Spending time
in the color room…

Last week, I received an e-mail with an invitation to join a new scrapbooking
(challenge) community. It’s called “The Color Room” and after I checked it out
and lurked for a while, I joined in. I found a lot of my online friends did too,
so I felt right at home! Here’s what “the color room” says:

“Do you want a new challenge?
Something to whet your creative appetite?
This is just the place.
Here in the Color Room we strive to push your creativity through
new inspiring colour palettes, sketches and tutorials.”

Check it out here if you’re in for new (colour palette) challenges!

I never played
challenges like this
before – palettes
I mean, so it was
quite a challenge
for me! (The sketch
that comes with the
palette is optional)

These colours are
“sweet & girly” and
that’s so NOT me…
but I like to push
myself a bit so I
decided to accept
the challenge and
went on with it.

I pushed myself even harder by making a 12×12 layout
(I don’t do much of those lately)


It was about time I scrapped my mum… and this sweet photo, taken back in
the eighties, is very dear to me.
I printed it in “pink” (sort of…) and of course (sorry, I can’t help myself)
I “gel medium transferred” it….  here’s my layout:

Mum and me

The background paper is “October Afternoon”, some old chipboard alphas
from my stash and I cut the “envelopes” (and some glittering shell images –
click on the image to enlarge for a better view) from “Scrapbour” and

We don’t speak each other very often. That’s not necessary.
There is a deep connection. We don’t need to talk to feel that.
We enjoy each other’s company when we get together.
We giggle like young girls. I know she’s always there for me,
and besides… we write!

Here’s a detail pic from the transfer.

Some people say I look like my dad and yes, I do when you look at my face
UNTIL you see my mimic and motion. When I start to talk or move I look just
like my mum! This photo shows it just a little bit…


And I made an ATC
with the same colour
palette! This really IS
a girly card! The “blue”
part on the photo is
a little bit different
then the colour on the
palette, it looks more
like it in real life!

I also made this card
for Mixed Media Monday.
The mission was to create
something that fits with
the phrase “hello dolly”.
The stamped image is
again one I got from
Glenda, and by using it
this way, I made her look
like a “Dolly, coming home”.


Last Saturday we went to Nijmegen to take a look at this place:

There were “open days” at the Radboud University of Nijmegen (on the photo
you see a part of the campus) and becouse my son wants to study there next
year, we went to check it all out. It looked like a nice place, with great
facilities and the information we got was promising. In the afternoon we went
to a “publicity hour” (don’t know if that’s the right word, but you know what I
mean) about the study my son is thinking about: “Artificial Intelligence”.
It was brought by an enthusiastic professor with a lot of humour… the way he
talked about studying “AI” almost made ME want to go for it… so it is no
surprise that my son’s mind is made up. Once he graduate high school (only
one Month to go ’till the exams… eeeeckkk!) he will be a student AI on this
University! Can you believe that? My little baby… a STUDENT!!!
Well, he sure looks like one already… and I think he choose wisely.


After a weekend filled with University stuff and fooling around with colour
palettes I have to go back writing my lessons for the online Workshop.
I got a little bit nervous last week because there weren’t much registrations
yet, but now they seem to start rollin’ in and it looks like there will be
nice and talented women in my classes again!
If you’re interested, registration for both workshops is open!
go here for more info.


The sun is shining, the tree in front of my house is almost bursting and
will be filled with blossom in about a week or two… (remember to take a
picture and show you!) and temperatures are rising… even it’s just a little
bit and I still need my coat when I go outside, it looks promising!
Time to start the “evening walks” my beloved and I talked about – it should
be relaxing to go for a walk after diner to let go of the “stress” from the
day, talk a bit and get some fresh air. We live on the edge of town and within
five minutes we walk right between fields, into the forest or on the heathland!


Oh, and I almost forgot…. do you know what a “flashmob” is?

“A flashmob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a
public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time,
then quickly disperse.”

Here’s a video of some (uhmmm, A LOT actually- keep watching)
girls – fellow students at my son’s school – and this video proofs that not
every young person nowadays is lazy,  uninterested, egoistic and all that…
there are a lot of young, enthusiastic and inspiring persons surrounding you!
Enjoy their spirit!

I hope your week will be nice and filled with spirit too!

Je t’embrasse!

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20 Responses to “Spending time
in the color room…”

  • Chris Says:

    I too have joined the Color room and am intrigued by this first color combo. You did a fantastic job of taking those colors and giving the combo your own style and twist. Also love your journaling; how wonderful it is that you and your mother have such a strong loving connection. My mother passed away 10 years ago but I still often think about telling her things and I remember that I can’t, at least not verbally. Thanks for sharing your layout and atc, and good luck to your son. The university sounds like an excellent school. good luck with your class!

  • Sandy Says:

    Simply AMAZING! Love your take on the theme…just a delight!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Wow! You had so much to say. I will have to check the flashmob out later as I am sitting in my classroom watching my kids work on building geometric shapes from paper.
    I love the way the ATC came out and it was nice to see a picture of you and your mother.

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    Glad you pushed yourself cause the layout looks Great Marit!!
    Love yr mothers hair; esp. the pony (don’t know if that is the English word ….)
    I think it’s very unique that you write to each other!

