like a mad woman!

Last week, I discovered “zentangling” (see former post) and I’ve been playing
with it all weekend. Man – I’m hooked! I made 4 ATC’s this weekend and I also
started a mini-journal to be filled with zentangled pages. I’m having a blast!

I’m also happy that I can do this in the evening. I stopped working on art
journals or scrappages at night because of the bad (yellow) lamps we have.
I mean, the lights we have in the evening are nice and cozy but not suitable to
work with colours. The pages always look different the next day so I stopped
working in my art journal in the evening (at least if there’s colour involved)
But these zentanglings are done with a black pen on white (or creme) so in
the evenings I zentangle away! It’s such a relaxing thing to do…

I presume my brother couldn’t help but smile when he read my former post
and I can hear him say “Zentangling dear? I did that 25 years ago, remember?”
Yes bro, I remember! It is even so much so that I still have that framed page
you gave me back then (was it 1985?)

And here’s that page my brother made back in the days… he was way ahead
of his big sis – in zentangling that is ๐Ÿ˜‰

And here are the ATC’s I made this weekend.
I call these “Independent women”

(If you want to take a better look: the cards are separately published in
my gallery. Look under “Artist Trading Cards” in my ATC/Cards gallery
on top of my blog)

I stamped the four ladies, and coloured them with pencils at first
but that turned out way too soft against the black and white.
So I used markers instead. The “skin colour” is a bit orange – I have to
go buy me a good skin colour marker soon (any tips?)

After making the cards,
I still hadn’t had enough
and I thought of an old
pocket diary – cover I had.

I looked it up and decided
to start a “mini zentangle
art journal” in that.

It has a ring binder inside
and this makes it easy to
work on the pages and
put them in the cover

I think I will alter this book
but because the cover is
made of some sort of fabric, I haven’t yet a clue on how I’ll do that.

I had some cardstock
in this creme colour
and I cut pages in
different shapes
out of that.

For now, there are
nine pages, but I
can add more
if this addiction
is going to last…

…but there’s a
strong change
this technique is
going to stay
’cause I had a lot
of fun making
this first page!!!

This morning, after I got out of bed (had breakfast, shower etc.) I put on the
computer and found an e-mail from my friend Chris with a link pointing me
to a video sheย thought I might enjoy… there could be no better way to start
the day! My jaw hit the ground when I saw it, and I want to share it with all
of you. Especially if you like art journaling this is a “must see”!!!

Enjoy this video & enjoy your day!

Je t’embrasse!

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22 Responses to “Zentangling
like a mad woman!”

  • Chris Says:

    Really love your zentangling, and so glad that you liked the video – when I saw it, I immediately thought of you!

  • Maja Says:

    Wat een ontzettend leuke video, heel inspirerend.Ik vertelde al in je vorige post dat ik dat zentangling heel erg leuk vond om te zien. Het lijkt me nog best moeilijk, je kaartjes zijn geweldig, vooral dat blokkenpatroon vind ik mooi en wat je broer gemaakt heeft…SUPER !!!

  • jessica Says:

    wow very cool stuff Marit!! i love your creations!!…I have seen Zentangling before but did not know what it was called….very interesting! your bro did a beautiful work of art..i bet it looks so good framed up. i will come back to watch your video later it is not working right now.

  • Nout Says:

    WOW, that is an awesome video indeed! I totally love it!

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    Awesome zentagles Marit! I LOVE your ATCs, and what a good idea to start a zentangle book! Totally dig the video – I saw it on Georgia’s blog too!

  • Thinkie Says:

    really cool, both the zentangles and the video!

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    LOVE those “independent woman” ATCยดs!!
    Looks pretty difficult to me.

  • Anne G-I Says:

    Absolutely Amazing!!

  • Hanneke Says:

    WOW Zentangling, ik had er nog nooit van gehoord maar het ziet er geweldig uit!! De atc’s zijn echt gaaf geworden, wat een leuke stempels zijn dat toch!!! Dat filmpje is geweldig he!

  • Viv Says:

    Zentangling…weer een nieuw woord geleerd vandaag en wat een gave ATC`s heb je met deze techniek gemaakt!

    En de video is werkelijk prachtig, Thanks for sharing.

  • Broer Says:

    Nooit geweten wat zentangling was, lol. Vind de pagina in dat boekje erg mooi, doet me echt aan Esher denken, dat met die vrouwen erin, moet nog wennen aan de combinatie kleur/zwart wit.
    Kusss Broer

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    Uh Uh Uh what a fabulous video!!
    Your brother is a doodle master! and so are you Ms Marit!!! Zentangling like a crazy woman = Love that!
    Have you ever tried Copic Markers?
    they are wonderful and have a perfect flesh tone marker.
    It’s always fun to see how you run with an idea, your enthusiasm is contagious!

  • Mon Says:

    I love zentabgling. I’m enjoying the relaxing aspects so much. It’s really freeing up my creative brain. But I also would like to do some more mindful stuff too.

    Great composition on your cards.

    GREAT video!

  • Yyam Says:

    Marit, this is an awesome new addiction! Love your ATCs…I wanna try some zentangling myself!

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wauw marit wat een gave zentangling atc’s heb je gemaakt en de zentangling van je broer is ook super!!! leuk dat je de tekening al zo lang bewaard hebt.
    en de videoclip is helemaal geweldig!!!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Love it. Thanks for reminding me to stop by. I guess our brains were on the same page today?? I love that video and your zentangling is amazing.

    Happy doodling.

  • MrsPeel Says:

    a friend of mine just sent me this, saying it made her think of me….
    I was *zentangling* 35 years ago…in a fine arts school in SouthAmerica, in bed, on the phone, actually I still do when one the phone…
    Funny the video is from Skank (I’m Brazilian) and I haven’t seen it…marvelous video, even more wonderful is your work…
    I’m pleased she sent me the link, I didn’t start my day very well, this come to soften the blow ๐Ÿ™‚

  • iamthediva Says:

    Hi! I came over from the artjournal ning site!! i loved this video!!

  • Jeanet Says:

    This is all so beautiful Marit!! I love your ATC’s and other art journal pages… my oh my… I have to know more about this “zentangling” I feel another addiction coming up… like I need more… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • merryheart2 Says:

    ohmygoodness! you had so much eye candy to share. i love the atc zentangling cards. the idea to combine with the stamps was great. those stamps are awesome. i love the title you gave them. the last card with the girl with the dress on, is it from Viva Las Vegas?
    i love your brothers zentangling too. so cool that you still have it.
    that video is fabulous. i wanted to slow it down and see every detail of his work. it is crazy fun. i love the video in the video.
    thanks for sharing your talent with us. you are always inspiring, Marit.

  • cynthia Says:

    I always learn about so many different techniques from you ๐Ÿ™‚ The Zentangling is so cool. Atc’s are so cool!!!!!!!!!!! That stamp is so great!!!!!!

  • MrsPeel Says:

    Ihad to come back to say thanks, because in a way, you have helped me getting throigh 3 weeks in which I didn’t know if I had breast cancer….
    Before I saw this post, I had bought a blank paper book/journal kind of thing, beautiful gold art cover….
    When they started messing around with my head at the hospital, I had to turn of the computer and first sleep for 30 hours non stop, then I started writing in the book…and to take my mind away I started doodling in it, like I have been doing in little pieces of paper when I’m on the phone or just waiting for the food to get ready in the oven the last 5 minutes…as I have been doing for the past 30 something years….
    Of course it doesn’t get to the amazing level of ypour drawings, but we sat and did something together with my daughter too…and it helped hugely.
    So, just popping in to say thank you ๐Ÿ™‚