Warning!: long post and lots of photo’s!

I received two awards last week, given to me by three lovely ladies!
WOW, it feels so good to be loved!

I got this award from AnneMarie (MommyVictory)
I met her through her brother (the one with the “A to Z photo blog” –
which hasn’t been updated in a long time by the way…)
She’s a scrapbooker and a student in my workshop.

Thanks for the award AnneMarie!

And now for the rules (yep, there always are rules…)

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
  2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
  3. Link the person’s blog who nominated you for this award.
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
  5. Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers.
  6. Post a link to the 7 you nominated.
  7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know
    they have been nominated.

And for my 7 interesting things… I’ve done this two times before but that was
a long time ago (when I didn’t have that much followers) so I picked the facts
from former posts , but the ones that follow my blog longer maybe remember
(some of) these…

  1. I don’t like going on vacation! I rather stay home, sit in my garden –
    reading, or inside the house – scrapping. The only “vacation” I like is
    visiting my parents and hometown in Zeeland. I traveled quite a bit in
    my life though, and have been to a lot of countries (as well in Europe –
    Spain, France, Great Britain, Scotland – as further away – India, Curacao)
    The only trip I really loved was the one with my best friend Lena to
    Scotland, a few years ago.
  2. Actually, I don’t like little children.
    They only become interesting to me when they reach the age when you
    can talk reason with them.
  3. When I was little (about 8 years old) I wanted to become a professional
    football player or a radio operator on a ship – I was really mad when I
    found out “that’s not for girls”. I call myself feminist ever since.
  4. I CAN’T STAND amusement parks. I hate Disneyland
    (been in “Disneyland Paris) or any other of those places.
    Too crowdy, too noisy, too much bling bling, too commercial, too
    expensive, too much “TOO”…!

    (Aaaahhhh, I know – you don’t find my list interesting at all!
    Ya’re only reading this ’cause you’re looking for a juicy secret,
    aren’t you?!)

  5. I got my first kiss at 15 in a discotheque. While kissing, I thought
    something like: ”this will be a moment to remember my whole life, so
    let’s listen to the music that’s playing right now to go with the memory”.
    And so I concentrated on the song that was playing – I shouldn’t have
    done that! It was “A Whole Lot a Rosie” by AC/DC..

    (Not juicy enough you say? Bad luck!
    This is the juiciest you’re gonna get!)

  6. If I could sing (which I can’t!) I would love to sing Country music!
    Not that I like that music in particular, but it must be sooo satisfying to
    sing “with a cry in your voice” (I would start with the ultimate
    man/love/hate song “Stand by your man”! I adore this sentence:
    “… ’cause after all, he’s just a man”)
  7. If I want to, I can interfere in my dreams! I read about it when I was 16,
    and I wanted to know how to do that too. It takes practice and it is hard
    to explain how I do it (and I haven’t done it in a long time) but I CAN
    change my dream in my dream; knowing that I’m dreaming while
    dreaming and send the dream to another direction without waking up.

(Nominations for this award are at the end of this post)

This next award I got from both Iris and Maja – Dutch ladies.

I met Iris on the “Scrap-a-licious” weekend in Veghel (can’t believe that’s
almost a year ago!) and we follow each others blogs ever since.
Iris is pregnant of her second child and in the middle of reorganising
her house… Hang in there Iris!

I met Maja on SIStv a few Months ago and she just started blogging.
I was in fact the first one to comment on her blog! She played along with
my top 2000 week last December and she’s also a student in my workshop.

Thanks ladies, for the happy award!!!

For the rules: I have to give this award to three other bloggers
and name 10 things that I like and/or make me happy.

Because it would be a lot of text for one post, I will “enlighten”
my 10 things with happy little pictures.


My men, having fun together.


Being with my family (this is an old photo and I used it because
my brother is on this one. He lives far away in Canada now..




Being with my best friend Lena.
We know each other since childhood,
she’s my very, very dear heart friend!


The beach in Zeeland.


Blogging and visiting other artist’s blogs.




My garden in the summer.


Lighting some candles at night.


