My PAPER world
and book for Nout

I promised you a big announcement and a lot of photo’s this week…

Here it comes.


It is in 2 languages now – English and Dutch – and I RENAMED IT TO:

Marit’s Paper World

My work goes beyond scrapbooking lately, and I think “Paper world”
includes all the art that I make now.
The address and e-mail remain the same though.

And for you who have my blinkie on their blog: did you see it change?

On my website, you can also register to receive my newsletter.
Whenever there is a new workshop coming up or other news to share
I will send a newsletter to the ones who register for it, so you stay up to date
(You can always cancel it if you don’t want to receive the newsletter anymore.)

Thanks to Marius for making everything possible!!!

There’s a new workshop in the make, the logo is on the website already.
It starts on October 22.
Keep an eye on the website (or register for the newsletter) ’cause more news
about it will follow soon.


Another announcement:


The introduction is on the STM blog today!
Thanks Michelle, for asking me!
I LOVE to work with all you girls this month!


Yesterday, Nout turned 18 and I gave him the mini I made for him.
He was thrilled, and it brought tears to his eyes.
He (and I) want to thank everyone who send advice, layouts, cards, nice quotes
and sweet words. I used everything!

I know you all are curious to see the end result, so here it is.



Advice, Wishes & Wise Words


Detail of the binding


First page – explanation about how I put a call on my blog and forums
for people to send something for this book.


My (mama) page – Marius (stepdad) page (the little picture is what can be seen
through the clear pocket when you pull the DVD out.


Pictures of Nout – just born and as a toddler.


(Pages made by his dad)
Dad Huub – Stepmom Yvonne…


Stepbrother Biko – Stepsister Cyza


Grandpa Henk – Grandma Johanna (Johanna wrote a poem for Nout based on
a famous poem by Jan van Nijlen. The original can be read through the clear
pocket when the paper with handwritten poem is pulled out.)


Grandparents Jacques and Mia


Pages with pics of the graduation “Gala” party and the story of how we found
the Italian suit on the “Queens day free market”


Nout unpacking his graduation/birthday present (a Bose Wave System) and
the label with the names of the persons who donated money to buy this for him.

Page with rubber to hold cards.


Card (left) and layout (right) made by Lena


Layout made by our neighbour Mirjam – Letter and handkerchief from
my aunt Lien.

There’s a story to go with the handkerchief…. when I was a teenager,
I spend a lot of time with Lien. One day, she was ironing handkerchiefs
and she told me that she liked the  satisfying feeling it gives to iron those
little squares of fabric and to see the pile of freshly ironed handkerchiefs
on the shelf. She also told me that she had the feeling that she “really kills
all the bugs that maybe have been left behind inthere after washing”

I iron my handkerchiefs ever since – and always think of Lien while doing it.

Lien sends my son a handkerchief and a letter to tell him it’s alright to cry
if he leaves the house, but that he can also use the red handkerchief to tie
to his cargo when moving out. But that he has to remember to iron it after
washing and think of  his mum and aunt while ironing…


Backside of page with rubbers, list with grades – digi layout made by Marc


Digi layout made by Yvonne Yam – Clear page with pocket to put cards in


Backside clear page – Page with text from Ursula


Text from Michelle Rydell – Text from Patty


Text from Amy – Text from Karelyn


Series of school photos – Text from Danielle


Text from Annemieke – Text from Gracie


Text from Huub – Text from Lieke


“Remember this?” – page with photos of “highlights”


Letter to Nout from Danielle in little pocket – Clear page with pocket to put
more cards in


This is how the last pages look now that I bind the book.
(I made photos of the pages while the book wasn’t bound yet)


Pfew, that was a lot! Are you still here?
But this is it for now… see you next Friday!

Je t’embrasse!

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28 Responses to “My PAPER world
and book for Nout”

  • Chris Aiton Says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing Nout’s book – it is such a treasure of your art and so much good advice. I know that he will carry it with him wherever he goes. congrats on the STM!!!!! I look forward to seeing your design! Have a super week!

  • Astrid Says:

    Wow Marit, helemaal geweldig!! Wat een goed idee. Ik kan mij voorstellen dat hij er erg blij mee was.
    En nog gefeliciteerd met Nout zijn verjaardag en slagen.
    groetjes Astrid

  • Maja Says:

    Allereerst gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe website, ziet er nog professioneler uit. Ik ga zeker weer eens een workshop bij je volgen. Leuk dat je guestdesigner mag zijn bij STM, spannend!! En natuurlijk gefeliciteerd met Nout’s 18de verjaardag. Zijn cadeau ziet er fantastisch uit. Met liefde gemaakt !!! Groetjes.

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    Wat een PRACHTIG boekwerk!!! En zooooo leuk voor later…
    Je hebt flink je best gedaan Marit.
    Chapeau 😉

  • yyam Says:

    Wow! What a beautiful mini! And a wonderful gift for your boy! So glad to see that you are this month’s GDT at STM!

