Freewheelin’ Friday (#5)

When I woke up last Wednesday morning – it was still early –  I decided
to give myself a “day off.” Oooh, it felt so good!
I did the grocery shopping early in the morning, and I even let a man
with his one gallon of milk precede at the pay desk when he asked me to…
well, “asked” is not the right word ’cause he was deaf and spoke with that
strange voice deaf people do… he didn’t even speak really – he just tapped
me on the shoulder, pointed at his milk and roared “Me, now?”
I usually dislike people who use their handicap to get things done from others
but I was in such a good mood…


Even the snow couldn’t spoil my day!
I put on my big boots (2 Lbs each!) a thick winter coat, my gloves and a shawl
and took the bus into town. I almost danced (almost… I didn’t very well with
boots that heavy) to my favourite store… the “artists store”.
Because the “Design Academy” houses in Eindhoven, this city has a big store
for artists and it sells just about anything your heart desires!
Paper, paint and lots and lots of other stuff you better not lay your eyes
on or you’ll come home with a bag full of materials and an empty purse.

I bought me the most wonderful aquarelle paper and some chipboard to make
a new art journal to start the “Artful Amblings” in. (I participate in 
A Year in the Life of an Art Journal) And of course – I couldn’t help myself – 
I bought two amazing journaling pens. One black pen (“Stylo refill”) contains
really black ink and I’m totally in love with the way it writes. (it’s not a
permanent marker though, it’s not fit to use on painted backgrounds)
When I asked the store employee about white markers, she got all enthusiastic
about one particular brand (the people working in that store are all artists
themselves) so I had to buy that one too – she was very persuading 😉
It’s a “Marabu – brilliant painter” and it’s not ink but paint in there… you have
to shake and pump to get the paint running, but the effect is amazing!

I went home at the end of the afternoon. 
Coming out of the store, I zipped my coat too high and injured my lip
(yes, it was that cold and the zipper goes that high!) There was blood, but 
the nice lady in the store had packed my precious paper in plastic so no
damage was done there. I dapped my lip with a paper towel and the freezing
cold made the bleeding stop. The bus was over crowded because of the bad
weather (it had started to snow again) and the bus driver was cantankerous.
He drove too fast and hit the breaks too heavy which made the people in the
bus swing and fall on each others lap… but you know what? 
I still was in a good mood!

When I came home, my beloved poured me a glass of wine and then gave me
the big box that arrived in the mail when I was away… OH MY GOSH!!!
It was the prize I won over at Scrap {a} Tale

Kimberly filled the
box from top ’till
look at this!!! 
Different patterned
papers, embellies,
journaling tags,
rubons, alpha’s,
I couldn’t believe
my eyes! Thank
you so much


I started making my art journal the next morning.
I cut the aquarelle sheets in 12 pieces and folded those in half, which left me
with 24 pages of 9 x 10 inch (23 x 25 cm) for the 24 prompts to come.


I tore some pages
(about art) out of
an old encyclopedia
to cover the
The title is sprayed 
using my Tim Holtz
alphabet mask.
I took my favourite
alpha stamps to
stamp the subtitle,
and coloured the
letters with markers.


The back of the
journal looks
similar: a bit of
spraying and my
name stamped.
I used chipboard
numbers that
came in Kimberly’s
parcel to add 2010.
This journal will last
the whole year!



I bound it all
together using
the coptic book
binding technique.




This technique 
leaves such a
lovely side view!





Today, the first prompt will be up at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
and I’m ready to rock!!!

Have a rockin’ weekend too, y’ all!! 

Je t’embrasse!

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30 Responses to “Freewheelin’ Friday (#5)”

  • Lisa Dickinson Says:

    Sounds like a perfect day to me! And your art journal is looking AMAZING!!!

  • jessica Says:

    wonderful post Marit! Love that covers of you art journal…they are done in true Marit style and I love them! I am looking forward to seeing all your beautiful creations!

