Waiting for the paint to dry…

Last sunday I started working on a layout for the new challenge for OLW (Word Up # 41 is “Miracle”) I found just the right pictures to use, but hey, don’t expect my layout to be finished yet…

The problem is that I also have ideas for the next challenge at ScrapMojo and whenever I have several ideas for different layouts in my head,
everything gets mixed up inside and my head starts to swirl!
Some people can work on different LO’s at the same time but not me.
I first have to get rid of the images in my head belonging to one layout in order to start on the other.
And that always takes more time than I wish…

You’d say I should know by now, but no, I got so exited about all the plans
that I just started to mix and match and began working in chaos.
That always ends with grabbing the wrong colour paper, not finding the font that fits & choosing all the wrong emballishments!
Luckely I DID learn from former experiences NOT to glue anything when exited and enthousiastic in a chaotic way like this…
And yes, it ended like all the times before – I spend a sunday afternoon shoving (the wrong) paper and lifting covers from boxes with all the wrong stuff in it.

But now I’m back on track! My layout is coming along strong.
I just painted the (chipboard) font I want to use and now I have to wait for the paint to dry. I found exactly the right colour, but the paint is mend for modelmaking (my son started building a plastic spaceship once, he never finished it though.) It smells like hell and I guess it takes hours to dry up,
but it gave exactly the right effect when I used it on chipboard!

Oh well, that gives me time to catch up with you by writing a post and showing you some photo’s my son took a few weeks ago… me as a photographer!



 “Hey mom,
these photo’s
are fantastic –
who’s the
here now, huh?!!”





 “Try to look real cool, like
you’re a professional, mom!”










 “That low afternoon light looks better this way,
turn around mom!”






And this is my favourite picture!!!

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