There, I said it again!
(buried treasure 2010)

I discovered Seths’ blog The Altered Page over a year ago, and he still
inspires me  a lot! Last year, I collaborated in his “buried treasure project”
– which was all about digging up an old blogpost and re-posting it. Was that
really a year ago??? It was, ’cause I received an e-mail from Seth that he is
doing it again and he asked if I would participate in it once again…

“While many blog readers will enjoy seeing your favorites all on one day,
I think this also very enjoyable for us bloggers. It gives us a reason to look
back through our own archives, see what we have done and how we have
grown as artists, and chose a post (or posts) that for us is very meaningful!”

Of course I’m in Seth! If only to show that a lot of things can happen in a year!
I dug up a meaningful post which was the early beginning of me to “go for it”
Since that post, I build my own website with an online community and taught
two online workshops already! I’m happy to say it was and is a success!!!

It’s special to re-publish the post witch made me come out and start showing
and doing what I really want: teaching (online) art journal workshops in my
own community! (for you who haven’t seen it yet: Marit’s Paper World)

And here’s my old post from September 2009…



There, I said it!

“I am reflecting and thinking over the art I made ’till now.
What I like, what I don’t like (anymore) and which way I want my art to go…

One of the things is I am not happy with the shallowness of my art lately.
Not the ideas behind the layouts are shallow, not at all, but in the back of
my mind I always know “I keep something behind”.
I don’t do that when it comes to scrapping “general matters” but when it
comes to personal, very personal journaling, I like to keep it
in general. I don’t speak my true mind easily – I’m always aware of the fact
that I put my works on the Internet and a lot of people can see and read it.
Although most people find me very open, there has always been some
reticence in the way I express myself…

Up ’till now that is, because I decided to (try to) let that go, and show
(more of) myself. To go a little further and be a bit more personal in doing that.

To prevent myself from chickening out at the last moment, I made this page
for the Lotus Paperie challenge. That way I would be forced to put it here
on my blog (after all, it is on the Lotus blog too!)

OK, no further delay… I opened up and spit something out.
Something to myself. Something I must tell myself more often.
Something I must face…

I’m the woman who sits in a corner, a bit aggrieved that nobody
notices her. I See things, hear things and I think “I can do that too” or
“I want that too” but I stay put in my corner, sulking over the fact that
no one recognises my talent.
I wish for some one to ring my doorbell and say:
“Hey, you’re that woman we need to help us out/publish a layout/
teach a workshop…” but that’s not going to happen, is it?
How should they know you can do all those things, when you never
tell them you can! So I made this page filled with (Dutch) journaling
in which I tell myself:

“Why do you think ‘they’ will find you arrogant if you say
you can do something? And if they find so, does that really matter?
Stop being afraid to show yourself or your art – do it!
Don’t expect ‘them’ to smell you can teach workshops – you even have
a teachers degree, go tell them! When you send a layout to a magazine
and you get back a rejection – don’t grumble and back off -just try again!
Don’t hide in your little corner, step into the light!
If you want something: GO GET IT!”











I found all the little arms on
Freubel Art
That’s a website and blog run
by Rian – a real nice Dutch lady
who makes digital art.
She has some beautiful images
on her website, and she invites
everyone who wants to use it
to download those freebies
(for personal use only!)
And so I did! These arms and
grabbing hands were just what
I needed.Thanks Rian!!!



And now, this layout is published and I said it…
in public.
It scares the shit out of me.
But I showed myself – more.
I wanted to do that in my art.
This is me.


This was my old post… for me it is a very special post! There’s a list
with all the other buried treasure collaborateurs on The Altered Page

Thanks Seth, for giving me the opportunity to re-post this again.
Thanks, blog readers and friends, you made my website and
online workshops become a great success!!!
Hope to see you at one of the next workshops after the Summer.

This one starts September 6 – look here for more info.

Je t’embrasse.

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20 Responses to “There, I said it again!
(buried treasure 2010)”

  • Jenneke Says:

    WoW Marit, wat geweldig om deze blogpost weer te lezen! En wat super dat je je dromen hebt waargemaakt!! Ik benijd je moed, zou willen dat ik dat ook zou durven..

    En wie weet welke dromen er nog meer uit gaan komen…;-)!!

    Alvast fijn weekend! Gelukkig is het nu een stuk frisser!


