Freewheelin’ Friday (#8)

Yesterday I changed form Internet Explorer to Fire Fox, and I noticed right
away that my blogposts didn’t look the way they were supposed to look…
Of course I was aware of the problems with layouts that stagger on
different browsers (*sigh* each web designer knows this) but I’m not the
“expert in da house” and when it came to problems like that in the past,
I usually yelled “Help!” and than the expert came running and helped me
out every time.

But now that I notice my OWN blogposts go jump up and down, and shows
text on places I don’t want to have it – I’m afraid I will have to give in
to something I kept away for such a long time…
I will have to learn more html-code myself!
As if I have nothing else on my mind right now…

But I will learn it. I promise. The expert will teach me. My private teacher.
And I will practise. I will. I promise.
I want to learn at least enough code to give my blogposts the look I want it
to have on EVERY computer. Until then, no text next to the pics anymore.
Sorry for those who were used to that, and hooray for those who used Fire Fox
all along and always looked at the strangest things on my blog – and puzzled
over which words belonged to which photo.

Having that said, let’s move on to something more fun, shall we?

INSPIRATION!!!! Where do you get it from?
For me, inspirations is everywhere – love your blog title Michelle 😉 –
and I want to show you a bit of inspiration I found last week…

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I knew this artist and architect from my art history classes long ago, and I
recognized the style when I saw this picture in a magazine right away
(and all kinds of facts came to mind… good to know my brain still works
and I haven’t forgotten ALL I learned back then!)

This is The Hundertwasser house in Plochingen

But this time my eye was drawn to a detail… look at that mosaic!
Now THAT’S inspirational! And yep… I used it!

This is a detail of the page I’m working on right now for “One Year in the Life
of an Art Journal”. I will finish the page this weekend and publish it next week.

I made two Music ATC’s too this week.
The songs I made these for are not particular “faves” of mine –
I had the images first and found these texts/songs to go with it.

“Lovers in Japan” – Coldplay

I had already glued a “paper” on the back to fill out my info.
After I did the stitching I thought it looked nice so I let it stay this way.

“A Woman’s Worth” – Alicia Keys

And that’s it for ME being creative…
The “students” at my workshop were creative too and with so many
talented ladies in one group it’s very inspirational and a lot of fun!!
If you want to see work they made using prompts from my workshop,
go to my website and take a look at the public gallery.

Work from students will be exposed as we go, so the gallery will
slowly become filled with lovely art. Check it out regularly!

And there’s a lady in my group who just wrote her 100st post on
her blog… there’s a give-a-way too, so if you’re in for something
GOOD go say HI to Mirjam!

And now I’m on my way to do the weekend grocery shopping…
Have a happy weekend and see ya all soon.

Je t’embrasse

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18 Responses to “Freewheelin’ Friday (#8)”

  • Amy Coose Says:

    Wow, your post is so inspiring, first with the learning of more computer stuff, which is something I need to do, and then with the gorgeous artwork. Thanks for all of it!

  • Peggy Schenkels Says:

    Love the ATC’s Marit, and I’m really curious to see that AYITLOAAJ page in full, that mosaic looks fab!

    hihi, as I’m typing this, I receive an email notification that you commented on my blog … ain’t that funny, we’re obviously reading each other’s blog at the same time … and just so you know, the Mount Everest is still standing strong hahahaha. However, that’s because I’m doing something right now I like even less then ironing … sorting out my papers and paying all my bills :(((
    xxx Peggy

  • Jeanet Says:

    Super mooie ATC’s Marit!En inspiratie haal ik eigenlijk ook uit alles.
    Knap hoor dat je dat allemaal gaat leren,maar goed zón goeie prive leraar hebben we helaas niet allemaal…dus dat gaat wel goed komen,ik kan het weten 😉
    Wat een prachtig mozaiek, ben benieuwd naar de hele page! Ik heb steeds een soort quilt in mijn hoofd dat moet ik gewoon een keer gaan doen op een art journal page…zie,inspiratie is overal 😉
    Ben ook heel benieuwd naar je stempels!

