ATC-cards & boys-bands

I traded my very first ATC-card!!!
In an earlier post (20 November) I wrote about making them, but I never traded any before… and now I have the first of what hopefully becomes a collection of ATC-cards in time!

I traded my card with Carmen, the daughter of my good friend.
She just turned 12 and she (obviously – look at her card) is a big fan
of “the Jonas brothers.”
I learned that it’s a very popular boys-band although I never heard their music.
But hey, I’m a whole lot
older and I don’t keep up with whatever happens in the music charts anymore. My son is in his teens, but he likes “old” (sixties and seventies) music so he’s not up-to-date on this topic either. Anyway, Carmen’s card was full of the boys, as you can see, and she has a scrap album about them too I believe. Which reminds me of the time when I was that age… 
I had scrap albums of MY favourite boys-band. It was called a “teeny-bobber-band” back then and the “lads” came from Scotland.

 My heroes (don’t laugh!) were the Bay City Rollers.

Didn’t they look cute?
They never had great hits in the Netherlands, and nobody knows them anymore, but they were BIG in America, so all you out there in the USA surely have heard of them.
I still keep those
7 (!) scrap albums in a box filled with “Rollerstuff” somewhere. After all, it’s a big part of my youth!

 OK, enough about boys-bands – back to the scrapworld.
I finished a “Christmas layout” I made for the latest ScrapMojo challenge, and will write a post about it (with extra detail-pictures) soon. ‘Till then, you’ll have to do with the smaller picture under “most recent layouts.”
So check this blog again in a few days, I promise you some great detail-pictures of the LO! (And, by the way, is there anyone who wants to trade ATC cards with me? Please leave a comment!)

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4 Responses to “ATC-cards & boys-bands”

  • jessica Says:

    Oh my gosh yes…Bay City Rollers!! I thought they were the cutest boys I had ever seen! Wow that brings back some good memories!

  • cindy Says:

    I love ATC cards too … yours is too cute. I have participated in lots of ATC card swaps so I have a wonderful collection.

    LOL …. I loved the Bay CIty Rollers too. 🙂

  • Jennie Says:

    I remember that album! LOL
    Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me not to feel like an idiot! We can all sing together 🙂

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    HA! Thanks for linking me up to this Marit – yep I remember the Bay City Rollers very well! It’s neat that we are the same age!