  • Maria Says:

    Hi Marit,

    That page of yours is stunning, it’s so eye catching and just draws you in, ai I so love all the journalling and that outline looks amazing….
    Your always an inspiration…

  • Gillian McMurray Says:

    This rings soooo true for me. It took me a long time to expose my art to the world and it’s still a struggle. I’ll have to bookmark this post and come back and read it every now and then :o)

  • Holly Dean Says:

    Way to go Marit! This is a great piece. Congratulations on gathering your courage and grabbing what you want. You must be thrilled with your success 🙂

  • Irma Says:

    Het is alsof ik mijn eigen gedachtes en twijfels lees! Knap dat je je eroverheen hebt gezet en er al zoveel succes mee hebt! Dat zou mij nu dus ook aan het denken moeten zetten, maar ik kan tenslotte maar een stap na de andere nemen, maar deze post van jou en jouw moed hou ik in mijn achterhoofd!
    Lieve groetjes – Irma

  • Lena Says:

    Ja, wat kan er in één jaar veel veranderen. Mooi om deze LO nog eens terug te zien. Zo goed van je dat je gedaan hebt wat je heel graag wilde terwijl je er eigenlijk heel erg bang voor was! Het resultaat is fantastisch, je workshops zitten perfect in elkaar en zijn zooooo leuk om mee te beleven!! GOED GEDAAN meis, ben trots op je!!!

  • Kimber Says:

    Love your Buried Treasure and your courage. It’s inspiring. Really great journal page!

  • Danielle Says:

    You don’t have any idea how much your workshop helped me be a better artist. It opened my mind up to so many things. I really did let it loose with your workshop, however, I still do mundane work to show the world. I have learned so much from you, but sitll have much to learn!!!

    You are my inspiration Marit!! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

  • Lani Says:

    I love bravery, especially of an artistic nature, thanks for reposting!

  • Caroline @ Coastcard Says:

    Truly inspirational. Good on you for pressing ahead! I have hardly done any digital scrapbooking, but I am addicted to ‘actual’ glue and paste scrapping. Greetings from another Treasure Hunter – I’m in Wales, UK.

  • Amy Coose Says:

    This is quite an inspirational post, and such an artistic page. Thanks for sharing.

  • phinner Says:

    this is wonderful Marit! sometimes we need that little nudge, or (for me!) that kick in the …

    you’re so brave!!! your posts remind me of one of my favorite quotes “Do something every day that scares you.” that’s Eleanor Roosevelt.

    you’ve inspired me to do another challenge (nudged by smiley Julie!) and also to go check out Seth’s blog!

    merci beaucoup!!! happy Friday!!!

  • Svetlana Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. You have some very nice journal pages. Stop reflecting and “go and get it” girl.

  • janie Says:

    I have actually found this to be so very true for SO many of us!! WHY IS THAT??!!Why do we need approval? What are we – still in Jr. High? We know it’s silly, but we do it anyway! Your post has challenged me to work on this, yet again! Thanks, Janie

  • Jo Archer Says:

    I think you’d be surprised at how many people feel this way Marit. I know I do. When we make things, we put a lot of ourselves into it, so when we show it it to the world it’s like putting ourselves up for scrutiny.

    I’m managing to separate what I make and show to people from my own personal self and not being so scared. People will like my work, or they won’t, but it doesn’t mean they won’t like me. (That too, but I hope not!)

    Your work is lovely and you obviously have a lot to offer everyone, but remember to do it for yourself first.

  • Bleubeard and Elizabeth Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your concerns. I have often wondered what it would be like if no one cared about what I did. Would I continue to be motivated to create, or would I simply close my blog. This is so thought provoking, and your art is stunning, too. There is so much symbolism in it. Thanks for digging it up for us.

  • patti/altered attic Says:

    I so wholeheartedly agree… with the responses and most of all with your post. Married to a fine artist/illustrator/designer for 20 years I kept my creativity to writing and photography. Then, when I got a chronic illness and had to leave our company I started dabbling, then gluing, painting, reaching, stretching… the path I was always meant to walk, I just never came out of that corner long enough. now I am happy with my art, but wonder when I will be recognized 🙂

  • Joanie Hoffman Says:

    wow, I am really thankful for Buried Treasure! Your reposting really hit home with me. I try very hard to make myself get out of those corners, and it’s gets easier with support from you & other artists. thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment! I will be back to your blog again & again.
    Happy days,

  • Sharmon Davidson Says:

    This is a fabulous post, and when I read it, I thought it could have been written by me. I’m trying to get my art “out there” more, but it really comes down to self confidence, of which I have none. I think you’re very brave for sharing this piece of your heart with us.

  • jill zaheer Says:

    What a soul revealing and honest post on your inner wants and desires to bring your art world to others. Such beautiful writing, honesty and charm. Love reading this story and hoping others will take heart on your new found confidence, openness to others and your ability to share your gifts with others! Just super!