  • Chris Says:

    I recently switched from Explorer to Firefox and love it – there were lots of sites where I could not view photos through Explorer – I don’t remember that I thought yours looked strange on FF. I am always inspired when I read your blog – just love all the ideas and creations you present. have a great weekend!

  • lisa truesdell Says:

    beautiful pieces!!

    and computers.. they’re frustrating, aren’t they??

  • jessica Says:

    I am loving these friday posts of your Marit….really look forward to reading them. I am totally in love with your ATCs…they came out beautiful. Especially that stitching on the first one! Very cool!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • Broer Says:

    Geniet van je weekend, en ga boodschappen doen NA het eten, dat bespaard geld!!! LOL
    Kus, Broer

  • Linda Says:

    I love you Marit! Kisssssses! Those will be up soon!! Thanks again!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Great use of inspiration. I also loved the stitching on the ATCs. So many ideas running through my head need to find the time and energy to get it on paper.

  • Thinkie Says:

    Having to learn code is something that comes with having your own domain. I don’t know a lot of HTML but just the little I know makes it so much easier to manage my homepage and blog! I can write simple code and adapt much of the more dificult stuff to my liking. And for something more difficult like PHP and databases I have my own expert (and a back-up one) 😉
    Great atc’s!

  • Mirjamc Says:

    hoi marit, ten eerste bedankt voor het vermelden van mijn 100e post en je lieve berichtje!!!!
    ik ben erg benieuwd naar je lo voor ‘one year…, de mozaiek ziet er al prachtig uit (ik ben zelf helemaal weg van hundertwasser!) en je atc’s zijn super!!!
    ben net terug van een paar fijne dagen bij mijn ouders en kan morgen eindelijk aan les#2 beginnen…ik heb vanalles in mijn hoofd,maar nu nog op papier 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Angèle Says:

    We hebben in onze gemeente ook een ‘Hundertwasser’ gebouw. Ik ben een mozaïekliefhebber, heb het zelf ook een paar jaartjes gedaan, maar het was te zwaar; het knippen. Toen ontdekte ik scrapbooking!
    Je ATC’s zijn prachtig mooi Marit!
    Ik heb nog leuk werk liggen vandaag en aangezien Jan reparatie-werk gaat uitvoeren…denk ik dat ik me terugtrek… boven in mijn hobbykamer! Geen straf!

    Fijne zondag, Angèle

  • helen Says:

    Hi Marit, love the lettering on the second ATC, and of course the stitching on the first! Would like to know how you did the mosaic, too x

  • Viv Says:

    Ik gebruik al jaren Fire Fox als web browser en heb nooit iets geks gezien hoor, Marit! Ik dacht dat het zo hoorde.

    Gave ATC`s heb je gemaakt, vandaag ga ik `masken` heb er nu al zin in…..

  • merryheart2 Says:

    hi Marit
    i’ve been stopping by during my free time to read your blog. i love it. your work is fabulous. i’m so glad Jocelyn told me about your class. i’m having such a fun time.
    i love the ATC’s. i love that you drew your inspiration from that mosaic tiled house. very cool. i need to practice keeping my mind and eyes open to seeing things in a different perspective.

  • Yyam Says:

    Heehee..I’ve been trying to just use what’s available instead of doing my own coding..because I really dislike programming.. 🙂
    I’m inspired by decor… 🙂
    Glad your class is going well Marit!

  • Maja Says:

    Je ATC’s zien er weer geweldig uit net als de mozaiek op je sneakje. Ben benieuwd hoe het er uit zal zien als het af is .Ik ga gauw kijken naar de nieuwe opdracht, daar ben ik nl ook heeeeeel benieuwd naar.

  • Danielle Says:

    You artist!! Your work only gets better each time I come here!!

    Love those ATC’s. why do you have to have “songs” with them? but they are beautiful. love them.