  • Sasha Says:

    Very cool art journal! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Jeannie Says:

    Marit! I’m so glad you had such a great day! 🙂 I was just clearing out my email and realized how many times you have commented on my blog! Thank you SO much. I love them each time I read them, but seeing them all together made me realize how grateful I am for you! 🙂 Your blog is beautiful, and so inspirational. Thanks for all you do Marit!

  • Maja Says:

    Je art journal ziet er prachtig uit, Marit. Mooie techniek ! Ik ga niet mee doen met A Year in the life of an art journal maar zeker wel regelmatig een kijkje nemen. Alvast wat inspiratie op doen voor Let it loose. Ik verheug me er erg op !!Auw,, ik hoop dat je lip beter is..

  • cynthia Says:

    beautiful my friend, just beautiful 🙂 glad to hear about your day 🙂 And it stayed a good one 🙂

  • Houston Says:

    I love your art journal! Hope your lip is doing better and that you have an equally happy weekend!

  • Fauve Says:

    Sounds like a fab day! Besides the lip accident…
    Art is looking good, i love looking at art journals.

  • Denise Says:

    Mmm…new pens and shopping for art supplies! Haven’t done that in a while…I’ll say it here again, your art journal is off to an amazing start! So inspiring…

  • amy Says:

    lovely art….and what a great pile of goodies to enjoy!!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Glad to hear you in such a good mood. Great pens. i am a little jealous. Will have to wait until payday to get some more pens. Love your art journal. Can’t wait to see you fill it up.
    Stay warm.

  • Lena Says:

    Dit gaat zeker een heeeel mooi boek worden meis!! De kaft vind ik prachtig en de manier van inbinden… wow, daar wil ik wel eens meer van weten!! Ben trouwens ook zeer benieuwd naar die “witte” pen. De mijne was op (of moet ik zeggen “leeg”?) en heb bij Pipoos een nieuwe gewone gelpen gekocht maar of ik daar nou zo supertevreden over ben…???
    Heb een goed weekend!!

  • Angèle Says:

    Ben heel benieuwd naar deze winkel Marit!
    Je art-journal ziet er al goed uit! Veel plezier ermee!
    Ook voor jou een heel fijn weekend, Angèle

  • lisa truesdell Says:

    yay for happy days and happy prizes! =)

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    I love your description of your day! I can just see you ambling about over there on the other side of the world! How fun! Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your art journal! That is sooooo fabulous! Your binding is so neat-looking and your misting is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you do with the first prompt! I’m thinking about mine too…

  • Viv Says:

    Ha Marit, je hebt me nu wel heel erg benieuwd gemaakt naar de Design Academy winkel!
    Ga zo meteen maar eens googlen, want met jouw workshop in het vooruitzicht heb ik natuurlijk een goede reden om daar eens langs te gaan 🙂

    Je art journal ziet er echt te gek uit, mijn handen zijn nu echt aan het jeuken om aan de slag te gaan!

    Fijn weekend, groetjes Viv

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wat een prachtig verslag van je dag, erg leuk om te lezen 🙂 🙂 🙂 en die prijs die je gewonnen hebt is echt super, wat een hoop spullen!!!
    Je art journal ziet er gaaf uit!!!
    fijn weekend!!!

  • gudrun Says:

    Your artjournal looks SO beautiful. So glad you had a wonderful day off, Marit. 🙂

  • Bethany Says:

    Hi! I’m so glad you liked my video. It is funny that you ask how I got over my nerves because I didn’t really have any. I’m normally extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera and HATE seeing my pics, but I somehow separated myself when I was videoing and was able to see myself in a more neutral light. What is really funny is I actually liked what I saw when I did that. It made me realize that I look better than I thought and I’m a pretty fun person. 🙂 I hope that you have that experience too!

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    Your books looks awesome Marit and I can hardly wait to see your taken on the first challenge! I need to find some time to work on mine!!! Never enough time is there??

