Freewheelin’ Friday (#9)

I’m hooked!
I’m hooked on art journaling and ever since Glenda mentioned the online
store “VivaLasVegaStamps” I’m hooked on that too!
Look what came in the mail this week…

After I ordered these stamps, they arrived within a week!
All the way from Vegas! Now THAT’S some service! Wohwee!!!

It’s that I’m on a budget, otherwise I’d buy more, and more, and more of these
beauty’s! I spend quite some time on their site, drooling over all the gorgeous
stamps, giggling over some text-stamps (“Elvis is dead and I’m not feeling
too good myself”) and narrowing down my “first choice” in stamps to a
reasonable amount (my first choice would have cost me $180)
I’m totally in love with the “running lady” (the big stamp on the left) and she
reminds me of my friend Lenny!!! Aaaah, dear Lenny (bonjour ma belle!)

I met Lenny when I was twenty, and we shared the second floor of a house
for almost a year. We lived in a “girls house” and there was a lot of giggling and
hairdressing and “what colour lipstick does match with my dress you think?”
and swapping clothes going on in there! Downstairs lived two girls, sharing a
kitchen and bathroom, and upstairs it was the domain of Lenny and me.
On Saturday nights we all dressed up to go into town. It was only a 10 minute
walk to get to the “place to be” where the terraces (and the party people) were
but sometimes the four of us ordered a big, fat taxi and we let it drive to that
place – the chauffeur would open the doors for us right in front of the crowded
terrace and we would make an entrance like I never did again in my life…
oh it was such fun!
I remember our little kitchen in the front of the house where Lenny and I
spend hours sitting at the little “fifties table” (a triangle shaped table with
three legs – remember those?) discussing the “facts of life” – and we looked
at our little corner closet with glass in front, where we kept our collection
of “fifties kitchen items” (we brought those home from our raids to flea
markets and second hand stores) She was a fan of Marilyn Monroe and
we loved to dress up in tight skirts, high heels and fifties “twinsets”.

No wonder that stamp brought it all back…

Before I sound like a real old lady, musing over the old days – let me show
you what I made this week. This is a tiny mini album for my aunt’s birthday.
She lives near the sea and loves everything about it, so I focussed on sea
and shells and used poems (haiku’s) written by my mum for the journaling.
(My mum’s a poet and writer – lots of children books with her name on it –
and you can find her website here)

And of course I HAD to play with my new stamps!!!
When I saw the “shooting girl” a song came to mind, so I used that stamp
to make another ATC for “ATC the Music

Nancy Sinatra – “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”

And with this BANG I’ll leave you for the weekend.
Have a lovin’ Valentine’s day on Sunday, and see you next week.

Je t’embrasse!

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23 Responses to “Freewheelin’ Friday (#9)”

  • Annemarie Says:

    Well, that was a full post. I loved reading your story about you and Lenny. I had a roommate like that after college. Great times. I will write about it – maybe in my art journal. The stamps are fun. I can’t believe they came so quickly. The book you made for your aunt came out so well. Did you use a child’s board book? I know she will just love it.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Annemarie Says:

    PS – I finally got that blinky to work. Everytime I saved it, it would drop half you code. I finally had to click on “rich text” after I pasted it to get it to stick. Yay.

  • Blueridgelady Says:

    Marit, these stamps are great! You will have lots of fun with them! It’s exciting to get new stuff!! I did go to see your piece of “Dance Me to the End of Love” by Leonard Cohen! I didn’t know that the song was written by him, so I learned something new from you! I loved the collage, they are all so awesome and I just love your writing! Thanks for coming by and glad I got to see yours!!

  • Amy Coose Says:

    Amazing stamps, amazing mini, amazing story, amazing everything!!!

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    great stamps what a lot of fun your mailbox must have been and speedy delivery too!

    the running lady reminds me of Marilyn Monroe?
    remembering old times is always fun tfs!

    your seashell book for your auntie is wonderful, such a lovely gift, lucky her!!! I’ve just done some ‘seaside siren’ pages in my heart journal 🙂

    always a treat visiting you dear one!
    have a wonderful weekend!!!

  • Tracy Says:

    Love those stamps! That card is so fun.