Last but not least: my community and online workshop, and
the fact that I have 17 (!) lovely and talented students in my
first workshop group!!!! (The 18th is me of course…)

I’m curious what “interesting facts” these ladies – I don’t know them
very well yet – come up with, so The Kreative Blog award goes to
these 7 other bloggers:

And the happy award goes to bloggers that make me happy!
This one’s for:

See you all again on Friday.
Je t’embrasse!

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20 Responses to “Awards”

  • Ally Says:

    Wow, thanks! I’ve never received a blog award before! How sweet!

  • Jocelyn Says:

    Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful award!!!! You make me Happy toooooo!!!

    Have a great day filled with smiles!!! 🙂

  • Chris Says:

    Love this posting – it’s like little snippets of your life, all the photos and favs. I know your class will be awesome and that everyone will learn and be inspired by your instruction. Have a great week!

  • Cynthia Says:

    what a fun post 🙂 Marit love ya girl 🙂 It was too funny to read about the dream thing. I stumbled onto to something about that recently 🙂 so fascinating. you deserve all the sweet rewards you get my friend!!!!

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    Really fun reading and seeing more of you dear Marit! I enjoy these awards, but never participate (party pooper ;))
    My youngest son is 21 … will he ever listen to reason !!!

  • merryheart2 Says:

    hello Marit. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me an award. as soon as my hubby gets home tonight i will post the award and facts. i have been watching my grandson for my daughter who recently is separated and just got a job. it’s totally fun, but i spend all the day giving him my undivided attention. the cleaning and scrapping and blogging are left for evenings. (unless he down for a {quick} nap). LOL
    i am so loving the class and can’t wait for the next prompt.

  • Jeanet Says:

    Prachtige post Marit!! Super leuke foto’s and interessante weetjes… A Whole lot o Rosie…grappig 😉 in elk geval WEET jij het liedje nog!!! Super leuk om te lezen!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Fun things to learn about you. I can change my dreams too. I love it.

  • Soraya Says:

    Wow… thanks Marit for the award. So I like to thank my husband for supporting me, and my cat….. oeps… it’s not that kind of award LOL 😉
    Thanks for sharing those interesting (and juicy) details about yourself! Let’s try it myself… Hug, Soraya x

  • Colleen Says:

    These are always so much fun in getting insight into people! Thanks for sharing! Some great pics!

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wat een leuke weetjes over jou en happy foto’s!!!

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    I loved reading all those interesting things about you Marit!! I was laughing at alot of them, you are so neat! I’m also happy you didn’t nominate me because I never follow through on those awards! haha Hey, guess what I got today??? MY STAMPS!!!! I am going to take a pic and post on my blog tonight. I am super pumped and can hardly wait to see which ones you got!!!

  • Patricia Says:

    Thank you, Marit. My first award! LOL! Hmmm, I don’t know that I’m that interesting, but I’ll play along and do my list too. I loved reading your list, not boring at all!


  • Peggy Schenkels Says:

    Gefeliciteerd met je awards Marit! Wat een leuke post, ik heb ervan genoten wat kleine dingetjes van jou te weten te komen.
    xxx Peggy

  • Julie Says:

    thanks for the award love….i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that AC/DC was playing during your first kiss!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Viv Says:

    haha, ik moet lachen om je feitjes 🙂 Wel leuk om te lezen! Gefeliciteerd met de awards en ik moet bekennen dat ik alweer met smart zit te wachten op de volgende opdracht voor mijn journal.

  • Danielle Says:

    Good for you Marit!! You deserve awards! You are a fabulous person!!

    I actually have a post about MEN on my blog. idiots, no offense!!

    and I love the picture of your men! they seem so happy!! and you at the art table. I think pictures are far more delightful than words!!

  • Broer Says:

    Hmmmmm, was dat de beste foto die je kon vindem?? LOL, Kus. Broer

  • Jenneke Says:

    Zie ik ineens dat ik nog geen commentaar heb achter gelaten hier, terwijl ik wel met heel veel plezier je post heb gelezen!! Wat leuk om al die dingen van je te lezen, met zoveel humor opgeschreven!
    En natuurlijk heel hartelijk dank voor je award!! Ben blij dat ik je ‘happy’ maak! Doe je mij ook hoor, met deze ‘beloning’ en vooral met je geweldige workshop!!!

    Fijne dag!


  • Anne G-I Says:

    Thanks Marit – what a nice surprise. Here is my post fulfilling the first part of the rules: