Do you want to know a secret?

Then you should hop on over to Seth’s..

Today’s secret on Seth’s blog … Open House!
Everyone can leave a comment today, and share their “secrets”.


Join The Altered Page every Sunday for “Secret Sunday.”
Here the secrets of all your favorite artists will be revealed.
It could be a technique, a product, a secret source, a little-known
website, a hidden shop, an inspiration, just about anything!
If you missed any, no worries.
You can find links to all the secrets on the sidebar of my blog.”

I visited his place every “Secret Sunday” ’till now and I tell you:
that place crackles and vibrates from inspiration and I learned
a lot of “secrets” from all kinds of artists!
Today, I collaborate in his project and I share this “secret” with you:

Buy secondhand dictionaries and encyclopedias!

Look for those at flea markets, garage sales or at the library
(most libraries sell their old and written off books for next to nothing!)
Use the pages as a background, tear out parts that you like, highlight
some words and use it!

Here’s two examples of how I used dictionary pages in my art. 

(More pictures of this page are here on my blog)


(More pictures of this page are here on my blog)


Visit The Altered Page and learn more secrets – or share one yourself!
I wish you all a happy Sunday!

Je t’embrasse!

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