

  • Since yesterday, the Netherlands are covered under a huge amount
    of snow. All regions EXCEPT where I live!!! Can you believe that?
    I saw it on the evening news yesterday… trains broke down, schools
    closed, electricity failed and what did we get here…. NOTHING!!!
    Three snowflakes maybe…. DANG!
  • But I’m going to force it…. I’m gonna go out to get my weekend groceries
    right now! I will get me lots and lots of food and drinks and snacks and
    I expect to see it snow right after I come home!!!
    I might even do a “snow dance” to please the weather gods…
    Pleeeaaaasssse, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

    Happy weekend everyone!

    Je t’embrasse!

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    19 Responses to “Freewheelin’ Friday (#3)”

    • Maja Says:

      Hoi Marit, je lay-out ziet er fantastisch uit. Vooral je “regenboog” foto’s zijn erg mooi. Leuke happy mail heb je gekregen,die heb je dan ook verdient gewonnen!! Ik ga proberen om zeker één keer mee te doen en je iets te sturen uit de top 2000. Erg leuk idee, net als je LO hier over.
      Ik heb er al een paar jaar niet naar geluisterd maar krijg er weer helemaal zin in. Bedankt !!!

    • Chris Says:

      I love your colors layout – it truly works beautifully for both challenges! Your happy mail looks great – I expect to see lots of sparks of creativity. Looking forward to the top 2000, and I hope you get some snow. Hanneke had some great photos of the snow where she lives. It’s very windy and rainy here – sort of like a tropical depression only a lot cooler. Have a great Friday and weekend!

    • Cynthia Says:

      Love all the colors 🙂 Another design team ending 🙁 I am sure they will miss you lots! I so can’t wait to hear all about your workshop 🙂

    • Angèle Says:

      I’m excited too!!! Niet zo zeer naar sneeuw want ik moet de weg op! Nee, naar wat je workshop voor de deelnemers in petto heeft!
      Laat je ons niet te lang in spanning Marit?
      Mooi…je lo! Ik hou zo van kleur!

      Fijn weekend, Angèle

    • Jeanet Says:

      HA,ha,ha…prachtig voornemen Marit…ga niet meedoen hoor, rode broek… 😉 weet wel een leuke titel nu we toch in de Rolling Stones mood zijn… “I see a red pant and I want to paint it black”…..LOL!!!
      Je LO is gewoon fantastisch Marit!!
      Je titel is zo mooi en die foto’s.. WOW… helemaal top!
      Ik hoop dat de sneeuw snel je kant op komt… en ik ben zo benieuwd naar je workshop!
      Super leuke post!!!

    • Broer Says:

      You may have the snow, I’m already sick from all the snow here!!
      Kisses, Broer

    • iris Says:

      Nou Marit, sneeuw is er zeker wel gevallen in Eindhoven! Heerlijk hè nu alles wit is. Alleen een beetje link om nu over straat te gaan…en koud brrrrr maar goed, ik vind sneeuw wel leuk!
      Enne over leuk gesproken. Wat een super leuke layout! Erg gaaf hoe je de titel gemaakt hebt en die foto’s gekleurd hebt afgedrukt!
      Ben ook erg benieuwd naar je workshop!

      Fijn weekend!

    • Bethany Says:

      What a fun prize package! I bet you’ll do beautiful things with it! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    • Michelle Rydell Says:

      OMG so much inspiration here today!!! Thanks SO MUCH for the shout out Marit! EEK I am so excited! I love your new colors layout – you’ve got me singing the song now! Can’t wait to do the top 2000 with you!


    • Viv Says:

      Nog steeds geen sneeuw……..zo jammer!
      Misschien hebben de weergoden het morgen beter met je voor 😉

      En wat een gave LO heb je gemaakt, leuk idee om elke foto een andere kleur te geven!

      Fijne (en hopelijk witte) zondag toegewenst!

    • Mirjamc Says:

      super leuke lo!!!de geborduurde swirls zijn prachtig en leuk de gekleurde foto’s!!!ik vind het ook erg jammer dat sol stopt 🙁
      en heeft je ‘snow dance’ geholpen??? eindelijk sneeuw??? misschien morgen meer geluk!

    • Jenneke Says:

      Wat een gave layout weer, Marit!!! Super, met al die foto’s in verschillende kleurtjes! Hoe kom je toch altijd op die originele ideetjes??
      Gossie, geen sneeuw….tja, aan de ene kant wel jammer maar aan de andere kant ook wel prettig hoor. Jij kunt tenminste normaal over straat zonder dat je alle kanten op glibbert. Maar toegegeven, het is wel een prachtig gezicht, zo’n witte wereld.

      Wens je een fijne zondag toe met hopelijk heel veel sneeuw!!!!


    • Glenda Tkalac Says:

      I get such a kick out of your title “freewheelin Friday”, love it!! I really love that colors layout too, amazing!!! Looks like a fabulous prize, have fun playing and I’m happy to see you finally got snow!

    • Seth Says:

      Love the idea behind Freewheelin’ Fridays. Thanks for the links and thanks for including my blog!

    • Yyam Says:

      Marit, this layout is stunning! I love those photos of you in multi-colors! You certainly are creative! Thanks for playing along with the last challenge at SOL…incidentally, it was one of the first few challenge blogs I played along with when I started blogging earlier this year too! I only wish we had snow in this part of the world (or just cooler weather)…have a wonderful X’mas and a blessed new year Marit!

      P/s: All the best for your classes too!

    • dani Says:

      That is such a neat page – I love the stacked images. Such a great idea!

    • Denise Says:

      Your page just took my breath away!!!!! I love love love what you did!!!! The coloured pics the clouds the stitching!!!! Blew me away baby!!!

      So glad you started hanging out with us at SOL!!! Thanks for being such a faithful player!!!! I always enjoyed your pages!! So glad we became friends and I look forward to seeing what you do in the new year with the workshops!!!

      Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

    • Linda Says:

      The colored lo’s are amazing!! You need some red “leather” pants cause you rock!

    • Lauren S. Says:

      did you ever recieve your prize? i won the one after and havent yet