One day…

…you wake up realizing the fantastic weekend you had is over.
It’s Monday and you feel a bit awkward, due to the time change.
Last weekend, you moved the clock one hour forward, and while in your head
it’s still early the alarmclock tells you the morning has long begun…

You stumble out of bed. Your eyes aren’t fully open yet…
You went to bed way too late – that stupid hour change.
You put on the coffee and look at a strange newspaper (???)
Ah, suddenly you remember… the newspaper changed
from broadsheet to tabloid.

After you had your coffee, you begin to live a bit…
enough to get ready for the day (which, by the way,
started hours before you opened your eyes.)
You put on the computer to see if there’s any news
and then….

then you see that your layout titled “One Day”



My eyes are open wide now.
I’m in the hall of fame!!!!
I’m fully awake now!!!!
Enough to “think and write” in English so let me tell you about my weekend…

We had a marvelous time with my parents!
On Friday, we went into town and this is what I got me…

This is a little
sponge bag I
bought at the
fair trade store
It is made
from recycled
plastic bags and
I found it ideal
to store my pens
and markers…
Ain’t it cute?

I am now the
proud owner
of thirteen
(yes, 13!)
copic markers!

(I now see
there’s only
12 copic marker
on this photo.
There must be
one left behind
in the bag…)

My parents left on Saturday morning and I spend the rest of the weekend
playing with my stuff. First, I did a lot of “testing” with the markers. I now
know they work well on cardstock, but they tend to liquefy (“run”?) on thin paper.

I also made an art journal page.
I wanted to play along with a challenge at the Gutter Girlz weeks ago and
finally I came to it… just before the deadline!

THE SONG: The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Used materials:
Maps torn out of an old campers guide (thanks mum!), inked tissue paper,
gel medium. A photo transfer of stairs in Edinburgh (remember Lena?)
A stamped, coloured and cut out image of a running lady. Alpha stamps.

Although the lady
on the stamp is
running, I thought
she looked like
climbing those
stairs when I
put the image
And yes, I’m
hooked on
photo transfers
lately! Look at
how the map
shimmers through
those stairs!

The good thing about changing the clock to Summer time is that I have
light to work after diner!!! I had an extra hour to make this little fella!

I used the stamps Amy send me and stamped & embossed one of my
favourite stamps. It’s a rather simple ATC, but I find it kinda nice…

Here’s a
I don’t use
very often,
I love the
effect it
this “writing”
on top of
those old

Aaaahhhh, it’s one-thirty-in-the-afternoon already… time flies.
I never had trouble with the time changing, but this year I keep on
running behind… feeling like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.
Looking at my watch and saying “Oh Dear, Oh dear!”

Hope your week will have enough hours to do whatever you want
(or have) to do! Spend it wisely!

Je t’embrasse!

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27 Responses to “One day…”

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    LOVE that little creative bag!

    Gefeliciteerd Marit met je winnende layout.
    Je nieuwe art page is wederom prachtig.

  • Cynthia Says:

    I loved your morning description!!!!! And go you on the Scrapping the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee. I love your newest page. So, magical and surreal. Way to work that Marit magic on the page!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fabulous Monday!

  • Christa P. Says:

    Congrats!!! What a great layout!

  • Thinkie Says:

    mooie art journal pagina!
    Mijn konijn heeft geen horloge maar ik kom altijd tijd te kort, zoveel leuke dingen die ik wil doen en klusjes die gedaan moeten worden!

  • rachel whetzel Says:

    This is AWESOME!! I love everything about it! The actual MAP, (which was what I was hoping to see) and the lyrics you chose… it’s all so neat to see!! Thanks so much for playing!

  • Glenda T. Says:

    Oh my Marit, this journal page is amazing!!! You used that awesome stamp I love too!!! Thanks for rolling in the gutter with us, this is amazing! I don’t own any copic markers, I guess I should buy one and play around with it as I hear so much about them! I know they aren’t cheap though!

  • vanessaleigh Says:

    I love your creative work!!!! It really inspires me to remember that there is beauty all around us, and we need to put together that which speaks to us most; and the results are always magical!!!!! SO cool about your new supplies also, and congrats on your win!!!

