Reflections on past and future
(and a sneak!)

Last week, a lot of resolutions and “words of the year” popped up
on a lot of blogs, and that got me wondering…
Should I make resolutions?
Should I pick a word of the year?
Will it help me focus?

You sure got me thinking and reflecting girls!


The past year was my first year of blogging (I started November 2008)
and I look back on it with a smile.

Since a few years, “black clouds seems to circle my house” (as Glenda puts it –
thanks for those words, it’s hard for me to find the right way to describe
things sometimes, and when I read this, I go “Yeah, that’s the way to say it”!)
Anyway, that was one of the reasons I started blogging…
I wanted to do something “nice” to get my mind off of the problems and find
some happiness and joy. I never thought I’d find it in such HUGE way!
I grew taller, I became more confident, I made a lot of friends, I learned that
creating is an outlet that fits me best and I SMILED more.

And now that a new year has started, with new opportunities
(I come back to that later… you didn’t forget about my workshop did ya?)
and adventures, I decided that – more than anything else – this is important.


So call it a word, call it a resolution, call it anything you want but this is what
I want to do more in 2010: live my life with more light and sunshine, colour
and fun and smiles (and who knows, even laughter!)

I don’t want to have grey thoughts about everything anymore, especially when
it comes to things I can’t change anyway.
I want to look at the bright things in life and approach people with more trust.

YOU, ONLINE FRIENDS, made me stronger last year, so THANK YOU!!!
I’m looking forward to spend 2010 with you all again: creating, learning,
laughing, enjoying ourselves and support and help each other when we
are down and out….

OK, and that’s enough for “deep thoughts”
On to the future…

(by the way, did you notice the name I gave it? 
I must have foreseen my feelings for 2010!)

“Let it Loose” starts
in a few weeks already
– time flies –
and I thought I’d treat you
with another sneak peek.

Colours, see those
We definitely are going
to play with colours!

(By the way:
On my site – in the 
“public gallery” –
you can view more
sneak peeks of
this workshop.)


Registration is still open if you’re interested.
You can find all the information on my site Marit’s Scrapworld

And this is it for today.
(No, wait – one other thing: I won the December challenge
at Scrap {a} Tale Yeah!)
But no new layouts to show you this time… sorry.
Maybe next Friday, when I will be here picking up the
“freewheeling Fridays” again. See you then.

(And have a save week with all that snow and ice –
it seems to be snowing all over the world…)

Je t’embrasse

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13 Responses to “Reflections on past and future
(and a sneak!)”

  • Jeanet Says:

    Jaaa, nog een paar weekjes!Ik heb er heel veel zin,toevallig net geblogd?!(hoe schrijf je dat nu weer) hierover ;
    Ik vind je woord,voornemen of hoe je het wil noemen inderdaad helemaal geweldig!Ik ben al lang bezig om geen energie te stoppen in dingen die je toch niet kunt veranderen..zonde van het leven 🙂
    Die sneaks zien er echt gaaf uit Marit!Heel erg bedankt voor je kaartje en het deel van de Top 2000…super!Ga hem in mijn journal gebruiken..en WOW..wat heb je een prachtig handschrift!!!Ga je mij dat ook leren 😉

  • Chris Says:

    What a lovely post to read this morning with my coffee. It’s been a treat meeting you via SIS and blogs, and I always look forward to your insights and your creations. Congrats on the win! It’s very cold here today (we broke the record this morning) so I am going to stay inside and paint all day, make some soup in the afternoon, and cuddle up this evening on the couch and read. Have a great day!

  • Cynthia Says:

    Smile, I love it. Blogging is such a joy!!!! I agree and has made such a impact in my life too. There is just something beautiful about documenting life and that creative journey.

  • Thinkie Says:

    Smiling is definately a good thing. I actually read somewhere recently that smiling actually makes your brain think you’re happy and then you really feel happier. Or something like that, can’t find the article.
    Congrats on that challenge!

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wat een prachtige post marit!!!
    ben zo benieuwd naar de workshop, de sneaks zien er in ieder geval al veel belovend uit!
    super alweer een challenge gewonnen 🙂 dus binnenkort weer happy mail 🙂
    enne ik “SMILE” met je mee hoor!

  • Kimberly Says:

    What a lovely post…made my heart smile!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Amber Zimmerman Says:

    I just love your word for the year. What a fun and happy word. That inspires me! =) Hope you have a super year.

  • Jill Says:

    “Smile” is an awesome word — so perfect for a forward-thinking perspective!

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    Mooi gezegd Marit!
    Hope you smile a lot this year 🙂

    Die workshop is echt iets voor mij (vandaar ook mijn inschrijving…)
    Het idee dat iedere layout “perfect moet zijn” achterwege laten. Wil dit jaar veel meer gaan scrappen en dan is “let it loose” zeker van toepassing 🙂

  • Jocelyn Says:

    What a great word sweet friend…SMILE!!! Just seeing that word makes me happy!!! It is so wonderful to hear that the blogging world has had such an impact on you…it has on me also!!!

    Wishing you a week filled with smiles!!!! 🙂

  • dani Says:

    I love all the ways blogging helps you – I agree, I love keeping my blog and growing with it. It’s turned out to be such an amazing tool in my life! Now if only I could get back into a normal posting groove, lol, soon soon!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Glad to part of your blog world. I certainly have enjoyed reading your words or seeing your creativity.

    Wishing you a wonderful year full of SMILES.

    PS – I will be signing up for your class soon.

  • Maja Says:

    Als ik deze post van je lees denk ik dat we aardig wat gemeen hebben.Jij kunt het alleen beter verwoorden dan ik. Je top 2000 kaartje sure made me smile !!!!