  • Angèle Says:

    Van harte Marit met je 18-jarige zoon! Het boek is geweldig geworden! Echt een schat!
    Ik kan me goed voorstellen dat Nout een traantje liet.

    Groetjes, Angèle

  • Lena Says:

    WAUW!!!! Het boek is echt FAN-TAS-TISCH geworden!! Ik vind het een heel mooi cadeau en ik weet zeker dat hij er over -tig jaar met veel plezier nog in zal kijken/lezen.
    Je nieuwe look voor je website en blog is prachtig geworden, mijn complimenten hoor (zeker ook voor Marius!!)
    Ga nu even kijken bij Scrapping the Music, tot gauw!!

  • Viv Says:

    Zo Marit, wat een pracht cadeau!!!! En wat een werk heb je hierin gestoken, heel origineel!
    Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van Nout!!

    Ben nog even naar je website gaan kijken en die ziet er goed uit!
    Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe workshop.

    Fijne week, liefs Viv

  • Monica Says:

    this is just unbelievably fabulous – both the aesthetic and the generous gift. wonderful. see you at your new site. you closing this one then?

  • Rachel Says:

    This is brilliant, Marit!

  • Jocelyn Says:

    Oh Marit…..words cannot describe the book that you made….it brought tears to my eyes….I know he must have been so happy to receive such a wonderful gift from you!!!

    Love the new website…I have to bookmark it…I am hoping to get more time to create once this summer season is over…we have been so busy and now getting ready to head to the beach for a week with the family!!!

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments that you always leave for me…I so appreciate them…I just loved that white blouse… feels like a doily…..with all the trim work!!!

    Wishing you a Fabulous day sweet friend!!!

  • jessica Says:

    Oh Marit I have missed your art so much! It is beautiful and inspiring! Love your book..I can just see how much love you put into making it…it warms my heart! I miss you and scrapping…hope to be back soon! I am off to check out your new website!

  • Natalie Says:

    Wat mooi… Ziet er echt SUPER uit!

  • Danielle Says:

    WOW is all I can say. I really don’t have words. I’m crying. It is so beautiful, wow.

    Congrats on the other stuff too. I am so happy for you!!

    You blew my mind.

  • Patricia Says:

    So happy your guest designer on Scrapping the Music, Marit!!!! And you’ve certainly been busy…love the new site!!!

  • Mirjamc Says:

    het boek voor nout is echt prachtig geworden en wat een werk!!! nog van harte gefeliciteerd met je zoon!!!
    ik hop nu over naar je nieuwe website, ben benieuwd

  • Helen Says:

    Fantastic – I’ll just send you mine the right size and you can do as you wish with it! Patience, tho! xxx

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    I did not want to miss a single page of your precious book for your dear dear manchild 🙂

    It made me teary eyed and happy all at the same time. SO touching, thoughtful and sweet. How honored am I to be a small part of such a wonderful book Marit. You really did a fantastic job from cover to cover!

    I really cannot say enough nice things about it!
    All Love to you and Nout and all the family!
    sniff sniff from Virginia oxo

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    oh and BIG congratulations on being guest designer, but I must say I am not surprise, they are lucky to have you … you talented warm hearted woman you!!!!


  • phinner Says:

    what a treasure for Nout! beautiful work!

    as for soccer, uh oh football…I like it, the speed and grace, but I didn’t have the “fever!” bad Linda! LOL!!!

    go Oranje!!! I’ll support the Netherlands! : .)

  • Irma Says:

    Oje, daar had ik heel wat in te halen! Jullie hebben een prachtige tuin, ik heb Teesha Moore ook ontdekt en het boek voor Nout is echt waanzinnig mooi geworden. En van harte met je DT plekje…
    Een hele zonnige dag wenst je – Irma

  • carla Says:

    What a beautiful tribute and something to be treasured for generations… just beautiful.

  • Linda Sloterdijk Says:

    Wow this looks realy great. can imagine that he likes it.
    En nou even in het NL gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe web-site en blog Ik blijf je volgen Groetjes Linda

  • dani Says:

    Wow! So many exciting things happening for you – so awesome!

    love that mini book – what a great tribute. Very cool.

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    Marit this brought tears to my eyes!! What an absolutely fabulous and heartwarming gift that he will treasure forever and think of you whenever he opens it. It’s priceless!!! Congrats on guesting at STM, I can hardly wait to see what you do!! Love the look of your blog too!!!

  • ERICA Says:

    Congrats on the new website! It’s beautiful. And the book… wow, it’s SO amazing. You have a wonderful gift.

  • Seth Says:

    Congrats on both the name change and the guest designer spot. Wonderful news!

  • thriftycrafter Says:

    I need one of those handkerchieves! Beautiful, all the words and the work, by all those different people too, what a fabulous piece of art; from the heart.
    Each page so different and special. Wow.