  • Becky T Says:

    wow your work is amazing!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Marit, huge congrats on winning STM!!
    Loving your page for The Gutter Girls challenge…that image transfer is beAUTIFUL! And wow.. lucky you for the copic markers!! Love that bag too! And I love your ATC.. love the embossing on it!
    Great you has such a wonderful weekend!
    I hope you catch up on the lost hour πŸ˜‰

  • Kim Sonksen Says:

    Love your take on the GG challenge – what a wicked page

  • Jenneke Says:

    Marit, wat ziet dit er allemaal weer prachtig uit! Ik heb zo’n bewondering voor je creativiteit! Zoals je die art-journal page hebt gemaakt, zo fantastisch!! Kan er naar blijven kijken!
    Fijn dat je zo’n geweldig weekend hebt gehad met je ouders!
    Succes met het wennen aan de zomertijd! Ik heb er persoonlijk geen last van, vind het ook heel erg fijn dat het ‘s avonds wat langer licht is!!

    Groetjes, Jenneke

  • dani Says:

    Gorgeous art journal page, love the colors.

    That bag is awesome, great idea to store pens!!

    AND congrats, congrats, congrats!!! That’s awesome!

  • Sarah Says:

    completely stunning!!

  • Nikki Says:

    Wow Marit! This page is fabulous! love all the different elements you used! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for playing along with us!

  • Danielle Says:

    So glad you had a great weekend!!

    And a prize winner too? Marit, where do you get the time!! You are complaining about the time change (which, by the way, I am not used to either) yet you produce so many things! Make things for challenges, and teach workshops? You must be 2 people. I haven’t had time for a challenge in 8 months!!

    Lovely work!! And Copics are fun, and they smell nice too!! I just got some bic markers, from staples, and they aren’t Copics, but they are alcohol markers too, and 36 for 20 dollars, they are great to “fill in” with. And the gutter girls, I have them on my favorites, and don’t know where I got them from, but they are wonderful!!

  • Yyam Says:

    Congrats on winning at STM! πŸ™‚

    And welcome to the copic family! πŸ™‚ I have 15 markers!

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wooohooo….gefeliciteerd met het winnen van stm…het is ook een prachtige lo!!! en je art journal voor gutter girlz is ook adembenemend!!! ik had ook wel even last van het uur minder, helemaal omdat ik weekenddienst had πŸ™ maar nu lekker een weekje vrij, dus heb mijn uur al weer ingehaald;)

  • Annemarie Says:

    I am so loving your CLIMB page. I just want to touch it. (I am very tactile – gets me in trouble in stores because I am also very allergic to fabric dye.) You have really mastered that photo transfer process. I will have to revisit your tutorial on that.

  • Viv Says:

    Ha Marit, gefeliciteerd met het winnen bij STM (daar moet ik maar eens snel gaan kijken:)
    En dat pennen tasje is echt te leuk voor woorden, ik ga ook maar eens langs de Wereldwinkel!

    Wat een gave journal page, echt weer een topper!!

    Groetjes Viv

  • Margrethe Says:

    Oh, wow! I simply love, love, love this! πŸ˜€ So amazing!

  • lara Says:

    love that map with the transfer and stamp! wow! wow! wow! love it love it love it!

  • Jenneke Says:

    Goh, wat ben ik dom zeg! Vergeet ik je helemaal te feliciteren met het winnen van STM!!
    Alsnog VAN HARTE!!!! En dik, dik verdiend!!


  • AngΓ¨le Says:

    Van harte Marit! Prachtig mooi wat je weer gemaakt hebt! Daar mag je trots op zijn!

    Alvast Fijne Paasdagen, liefs,


  • Kristy Says:

    wow! this has such a surreal feel to it. So much texture yet dreamy. Wonderful!

  • cindye Says:

    Congrats on your win, your entry is gorgeous.
    Fabulous pages… you are so creative πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Peggy Says:

    Gefeliciteerd met het winnen van STM, dik verdiend!!! En wat ben ik helemaal weg van je Gutter Girlz page, ik zit er hier vol bewondering naar te kijken!! Je hebt de transfer techniek naar een heel ander niveau gebracht, ik denk niet dat ik ooit iemand die techniek zo geweldig weten te gebruiken heb! Het heeft iets magisch …
    xxx Peggy

  • MrsPeel Says:

    oh I could spend hours here…and need to show Sarita this when she comes back (she is rehearsing for a dance performance next month) as you have scrapped one of her (at least until a few month back LOL) most loved show bizz girls, MIley…love what you ve done there, amazing, I could see the song and almost hear it ….

    Congratulations on winning…but I would give you the award in any competition you enter…you are marvelous, marit, honestly, so glad I (well, Annemarie,but) found you! you are such an inspiration for us right now… thanks again for popping into my page