  • iris Says:

    Jee Marit wat een verhaal zeg! En wat een goed humeur! Moest (sorry) even lachen om je lip…niet dat je je bezeerd had hoor, maar hoe je het dan ook weer verteld hè! Ik zag het helemaal voor me.
    Je nieuwe artjournal ziet er super gaaf uit zeg! WOW! Wat een sprayinkt-talent ben je zeg. Mijn flesjes staan hier nog steeds, ongeopend, sinds de SAL, in de kast. Dat is dus al bijna een jaar hè….
    Ben erg benieuwd naar al het moois dat erin gaat komen!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow..Marit jij had wel een super goed humeur 😉 stuur even wat deze kant op 😉 (mijn oog ziet er niet uit en wordt steeds dikker,een voorproefje op hoe ik er over jaren uit ga zien wellicht ;0 )
    Wat een gave winkel zeg,klinkt super!En gave aankopen.Ik vind je art journal cover helemaal fantastisch!!Erg creatief en artsy!Die binding is zo mooi!
    Ik ben vandaag ook even bezig geweest met de cover en de prompt,zo ontzettend leuk om mee te doen.Het wordt een artsy jaar 😉

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    Always fun spending a day with you Marit! Who knew going for art supplies could result in blood shed! You sure where in a great mood to let nothing bother you whatsoever! Your journal pages looks super and that new white pen works beautifully too! I was going to play along with the journal prompts too, but started trying to clean up my art supplies and OMGoodness, it’s like stirring a hornet’s nest! Hope to bring some order because I want to play!!

  • Rian Says:

    Leuk blog om te lezen !
    en Phew…wat beheers jij die Engelse taal toch goed Marit ! (moest ik écht ffkes kwijt 🙂
    Waar zit die winkel trouwens in Eindhoven ?
    Ik ben wel ooit eens bij Pipo’s (ofzoiets) binnen gelopen, gewoon om ‘ns wat te neuzelen maar over welke shop heb jij ‘t ?
    Dus je loopt nu niet met een pruil-lipke door ‘t leven ?? (geintje)
    En proficiat met je 1e prijs. Zal vast dik verdiend zijn !!

  • Danielle Says:

    Oh Darlin’!! it sounds like you had the most delightful day!!! I love days like that. they just dont happen often enough do they?

    I totally want to go check out this “year in the life” thing. I LOVE my journaling, in my pretty pink book with plenty of pages ripped out to make room for my “stuff”. but I am interested in checking this out!! am I too late? Maybe you can write to me and let me know!!


  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    Hi Marit, I have the link to the place where I get those funky stamps on my blog, it’s called Viva Las Vegas stamps. Here’s the link again:
    They have a 44% off sale right now so if you need the code let me know! I’m placing an order this week!!!! mmmmaaawwwwaaa!

  • Yyam Says:

    Hey Marit!

    What a day you had! Bummer about the lip though but I love days when nothing kills your jolly good mood! 🙂

    I just bought my art journal…intending to participate in A year in the life of an art journal too! How fun! Your cover looks great!

  • Thinkie Says:

    Je journal ziet er mooi uit! Fijn dat je een leuke dag hebt! En we mogen hier natuurlijk allemaal meegenieten van het moois dat je maakt met je nieuwe spullen 😉

  • Thinkie Says:

    hebt gehad, bedoel ik!

  • Peggy Schenkels Says:

    Dat doet me eraan denken dat ik nog goede pennen moet gaan kopen!! De mijne werken ook niet goed op verf. Hihi, heb ik een excuus om nog eens naar mijn nieuw ontdekte “art” winkel te gaan, alleen spijtig voor mijn portemonnee!!

    Je boek ziet er goed uit! Weet je misschien een link naar een site waar de “coptic book binding technique” duidelijk uitgelegd wordt?

    Liefs xxx Peggy