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(If you want to play along, read this post for details )

Here are the layouts ordered by number…
(remember you can click on the image to enlarge for a better view)

#1468 Turn turn turn
(to everything there is a season) – Byrds

Made by Jeanet

#1431 Paperback writer – Beatles

Made by Marit (that’s me) with Cynthia “technicolor postcards girl” in mind.

#1424 On the Beach – Chris Rea

Made by Lena

#1323  Stuck in the Middle With You –
Stealers Wheel

Made by Nout (YESSSS, my son is playing along!!! Thanks hon!)

#1234  Wonderful World – James Morisson

Made by Michelle LaPoint Rydell

When new layouts come flying in my mailbox about songs that will be played
this day (Dec. 27 – see the numbers in the post-title) I will add them!

The *** at the top of the post indicates the number of layouts in this post,
and I will add a * as soon as a new layout is extra added.
After all, these are “living posts”

Don’t hesitate to play along! You’re all very welcome!!!

The post with layouts for December 28 will be published
at 12 midnight (Dutch time)

Thanks again for looking and playing along!
And don’t forget…
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Je t’embrasse

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8 Responses to “Top 2000 (#1518 – #1205)”

  • gudrun Says:

    This is an awesome idea, Marit. Love the LOs 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year! HUGS

  • Chris Says:

    I so love these but I just didn’t have any time or my studio to work in – hopefully tomorrow.

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    EEK! Sorry I’m late! I took a nap and it turned into a long one! I’m almost done with my layout and will get it to you very soon.

    All the layouts for today look BEAUTIFUL!!! So fun to see everyone’s interpretations of the music!

  • Marit Says:

    No problem at all Michelle… a girl has to sleep too! I add layouts that come in late immediately to this post and add a little star (*) at the top of my post. There’s timedifferences and busy lifes… so it doesn’t matter how early or late you all send your work,
    just play along and HAVE FUN this week!!!

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wat een super gaaf werk van iedereen!!! de kerstdagen zijn weer voorbij (gelukkig)…dus nu heb ik weer wat tijd voor mijzelf, ga gauw weer een nummer uitzoeken om over te scrappen 🙂 🙂

  • marsha. Says:

    Apparently I’ve spend the last week under a rock or something because I’ve only just discovered this cool thing that you are doing!!! I’m not sure if I can make a page a day, but I will definitely come back to see all the wonderful updates!!!

  • Viv Says:

    Wat een gave Lootjes hebben jullie weer gemaakt, kan helaas geen tijd maken met jullie mee te doen maar ik vind het wel leuk om elke dag even te komen kijken 🙂

  • Cynthia Says:

    Oh Marit that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sweet Friend. I am so inspired by your little project. I have decided to scrap a few songs from this last year 🙂