  • Hanneke Says:

    Wat een gave LO van jou en je moeder!! En de atc is ook al zo leuk!! Ik ben the colorroom al vaker tegen gekomen, moet misschien maar eens een kijkje gaan nemen!!! Spannend zeg de universiteit, leuk dat hij zo zeker weet wat hij wil!!!
    En dat filmpje is echt geweldig!!!

  • Danielle Says:

    That video is RAD!! WOW!
    I think color challenges are hard too. Remember, i used to be on that dt. sucked sometimes!! YOU did fabo, as usual!!! and the card is adorable!!

    nout in university? you mean primary school right? he is 7 years old only I thought? Not 17!! when did this happen?????

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wat een gave lo marit!!! de foto transfer is echt super geworden!!! ik ga ook maar eens een kijkje bij de colorroom nemen. de atc is erg grappig, hoe kom je erop 🙂

  • Jocelyn Says:

    Oh My Goodness Marit…this LO is stunning…I joined the group…..it intrigued me also!!! The ATC turned out perfect also!!! I loved reading your journaling!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful love you always leave for me…I just adore hearing from you!!!

    Wishing you a Fabulous Day sweet friend….

  • Patricia Says:

    Oh my! Marit pushing herself! LOL! And how awesome it all came out! That photo of you and your Mom is just so cool…ahhh, the 80’s. Your son has a wonderful Mum that’s for sure…so good you could go see where he will be spending a lot of time…I can only imagine. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about your class…still deciding if I should take it or not. Will have to decide soon!

    Thank you so much for all the sweet comments!


  • Miriam Says:

    I’ve joined the Color Room too Marit, hope to see you there 🙂

  • Yyam Says:

    I like that you always manage to incorporate your personal style into your projects…even with that sweet colour combo! 🙂

    AI is certainly an interesting field!

  • Viv Says:

    The color room..mam vertelde me er gisteren over, ik ga er zo eens een kijkje nemen! Je Lo is helemaal Marit en toch met de juiste kleuren, knap hoor 🙂

    Bedankt voor je tips om mijn cardboard te bekleden, het transferen moet ik eerst weer eens gaan oefenen!

    Groetjes Viv

  • Diana Says:

    Wow Marit! You are so talented! I am glad you found SFTIO and I will be adding you on to my Blog List too. 🙂

  • NancyD Says:

    Hi, Marit! Thanks for visiting me! Your blog is beautiful…see you around! 🙂

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    Holy Dyna, that layout is gorgeous and I’m off to check out this new challenge site you speak of! I don’t usually do color challenges either but you have me curious now! haha Love the ATC too, that stamp is awesome!! I actually like sketches because sometimes it’s hard to keep thinking up ways to put stuff on paper! haha

  • MrsPeel Says:

    when I saw the first image in the post, I thought…mmm, this is not much like her?
    I was pleased to see it was the challenge people’s one.
    Your creation for the challenge is (as usual) divine.
    I actually opened it on zoom before I read what you say after, because the italian writing called my attention…still couldn’t make up what the receipt was for? is about having received something, right?
    great, amazing image all together, love it.
    Love the ATC too, amazing 🙂

    great post, I felt like I was almost there with you, talking…I don’t want to think about the time when Sarita will go to UNi or college or…well, they grow up so fast… but such is life and one gets through it beautifuly in most cases…

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog… I have to apologyse for the mix up with the language the other day LOL
    I was so tired that I thought, was convinced I was posting in my Portguese blog…will make another post with the same content (or near to that, as it is more to do with the tragedies with flood in Rio de Janeiro)
    I made a mini kit that I’m giving away, nothing much, but keeps me creating 🙂
    thanks again, you are 5 stars!!!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Klinkt leuk die color room!Heel leuk om eens andere kleuren te gebruiken, je bent zo gauw geneigd om steeds je eigen kleuren te gebruiken.Ik tenminste wel 😉
    Wat een gave Lo Marit, super hoe je die transfers doet! Mooie woorden ook!
    En je ATC is erg kleurijk!
    Wat een coole video… erg mooi! En ik denk helemaal niet dat de jeugd van nu zo is hoor! Ze dachten waarschijnlijk ook zo over ons en zie wat er van ons is geworden 😉

  • Cynthia Says:

    Marit Love the video and you are so right! There are so many inspiring teenagers out there that so out weigh the typical idea! What a great school your son has chosen! Your son seems like such a great focused kid! I wish I had that focus at that age 🙂 Still trying to find it at 35 LOL.

    I adore the page of you and your mom. I too resemble my dad alot and thankfully also inherited my Mom’s manner 🙂 And what a cool project with colors. I will so be checking that out!

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    starting at the end LOVE THE FLASH MOB, got happy tears watching it, perfect music too!

    your little bird will be leaving the nest, I know you gave him some beautiful wings! AI sounds like very interesting study indeed!

    the pages with your Mum are precious and beautiful, you speak so beautifully about your special connection and you are making me want to get busy with transfers … thanks for always inspiring … it’s fun to visit!

  • Sandra Says:

    Hoi Marit! Natuurlijk kijk ik ook even rond op jouw blog. Wat een bijzonder stijl heb je! En inderdaad leuk om nog een dutchie te zien in The Color Room! Groetjes, Sandra