  • Mirjamc Says:

    gave stempels heb je gekocht! de atc is weer helemaal super. je miniboekje ziet er ook erg mooi uit, je tante zal er vast erg blij mee zijn!!! ik zal je moeders website ook eens gaan bekijken.
    en wat een leuk verhaal over jou en lenny 🙂 🙂
    fijn weekend!

  • Anna Sigga Says:

    those stamps are so cool!!!

  • Yyam Says:

    What fun stamps! I’m sure that you’ll get a lot of mileage from them!! What a great friendship you have!

    Have a fabulous weekend Marit!

  • Chris Says:

    I always enjoy reading your postings with my morning coffee – I feel like we are friends just sitting around having a chat – it’s so cool to learn about your earlier years – what memories! Love those stamps but I am on a budget too so no new toys. And your seashell book is beautiful – I am going to follow the link to read about your mother. Have a great weekend!

  • Amy Muffoletto Says:

    Goodness, Wow….I love your art journaling and wish I would have gotten in on the class. Maybe next time. I see many journals inspired by the class and they are amazing. Just beautiful. Thanks for leaving us a comment at What is your favorite thing. Hugs,Amy

  • merryheart2 Says:

    that mini book turned out great and i love the ATC. my hubby and i go to Vegas every once in awhile. years back i went to that stamp store. it was awesome then and i’m sure it is even better now. i’ll have to make a visit there next time we are in Vegas. i loved looking at all the stamps on-line.

  • Thinkie Says:

    Ik heb een award voor je klaarstaan op m’n blog:
    ik geloof dat je hem al had gekregen van Annemarie, kijk zelf maar in welke van de ‘regels’ die ermee gepaard gaan je zin hebt!

  • Bethany Kartchner Says:

    You’re aunt is going to love that mini! So pretty! How is your workshop going? I bet it is awesome!

  • Danielle Says:

    OMG!! So many things to reply to!! I am sure to forget something!
    Your story of going out, the “place to be” brings me back!!! and those stamps!! I can spend 3 days looking at that site!!
    Your little mini album is delightful, and your mom being an author, i had not idea!!!
    lastly, the ATC is totally dope.
    You are on a roll woman!!
    I am making a mini album about 60’s fashion. should be funny!!
    And, of course juf, i’m working on my assignment!!
    Happy Valentines day!!

  • Monique L. Says:

    Oh how I love those stamps!!! can’t wait to see you using them!! AND I would have loved to hear more about the adventures of Marit & Lenny!! LOL!! That mini you made for your aunt is a beauty; I bet she’ll be thrilled when she gets it! Now I’m off to have a look at your mom’s site!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  • Cynthia Says:

    I love your little stories!!!!! Such fun times! And those stamps are just cool and funky for sure! Oh the art journal of the sea is just a beauty for sure!!!!! Have a wonderful valentines weekend!

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    Your new stamps are fabulous! I think my faves are the hitchiking girl and the Alice with her upstretched arms – but they are all wonderful!

    Love your story about Lenny! I can just picture you all getting out of the cab at the party place! Such fun!

    Your auntie will love the mini – it’s gorgeous!!!!!

  • jeanet Says:

    Wow.. Marit wat een gave stempels zeg! En wat snel!! Super leuke post Marit… wat een goeie herinneringen! Je mini is super, die schelpen lijken wel echt! En je ATC is super!

  • Maja Says:

    Wat een leuk cadeautje heb je voor je tante gemaakt, de schelpen zijn super net als je handschrift.leuk verhaal over Lenny, wat een paar stempels al niet doen !!!! Die zijn trouwens helemaal geweldig! Mooie ATC heb je er mee gemaakt, alleen blijft dat liedje nu in mijn hoofd hangen……

  • Viv Says:

    oh Marit, al die stempels…helemaal geweldig! Je ATC is zo leuk geworden, en wat een mooi handschrift, op mijn handschrift ga ik deze week eens oefenen 😉

    En wat een prachtig cadeautje voor je tante, ben benieuwd naar haar reactie (ze zal het vast schitterend vinden!)

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    I loved reading your story, isn’t it fun to reminisce? Sometimes it’s so bittersweet because I get sad thinking of all the time that has passed but I’m also happy for having had the experiences, kwim? I love your stamps!! I should have gotten that running lady and I love the gun toting gal!! Don’t forget you can order the stamps unmounted and then they are 40% off the original price. That’s what I do so it’s not as expensive!