Top 2000 (#1844 – #1519)


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Here are the layouts ordered by number…
(remember you can click on the image to enlarge for a better view)

#1723 Kodachrome – Paul Simon

Made by Chris Aiton

#1702 Samen zijn – Willeke Alberti

Made by MirjamC

#1698 Little Sister – Elvis Presley

Made by Lena

#1683 Walking in Memphis – Marc Cohn

Made by Marit (that’s me)

#1680 Hey there Delilah – Plain White T’s

Made by Michelle LePoint Rydell

#1587 Lay Down (Candles in the Wind) –
Melanie & Edwin Hawkins Singers

Made by Jeanet Kuiper

When new layouts come flying in my mailbox about songs that will be played
this day (Dec. 26 – see the numbers in the post-title) I will add them here!

The *** at the top of the post indicate the number of layouts in this post,
and I will add a * as soon as a new layout is added.
After all, these are “living posts”

Don’t hesitate to play along! You’re all very welcome!!!

The post with layouts for December 27 will be published
at 12 midnight (Dutch time)

Thanks again for looking and playing along!
And don’t forget…
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